[Review_Infidelity Therapy] Life is a series of choices and opportunities.


I lived a righteous, comfortable, and good life. Then, one day, my life and my world collapsed at one blow. I spent more than a year looking for causes and blaming myself and my husband, who didn't even seem to care. I thought that everything would go back to normal only if my husband stopped acting crazy and came back. 

My husband was going exactly the opposite direction from one that I hoped for. He just kept straying further and further. He was not the man I had known any more. Something was seriously wrong. My children and I were being erased in his memory. 

I began to search for solutions on the Internet and found information provided by KIP. I learned that my husband's behaviors were so typical. It was hard for me to admit that I had to treat my own condition first even when he was the one that was at fault. I was already paying too much for my ignorance.

I despaired once more when I found out that it was quite expensive to take the treatment program. I hesitated and I read books published by KIP. I finished reading 2,000 pages in a week. I fell asleep watching videos of KIP and watched them again when I woke up. I tried to fix myself without taking the program. 

Finally, I came to the conclusion that I just needed the treatment. At first, I was confident that I would recover very soon since I would work so hard on the treatment. By week 10 of treatment, I could understand the contents but I knew that they were not internalized inside me yet. 

I sometimes feel that I haven't changed a bit seeing my own thoughts and emotions. I guess it will take more time. I still have a long way to go. Days will add up to put the right habits into myself, and then they will feel natural.

I would not have had a chance to learn about Mind Training, had it not been for my predicament. I may have to feel lucky to have found out about it rather than to live and die without knowing what Mind Training is. Tears flow down my face randomly during daily life. Someday they will stop and dry.

I am a type of a person who never wastes a penny, but I decided to pay for my treatment. My thoughts about humans and life turned out to be extremely narrow. Now, I am learning about fundamentals of human nature and human relationships and internalizing them inside me. I want to build the abilities to be understanding and considerate with right judgment. I want to show my children that I live a meaningful and valuable life. I will do my best and go all the way for happiness. 

[Comment from KIP]

Many people want to take the treatment program but hesitate due to the burden of time, effort, and expense. You may aggravate your condition and ruin your life when you choose incorrect methods for recovery. Your will power and energy to restore happiness led you to choose the right method. 

It takes 3 to 6 months to recover from the activation of severe wounds and display of rage, which makes you feel quite comfortable and stabilized. Then, it takes about 1 to 2 years to fully recover preventing recurrence of post traumatic stress and building treatment ability and happiness ability. 

Please, focus on the treatment and continue with self-checking for progress. You can read your review again when you feel stuffy or find yourself procrastinating to gather up your will power for treatment. We hope you will achieve full recovery and happiness ability soon. 

[Review] Making efforts for treatment and happiness


It has already been a year since I started treatment. 
It seems that I have changed a lot in spite of myself.

First of all, I sleep very well. 
I couldn't sleep at all in the past no matter how hard I tried. 
It made both my body and mind exhausted and I was in the condition where I could not stand any more. 

As I have treated myself, I can have time just to myself for respecting and loving myself, which makes me feel so happy. 
I have realized that happiness lies very close to me.
Also, I have realized that I am in charge of my family's happiness. 
My happiness leads to my sons' happiness. 

I am making efforts for my treatment and happiness. 
I will keep on making efforts and doing my best.

Thank you.
And thank you.
[Comment from KIP]
Many people doubt on the treatment program weighing the expense and time against efficacy. Actually, only a few people start the treatment from necessity and desperation. 
You should thank yourself for making such a courageous decision for yourself.
One year may seem a long time, but it is actually a short time for recovery compared with the whole life time you may have to spend miserably if you chose not to treat. It is absolutely a nonsense to think that several counseling sessions will solve psychological problems when it actually takes a couple of years of making your own efforts to restore your habits for the treatment of psychological disorders.

Please, keep in mind where you started and keep going until you establish happiness ability completely.

What would you do if your mind were dying?


     When you discover spouse infidelity, you suffer from excruciating psychological pain. You feel as if your whole life has collapsed and your marriage relationship has ended. When you express your pain to your spouse or other people, they cannot understand or imagine what you are going through since the pain is recognized only by yourself. Some people may even attempt to take advantage of your condition.

     You may attempt to take diverse measures to cope with the situation since you want to get out of pain of post traumatic stress and restore your psychology and relationship. Post traumatic stress is a signal that strong energy for getting out of pain and restoring psychology is in operation inside you. When the desire for restoration disappears and you decide to get a divorce, you don't feel pain any more. 

