[Review] Complete Recovery of Sexual Functions


I feel numb upon the diagnosis of complete recovery.

Before treatment, I used to lose my temper easily, and had insomnia and chronic fatigue. 

I was a picky eater and had irritable bowel syndrome. 

I had skin problems,

and always had troubles with people around me. 

I gave my family pain by blaming them for everything. 

I began to change little by little as I took KIP Treatment Program. 

I slept better and ate better. 

My skin looked and felt better. 

These days, I keep smiling even when my wife gets angry at me.

I am composed and my wife looks so adorable to me. 

She is the only one for me. 

I have learned what is precious in life and how I have to live. 

I first started treatment just to improve my sexual functions, which I recovered, of course.

I learned something much bigger. 

If I had continued to live without treating my condition,

I don't even want to think about it. 

Thank you so much. 

I think I can live happily from now on. 


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[On Human Mind] It is dangerous to be sick but not to be able to recognize it.


For normal people, emotions fluctuate between ㊀10 and ㊉10 in a metaphorical sense. When you feel ㊀ emotions, you can recover to ㊉ emotions by making efforts on your own. However, when you neglect emotions of ㊀10, your condition deteriorate to lower than ㊀10. You may develop psychological problems and go between ㊀100 and ㊉100 from then. 

When psychological problems occur, it is hard to recover only by your own effort and you may need help from psychological or psychiatric treatment. When you neglect the condition further, your condition deteriorates further. You may develop psychological disorders and go between ㊀1000 and ㊉1000 from then. 

As negative emotions advance to a lower level, positive emotions also advance to a higher level. When you fall from ㊉10 to ㊀10, you feel the pain of ㊀20. When you fall from ㊉100 to ㊀100, you feel the pain of ㊀200. When you fall from ㊉1,000 to ㊀1,000, you feel the pain of ㊀2,000. When you fall from ㊉10,000 to ㊀10,000, you feel the pain of ㊀10,000. 

Even healthy psychology of a normal people does not stay only at the same level of 0 all the time. Human psychology is designed to fluctuate between ㊉ and ㊀ to some degree. Human experience emotions of joy, sorrow, anger, and pleasure going between ㊉ and ㊀. When your psychology develops problems or disorders, the range of fluctuation becomes bigger. 

When you are in ㊉ state of emotions, you feel comfort and pleasure, but you cannot help falling to as negative level as the size of the positive level and sensing the pain of the size of the fall. The range grows more and more as the condition advances. It is when you feel comfort and pleasure that is really dangerous since you don't even realize that you are sick and you are about to fall in a short time. 

When you focus on making people feel better temporarily in the conscious for psychology treatment, treatment seems to be quite an easy task, but it is quite dangerous at the fundamental level. Then, psychology treatment plays the role of aggravating psychological condition.

Therapies adopting theories of psychology, psychiatry, and the Theory of Mimind must be differentiated and applied in the right way. The degree of suffering and the time period of experiencing psychological problems must be considered to determine which method to adopt.


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[Infidelity Therapy] The analysis of the husband's infidelity based on the condition of the adulteress


When the husband commits infidelity and develops relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder in the form of response addiction, it indicates that the husband has something to give and provide for the adulteress. That is, it indicates that the adulteress finds that the husband is useful in some way. 

The adulteress tries to obtain what she wants from the husband in an easy way when she cannot meet a man like the husband and obtain what she wants in a normal and legitimate way.

The adulteress may try very hard to train herself for techniques of sexual response in order to seduce men easily. It is likened to training for techniques of crimes. As their techniques of sexual response develop more and more, they commit more and more serious social crimes. 

The diagnosis and prognosis of the husband's relationship addiction can be made based on the adulteress' psychological condition and practical situation. We can predict how much damage will be inflicted on the husband's life and how the life of the victimized wife is likely to progress. 

1. Is she married?

What kind of purpose the adulteress has in the relationship with the husband can be analyzed depending on the adulteress' marital status such as never married, married, divorced, remarried, or bereaved. There are also subcategories such as separation, long-distance couple, empty shell marriage. The adulteress' purposes may include attention and love from men, sexual pleasure, financial gain, or the rise of social status. 

2. Does she have post traumatic stress?

The adulteress may have suffered from post traumatic stress due to husband infidelity, sudden bereavement, sexual assault, accidents, or physical illness. The adulteress' post traumatic stress is related with the level of her sexual response. The severity of her post traumatic stress determined by the duration of the condition is also a crucial factor in analyzing the husband's severity of relationship addiction.

3. Does she have children?

The structure of the adulteress' relationships with people can be analyzed depending on whether she has her own children or not. It is a contributing factor in analyzing the structure of the relationship between the adulteress and the husband, thereby predicting how much damage may be inflicted on the husband's life due to infidelity. 

4. How long has she had relationship addiction?

The adulteress at an early stage of relationship addiction wants to get attention and love from men. The adulteress with more experience of infidelity dreams of getting married with the man and live happily. The adulteress with even more experience of infidelity has the purpose of financial gain in the relationship with men. The adulteress at the most advanced stage has the purpose of taking and destroying everything the husband has including his money, family, career, reputation, and even life. 

5. Is she in a business relationship with the husband?

How and how much the husband's pursuit of values of life is distorted can be determined by analyzing the formal relationship between the adulteress and the husband. She could be a colleague at work, a business partner, a customer or a client, or a boss or a subordinate. How to end the relationship of infidelity can be determined by analyzing the formal relationship with the adulteress.

Analyzing the above 5 factors about the condition of the adulteress leads to diagnosis and prognosis of marriage crisis, family crisis, and life crisis of the husband. It is impossible for the husband with relationship addiction and the wife with post traumatic stress to solve psychological and practical problems on their own since they cannot analyze the fundamental mechanism of the phenomenon.

Especially, all the practical measures the victimized wife take to resolve the issue of husband infidelity including counseling, coaching, lawsuits, divorce, suppression, dependency, and pleasure seeking only leads to the aggravation of the situation. People who encourage the wife to take all such measures are taking advantage of the wife for their own selfish purposes. 