     Post traumatic stress develops when you are suddenly shocked by spouse infidelity while you are living happily with your family. People who think they have had a happy marriage and happy life are more susceptible to developing a severe type of post traumatic stress upon discovering spouse infidelity. People who do not develop post traumatic stress and get a divorce right after discovering spouse infidelity are likely to have had a problematic marriage relationship in the first place. 

     When your body is sick with a disease, your body signals you to recover through getting a rest or taking medicine. When you have a cold, you would take measures to restore your health on your own. When the symptoms continue or worsen after taking diverse measures, you would seek professional advice at a hospital. If it turns out that you have developed a lung cancer, you would have to take a lot more time, effort, and expense to treat the disease. You may have to decide whether you will go with the treatment or choose to end your life in some serious cases. This decision can be made only by yourself.

     The same logic applies to the sickness of mind and psychology. When you recognize that you have psychological problems, it is your mind that signals you to take measures to restore healthy psychology. You would talk to your friends, go traveling, take up meditation, or listen to lectures to feel better. When the symptoms continue or worsen in spite of all your attempts, you would seek professional help. If you learn that you actually have developed post traumatic stress instead of mild psychological problems, you would have to decide whether you will start proper treatment or choose to let your mind die. When your mind dies, you will live the most miserable life destroying your life and lives of other people. When your mind dies, you lose interest or compassion toward other people and only pursue your own pleasure by all means. 

     You are strongly recommended to choose adequately treating post traumatic stress caused by spouse infidelity over letting your mind die. It will take a lot of time, effort, and expense as when you treat a lung cancer. It is only you yourself who can decide whether you will treat your condition or let your mind die.



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Understanding your counterparty's psychology


You may wonder what the other person is feeling and thinking when he or she keeps silence and does not express feelings and thoughts. You may be stressed and wounded when the other person is so sweet to you when he or she feels good but completely changes to a different person when he or she is in negative emotions. All of us get stressed and wounded when our thoughts and other people's thoughts are different. You won't have problems when you can manage your emotions properly on your own, but you experience psychological difficulties when you cannot. 

You must understand how the other's mind and psychology operate in order to understand what he or she feels and thinks. We usually judge other people based on their speech and actions. However, judging other people's psychology based only on what is visible is likely to be erroneous. Rather, we should be able to understand the underlying mechanism, which is unseen on the surface. 

The occurrence of emotions of feeling good or bad is the signal that psychology is in operation. However, we cannot know the state of other people's emotions if they do not express their moods or feelings. Even if they express their moods or feelings, it is not guaranteed that the expression is true to their real emotions. There are two ways to analyze the other's psychology. One is to analyze the other's speech and actions. The other is to analyze the other's psychology based on your own emotions that develop in the interactions with the person. You can apply the first way only when the person and you are in a close relationship where both of you feel comfortable to be together. 

You can take into account three types of people to understand your counterparty's psychology. The first type is people who blame other people when problems occur. They are also good at self-justification. They consider only their own emotions important and disregard other people's emotions. They think in self-centered ways, so they are happy when things go as they want but they cannot stand when things do not go as they want causing relational conflicts and problems. They may readily attack anyone who disagrees on their thoughts and actions. They see everything only from their own perspective, so they are easily stressed and wounded when there is discrepancy between their thoughts and opinions and those of other people. 

The second type is people who blame themselves. They always suppress their moods and feelings. They would jump into the conclusion that the problem is in themselves without attempting to probe into the cause of problems. They are other-centered, so they consider others' feelings and opinions more important than their own. When they are stressed and wounded, they consider it as coming from themselves. They blame themselves even when they are obviously betrayed by other people. They lack both the sense of self-confidence and that of self-respect. They are usually depressed and experience psychological difficulties. 

The third type is people who become dependent on other people when problems and conflicts occur in relationships. They do not attempt to solve problems on their own, but they depend on the counterparty or avoid problems by taking distractions such as hobbies, study, or work. They are susceptible to developing addiction since they keep seeking consolation and attention from people or activities. 

People who blame others will try to do everything as they please. They are also susceptible to addiction since they easily fall for whatever they like without thinking rationally. They are also prone to developing the consciousness disorder since they are absolutely convinced that their own ideas are right. People who blame themselves are not good at expressing themselves, so they are susceptible to developing depression or panic disorder. People who are dependent on people or activities are susceptible to developing addiction and depression simultaneously, so their psychological conditions are likely to be more severe.           

You will not develop psychological problems if you properly manage stress and wounds in relationships. However, when you cannot manage stress and wounds properly for a long enough time, you may develop psychological disorders in spite of yourself. Psychological problems can be solved by taking activities of diversion, but psychological disorders require proper psychology treatment. You must control and take care of your moods and feelings in order to maintain healthy psychology. 

If you are curious about other people's psychology, you must be able to observe and analyze your own psychological condition. If you feel uncomfortable to interact with someone, it indicates that you have different psychological operation with him or her. On the contrary, if you feel comfortable to interact with someone, it indicates that you have identical psychological operation with him or her. If you have judged that you have psychological problems and you find being with someone comfortable, you can assume that person also has a similar type of psychological problems. 

When you have developed psychological disorders due to accumulated stress and wounds, you cannot get along well with people with normal psychology. When you develop psychological disorders, you think and feel in the opposite way from normal people, so interactions and communications with them become difficult and uncomfortable. You will find interacting with people with similar types of psychological conditions pleasurable and comfortable.          

Self-centered people would try to take advantage of other people to suit their needs. They do not care about damage inflicted upon others by their actions and blame other people when they are not satisfied. Other-centered people are prone to being taken advantage of by self-centered people. They are credulous and blame themselves for being deceived. Dependent people can be said to be living not their own life but other people's life. They are easily approached by people with selfish purposes. They keep changing people who they can depend on after being used and abandoned without even realizing that they were used and abandoned since they do not have the ability to judge on their own. 

You will not get stressed or wounded much in a relationship if you accurately understand your own and the other's psychological condition. Also, since moods and feelings are operated and recognized only within yourself and you are the only one who can manage your emotions and psychology, you can reduce stress and wounds in relationships if you can control your own moods and feelings in daily life. 

You can judge whether people are self-centered, other-centered, or dependent by observing their reactions when they are stressed and wounded in relational interactions. The mechanism explained above applies to both you and your counterparty. In order to understand your counterparty's psychology, you must accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology.


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The underlying cause of surface phenomena in human psychology


Any surface phenomenon results from the underlying cause. If a woman falls in love with a man, it may be because she finds him charming, humorous, or warm-hearted. If you fail in a business, it may be because you miscalculated the prospect of the market, or expanded the business beyond your capability. The result or the surface phenomenon tells where you are now, and there is always the root cause that brought about the current situation. 

Human mind is designed to pursue happiness. Your psychological pain and difficulties indicate that your mind is operating to find the cause of misfortune and restore healthy psychology and happiness. The first and foremost thing to do to restore happiness is self-reflection. When we live in comfort and pleasure, we hardly self-reflect and just think that this state will last forever. Life without self-reflection is susceptible to developing into problems and conflicts. 

The surface phenomena can be of two types with respect to human happiness. One is when you have positive moods and feelings and the other is when you have negative moods and feelings. Moods and feelings are viewed as surface phenomena that are sensed in the conscious. Positivity or negativity sensed in the conscious does not necessarily directly reflect the underlying cause or mechanism of mind and psychology.

All humans are born with mind and psychology. Mind simply operates following the operational mechanism and never stops or changes its operation from birth till death. Mind protects psychology and psychology manifests the operation of mind in the conscious. Knowledge and past experiences are accumulated to be activated onto the operation of perception, memory, and expression. That is, psychology is the end result of the operation of mind based on all the past experiences from birth to the present. You recognize positive or negative moods or feelings at present by the operation of the conscious, and the unconscious is operating to activate the memory from the past experiences to allow the conscious to operate. 

It does not imply that specific facts that happened in the past are directly relevant to the present psychological condition. It is rather the current operation of the unconscious and the conscious that is manifested as psychology and directly affects the current psychological condition. Many people including so-called psychology experts depend on the operation of the conscious to analyze the current manifestation of psychology neglecting the operation of the unconscious as the underlying cause of the surface phenomena. Solutions to the current issues cannot be found without understanding the underlying cause of the problem.      

People who experience both positive and negative emotions must reflect upon their psychological conditions and exactly how their life is going. Unfortunately, the current trend is that people with negative emotions keep clinging to the negative surface phenomena and aggravate stress and wounds, and people with positive emotions are busy getting immersed into positive emotions and hardly reflect upon their current condition. Not many people reflect upon the underlying cause of their psychological condition asking where such excruciating pain or such exciting sensation comes from in the first place and why their life is unfolding the way it is. Analyses and actions taken based on the surface phenomena necessarily lead to the aggravation of matters in psychological and practical perspectives.

You may feel comfortable temporarily when you address surface phenomena, but the condition actually gets aggravated growing the underlying problem. You must address the underlying cause in order to completely break free from pain and difficulties. You must restore healthy psychology instead of resorting to diversion to feel better every time you experience stress and wounds from relational conflicts. You need to accurately understand how the unconscious and the conscious work in mind to be manifested in psychology.

People who are satisfied with the current life hardly try to find out how they have reached the current condition of satisfaction. They must look around to judge whether they are inflicting any damage onto other people in pursuing their own fun and pleasure. When you form habits of pursuing fun and pleasure at the expense of others' pain and damage, you will never adopt self-reflection to maneuver your life for true happiness. People who pursue fun and pleasure are considered to have more severe psychological problems than people in pain and difficulties. People in pain and difficulties tend to adopt self-reflection in pursuit of recovery and happiness. People in fun and pleasure hardly think that they have problems and fall for fun and pleasure more and more. They will follow the conscious and positive sensory stimulations by all means making it almost impossible to restore normal psychology. When people in negative emotions suddenly seek diversion and pursue fun and pleasure, it indicates that their psychology has been aggravated even more. 

The most common measures people take to address surface phenomena are self-blame, other-blame, and dependency. They self-justify and give up restoring healthy psychology and happiness by adopting one of the above measures. Such measures also aggravate the condition and deprive them of opportunities to resolve the issue in the right way. 

You must adopt self-reflection whether you are in positive or negative emotions to restore or maintain healthy psychology. If you find that problems in your life tend to repeat, it is also an indicator that you need to actively look for the root cause of the problem through self-reflection. When you cannot find the underlying cause of the surface phenomena through self-reflection, you can seek professional help with the matter. We must always reflect on our psychological conditions and bear in mind that surface phenomena are only the manifestation of the underlying operation of mind and psychology. 



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[Review] Normality is coming back.


It has been 2 years since I started the treatment program. I have been a little loose on doing therapeutic tasks and focusing more on other things I have neglected, which brought back wounds little by little. Have I become too comfortable? I say to myself that I should focus more on therapeutic tasks since habits are not formed inside me yet. I guess it is not easy to build habits, which is why 3 years are given for full recovery.  

Normality is coming back in my life. There was a time when I literally could not do anything because I felt hurt so much. There was a time when a day felt like a week and a week like a month. I still thought that I could endure and solve the problem on my own. 

Pain got worse and I couldn't stand any more. It was too painful. I started the treatment program after realizing that my children are looking at me and thinking that staying in such pain is simply stupid. I did the right thing. 

I stay home a lot due to the Covid-19 situation. I often feel stuffy but I readily resume therapeutic tasks. I smile at myself looking in the mirror. I put up a mirror on the fridge door not to forget about smiling at myself. It was a good idea. I am grateful to my children for being my children. Their existence is a huge support for me. I promise I will obtain full recovery and share happiness with them. 

[Comment from KIP]

Many people do not distinguish between psychological problems and psychological disorders. They rely on healing methods and activities of diversion when they feel pain and difficulty. Psychological disorders keep advancing unless they are adequately treated causing miserable life for many people. You also aggravated your condition by self-diagnosis and self-implementation in inadequate ways. 

You were wise enough to choose to treat yourself and restore happiness. By now, you must understand that treatment should continue until full recovery. Please, remember where you started and keep up with your efforts. You are almost there. 


[Review_Infidelity Therapy] Week 16_I feel I am finally getting myself back.


I applied for a counseling session crying all over after I developed post traumatic stress, but I didn't take counseling thinking that I could overcome the difficulty on my own. I was covered all over with wounds in both my body and mind after 3 years of wasting time when I finally decided to take the treatment program at KIP. 

I realized that all my efforts to return things back to normal only aggravated my pain and difficulty. Now, burning rage has subsided and I don't travel between heaven and hell in a second upon a word of my husband's. I know the cause of all my pain was the wrongdoing of my husband, who was I trusted, but it was myself who generated anger and rage inside me, which brought me sown to the lowest point. 

Now, I can view what has happened and what I feel separately. At first, I tenaciously sought for interrogations and attacks, which only grew my wounds. Now, my husband tries to talk to me first and defend himself. I try to compensate for my inappropriate responses and confrontations by treating myself and building inner strength. I make myself strong through therapeutic tasks. I hope others will also spend their time for themselves instead of wasting it for meaningless fight. 

My husband is the one who loved me and chose me. I will be happy again as a wife and mother when I can stand up straight and healthy. I stopped preparing for a lawsuit and take time to look upon myself for how I am doing with the treatment. I want to get myself back before I completely collapse.

Rage is gradually subsiding little by little. I watch a soap opera that shows people having affairs and I feel numb for a moment. Then, I resume therapeutic tasks. I hope I will be a happier person in the next review. Stay happy and healthy, everyone. 

[Comment from KIP]

It is almost impossible to treat post traumatic stress just by making efforts without understanding the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. Rather, you may keep destroying yourself as you make more and more efforts. Unfortunately, many people are making efforts in the direction their condition is aggravated. Then, they may give up on recovery and live in pain and difficulties throughout their life time. This applies to everyone who is not adequately treated. 

You have wasted 3 years but finally decided to take the treatment after realizing that you wanted true happiness. It was a wise decision for yourself and your children. You seem to recognize the fulfilling sensation of recovery now. It is hoped that you will keep up with your will power and efforts without forgetting what you thought when you first started the treatment until you obtain a complete cure and happiness ability. Please, read your reviews whenever you find doing therapeutic tasks difficult to gather up your will power for treatment. 

[Review] The best decision I have ever made


I was in the middle of a divorce process and was also being ostracized at work and church. I had suicidal ideation and experienced incidents of panic disorder. I was suffering a lot.

I happened to watch a YouTube video about psychology treatment uploaded by KIP and corresponded with the director via e-mails. I was informed that I could treat my condition and build happiness ability. I hesitated and thought about the program for several days and decided to give it a try.

It was quite expensive and required a lot of my will power and effort. I thought I would do anything if I could restore healthy psychology and build happiness ability. I began the treatment program with the determination that I would go all the way with the program pouring all my energy. I only thought about my treatment at first and I still think about only treatment. 

I have recovered a lot and I am surprised at myself having changed and returning to myself when I was happy. I think I will keep going until I obtain full recovery and cure. I think this was the best decision I have ever made in my life. 

If there are some people hesitating to start this treatment program, I would tell them to just start. They will know what I mean once they start the treatment. 

I think that only I can make myself happy. It is not given by anyone else. We should think about only ourselves and take time and effort for ourselves in order to restore healthy psychology. 

I had many thoughts and hesitation before I wrote the review, but this is what I have experienced and what I think. 

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The last two and a half years

It feels like more than 10 years, but It has been only two and a half years. The last two and a half years have been quite multifarious and I have changed so much during the time. 

I actually first met Mr. Kim 6 years ago for a counseling session. I thought I got better through counseling, but there was a world of difference between counseling and Mind Training.

Two and a half years ago, I was literally struggling in suffering. I desperately wanted to end this relationship, but somehow I was in severe pain. I decided to take Mind Training to be able to get a divorce without feeling pain. It was the only thought I had.

However, now I find myself getting along well with my husband. Mr. Kim said I would experience a period like a honeymoon stage, and he was right. I am astonished that this is happening like a dream coming true. 

I don't feel that I am completely cured. I often skip self-feedback, but I write it when I think I need to go back to stay as a person without relationships. I have my whole life in front of me and I think I will be happy. 

I even feel grateful to my husband for directing me to meet with Mr. Kim and open a new future. 

[Review] The 79th week of treatment


It was really hard at first. Then, as I proceeded with the treatment, I kept being surprised at the result. I am still being surprised. I had no clue what it means by 'your life will change'. Now, I think I know a little what it means. 

All my worries for the future and all my regrets for the past seem to be meant for my learning how I have to rebuild my attitude and my life. It has been the most precious time that will never come again. 

I would not have hesitated so much if I had known that I would be this much closer to happiness after treatment. I guess it applies to everyone. Fear for my future was my first huddle to admit and overcome. 

Once I tried and got better, it became easier to try and find the doors of happiness. Of course, some doors were closed and others were hard to open. Still others had been open before I tried. The thing is that I don't find it difficult to try and maneuver in my life anymore. I seem to enjoy trying. I guess life is opening and passing through the doors you choose.

Above all, I feel that I have found myself back. I really can't express this feeling with words. Everyone's life is precious including mine. This astonishing experience of correcting myself and viewing the world correctly makes me think that I am lucky to be living in an era where such treatment is available.

I still have a long way to go and I know I will go through many doors. For now, I am happy to be able to cherish every moment I am with my loved ones. 

Birth, growth, aging, and death of the body and the mind


     Human beings go through the process of birth, growth, aging, and death of both the body and the mind. The body and the mind are inter-connected, so      the well-being of one affects the well-being of the other. When your body is sick, your mind can become weak, and vice versa. As children's body must be nourished for healthy growth, children's mind also need proper nourishment and protection for healthy development. 

     For the body and the mind grow and stay healthy, survival must be guaranteed first, so the development of child psychology focuses on survival until they become about 5 years old. Children under the age 5 hardly develop psychological problems when they are physically protected and well fed with tender loving care. When children are guaranteed for survival for the first 5 years or so, their psychological development begins to focus on adapting to human relationships. Children can maintain healthy psychology as far as they form good relationships with people around them until they become about 12 years old. 

     Then, children's psychological development focuses on the formation of self-identity during teenage years. They must be able to form their own thought standards and experience as many trials and errors as possible. Finally, when they become adults, they begin to pursue self-actualization in relationships with other people. They pursue values and meanings in life and being happy together with other people, and this process continues until they die. 

     Some people die when they are young, and others maintain health and live long. The physical conditions are different for every individual and individuals experience different physical conditions during their life, but we all wish for a healthy and long life. The same applies to the life of the mind. Everyone experiences unique and different psychological conditions during life, and we all wish for healthy and long life of our mind. 

     When children are not taken good care of during the growth period, they may have not only physical but also psychological problems even when they become adults. Children who do not receive proper care from parents during the phase of adaptation to relationships may suffer from difficulties with forming and maintaining good relationships with people. Teenagers who are deprived of opportunities to form their own thought standards may suffer from lack of confidence and tendency of dependency. They are more likely to develop psychological problems and relational conflicts when they become adults.          

     Psychological problems may be aggravated and developed into psychological disorders. Psychological disorders may be aggravated to the point where one's mind and psychology completely collapse unless they are properly treated. Then, the mind is considered to be dead even if the person's body is living. 

     Human beings are designed to pursue happiness with healthy mind in relationships with other people. However, when you have psychological disorders, you cannot maintain healthy relationships with other people and cannot achieve happiness in a true sense. People with psychological disorders inflict damage upon others and destroy human relationships with distorted self-conviction and irrational behaviors. 

     When your body is sick, you must provide the body with proper care and treatment. The same applies to the care of mind. When your child is sick, you would take all measures within your power to help him or her recover. It is also parents' responsibility to provide good care for children's mind and psychology. They must provide children with proper nourishment for each developmental phase of psychology until children become adults. 

     People show less concern about their mind having problems compared with their body having problems. Many people just take measures of diversion such as talking with friends or doing fun things. Some may try to forget and suppress their emotions or just ignore since they do not consider it as a serious matter. All of these approaches contribute to the aggravation of the condition forecasting more problems and more pain in the future. 

     The body becomes weak as you get older, and the mind gets weak as you stop pursuing self-actualization. Human beings need to experience a wide range of emotions to achieve emotions of happiness in the process of self-actualization. No one can do without ups and downs of emotions as sources of happiness in the course of life. When you stop pursuing self-actualization, you cannot experience the whole range of emotions and cannot generate emotions of happiness. Then, your mind is considered to have got old and weak. The aging of the mind has nothing to do with the aging of the body. The concept of happiness is lost when you decide to retire from self-actualization and you exist only as an individual without human relationships.     

     When you retire and decide to live as you please focusing only on survival, human relationships are not important in your life any more. You don't have to learn new things or adapt yourself to new environments and may develop more and more self-conviction and self-justification. It also happens when young people decide to retire early and just enjoy personal life without pursuing self-actualization. Their mind is considered to be old even when their biological age is young. 

       We must do our best to maintain psychological health as well as physical health throughout the life time. We cannot choose when to be born and when to die, but we can choose other matters. Our body is designed to pursue physical health and our mind is designed to pursue happiness, which is achieved through experiencing both positive and negative emotions in human relationships instead of pursuing comfort and pleasure. It is crucial to accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology and maintain the psychological balance to live happily through the journey of life.


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[Review] Answers to questions

Throughout my life, I always had so many questions inside myself. 

Why would she do it? Why did I do it? Why does the world go the way it does?Why am I so stupid? Why am I not happy? Would I live a different life if I had done it at that time?

Mr. Kim said that women always look back on their life and attain enlightenment from within themselves. Now, I am learning how I have lived as a woman and how I should live in the future. I had never thought that I could change myself this much. I always believed that my fate was already determined. 

It is not important to me whether Mind Training is right or wrong for other people's eyes. It is just like a compass that directs me to happiness. Learning about meanings and values of life has become the turning point in my life. I just need to keep going in the right direction. 

Maybe that's why I see the world differently. I restored the sense of self-confidence and self-respect. I feel that I am strong enough to handle difficulties in life. I am happy to see my children be stabilized and choose what they want for their life. 

Life is not always a flower path but I am grateful that life has the full range of interesting and beautiful landscape.   

 About KIP(Korea Institute of Psycho-education)

[Review_Infidelity Therapy] I thought I would do anything if I could only get out of this pain and suffering.


First of all, the fact itself that I am writing this review is a miracle. I wasn't able to eat or move my body up until a few weeks ago. It is a good fortune to learn about Infidelity Therapy when you suffer from spouse infidelity. People who are taking Infidelity Therapy are the ones who pursue true happiness. 

The only thing I had in my mind before I knew about the therapy was that I would do anything only if I could stop this pain and get out of this hell. I wanted to protect my children and my family. I wanted to stop this predicament in my generation. I wanted to live. 

I was searching on the Internet for solutions to my suffering. I found a book written by the director of KIP and I also watched a reference video on YouTube. It felt like I was struck by a hammer. 

I began my treatment right after I watched a few videos. It was quite expensive, but I didn't hesitate because lawsuits and counseling would also cost me a lot of money anyway. 

I simply couldn't believe that my pain literally began to subside from day one of the treatment. I guess it was because my wounds were that much severe and I wanted to recover with all may heart. I am really focusing on my treatment and the effects are simply astonishing. 

I am also taking Mother Therapy and my children are surprised that I have changed so much. I am so grateful for being able to be happy with my children again. 

I wrote my wishes on the first page of the textbook and read them out loud everyday. I am surprised at myself changing little by little as the treatment progresses. 

I would have taken the shortcut to collapse and have already taken a few destructive actions by now without this opportunity for treatment. I truly think that god led me to find this program on the Internet. 

I am fulfilling my wishes little by little. I want to thank Mr. Beomyoung Kim and every staff at the treatment center. 


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[Review_Infidelity Therapy] I cannot believe what is happening to me now.


The last 4 months feels like a dream to me when I went through all the difficulties and the process of recovery. It felt like years at first but now it feels like just a few days. 

As guided by Mr. Kim, the director of KIP, I could give my husband an opportunity for treatment while I was proceeding with my treatment and now he is also concentrating on his treatment. 

I cannot believe that I can feel comfortable inside again. I know that I should not stay in comfort and should go further for happiness, though. 

My husband and I feel like we are in a honeymoon stage again after all we have been through together. I sometimes want to concentrate on myself more but we are making efforts together. 

Recently, I focused less on the therapeutic tasks since I felt comfortable, but I resumed to do the tasks since I know that I haven't internalized them yet. I also watch reference videos occasionally. 

These days, I just like living everyday. 

I went through all the outrageous things, but now, I am OK. 

I feel so lucky that I learned about Infidelity Therapy and chose to take the treatment program. 

I don't even want to imagine how destructive a path I would have taken for my life if I chose differently. 


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[Review_Infidelity Therapy] The happiness of daily life.


I had gone through a long tunnel without checking for my progress for more than a month. 

Then, one day, a moment of realization came to me and I could apply the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology to reality. That was it! I could understand my husband and felt compassion toward him. I began to see the man I used to know in him. 

What happened to him? He was a smart and diligent man who poured passion into his work. I felt pity and anger simultaneously that he had such a disease. 

I also understood why Mr. Kim, the director of KIP, emphasized so much for the true nature of the phenomena. When I understood and knew, rage and wounds disappeared. I guess this is what it means by a subtle difference making a big difference. 

Now, I also understand that I am the only person who can treat my own rage and wounds. I suddenly awoke the moment my thought changed. I could return to my daily life after getting out the long tunnel where I suffered from pain and wandered about.  

It is exactly 7 months after I developed post traumatic stress. I feel the sense of joy without any specific reason. I have this weird feelings of happiness and stability. I think I will be able to live happily with my children.     

I still have the issue of restoring the relationship with my husband. I will take time to do so. Now, I can manage recurring memories of wounds without much difficulty. I feel comfortable to be with my husband and can talk about my wounds without getting upset. 

He still seems to be stressed by being reminded of past incidents, but he tries to listen to me and expresses his ideas. Both of us are doing our best to communicate each other and we are getting along with each other better. I guess it will take time. 

I sometimes get irritated, from which I recover soon. I can recognize that rage and wounds are being treated. I continue with therapeutic tasks and grateful to myself for doing well. I still have a couple of more years to go, but I see habits changing and being stabilized. I am experiencing ups and downs in my emotional state. I watch reference videos to gather up my will power. We are doing well together as a family in daily life. I guess this is happiness. This is the daily life I so desperately wanted to have. 


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[Review_Infidelity Therapy] The excruciating pain beyond imagination

My husband and I began to date when we were in high school and we have been married for 10 years. I always thought that I was the one how knew about my husband better than anyone. He was a family man and had reserved personality. I trusted him and never thought he would have an affair. 

However, husband infidelity happened in our marriage and I had suicidal ideation from shock and despair. I consulted renowned counselors but I felt hurt more and more. I even thought taking my children with me to leave this world. 

One day, I happened to see reference videos provided by Korea Institute of Psycho-education and continued to watch the videos for a few months. Then, I decided to take Infidelity Therapy out of desperation. I followed the guideline by not filing a lawsuit against the adulteress even though it was hard for me to do nothing to revenge.

After I took Infidelity Therapy, I restored healthy psychology and then filed a lawsuit against the adulteress. Rage has disappeared and I can recognize that my body and mind have recovered. I have begun to see my children and felt loving and caring toward my children. 

Children seem to sense that their mother has changed for better and I can see that children have become happier. I still have a long way to go in the treatment but I really feel alive and sometimes feel very happy. I intend to keep making efforts to treat my condition. 

I hesitated for a few months before I began Infidelity Therapy since I was not convinced about the treatment method and it seemed quite expensive. Actually, I started the program because I felt I would die without doing something. I thought it should be better than dying. 

I dare to say that taking Infidelity Therapy is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Spouse infidelity makes you simply become living dead and put your children in the worst situation. I hope people who are considering Infidelity Therapy can refer to my experience.

[Review_Infidelity Therapy] It is quite surprising to see myself and children change.

I found out about my husband's infidelity in September, 2018. I had never imagined that he would even like other women let alone having an affair. I thought no woman would like a man like him. 

My children found out about his affair before I did. They worried their parents would get a divorce, so kept it to themselves. My daughter consulted her teacher for the matter and her teacher guided her to keep it to herself since it would be too hard for me to learn about the fact. The teacher also said I would just have to swallow the pain when I found out as her own mother did, which made my daughter cry a lot. 

My husband was egocentric and self-centered. He used to have delusional jealousy,

which made me go through difficulties. It turned out that he was not interested in my whereabouts and did not explode out of anger during the time he had an affair. I felt comfortable and never doubted about his behaviors. 

He lost interest in me but he was overly concerned about my daughter seeing boys after she entered high school. My daughter was greatly hurt by his scolding and swearing, and she told me about his infidelity. 

I wanted to get a divorce as soon as I found out about his affair. However, I didn't have any financial support for myself, so I decided to stay in marriage only until children become adults. He said that he had broken up with the adulteress and I was stupid enough to believe him. 

Then, I found that he was still having a affair, only with another woman this time. I couldn't hold my rage no matter how hard I tried. I couldn't understand anything and felt completely lost. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and just stayed in pain twenty-four-seven.

I learned about this program, 'Infidelity Therapy' while I was searching for what I could do through the Internet. I read the book “Infidelity is a psychological disorder. There is no love in infidelity.” published by Korea Institute of Psycho-education. I read it 3 times. I had never read a book with such concentration. 

I also watched YouTube videos provided by KIP and finally contacted the therapy center by phone. I just talked about a few things and hung up because the expense was too high for me.

Some time passed. My husband's behaviors were proceeded exactly in the same way that was described in the reference materials provided by KIP. He would deny his irrational behaviors and became more and more difficult to even talk to. I felt I was being suffocated to death, and had to start Infidelity Therapy just to save my life. 

I had to stay alive to protect my children at all costs. It had been 3 months since I found out about my husband's affair. He threatened that he would get a divorce if I took Infidelity Therapy, so I had to keep it to myself. 

As I proceeded with Infidelity Therapy, my rage and pain began to subside and I began to see my children in 3 weeks after starting the treatment. I was guided on parenting strategies on boys and girls and applied them for 2 weeks. The change was not obvious at first, but my daughter began to bring her friends to our place, smiled a lot, and studied hard. My son was also doing well. 

I questioned myself why I had to go through this predicament and why I had to make efforts to do therapeutic tasks when it was my husband who was at fault. I wanted to give up many times, but tried to gather up my will power seeing children becoming stabilized and I felt better little by little. It is still hard but I am keeping going and doing my best. Now I understand how the process of treatment is self- initiated and self-implemented based on self-will. 

Now that my psychology is stabilized and children have become happier, I can understand my husband's irrational behaviors and be considerate of him. I desperately wanted to get a divorce but now, I am trying to give him an opportunity to change. I am absolutely grateful for having the opportunity to treat my condition through Infidelity Therapy. 

I don't even want to imagine what would have happened to myself and my family unless I chose to take Infidelity Therapy. I would like to recommend Infidelity Therapy to anyone who is suffering from infidelity issues. 


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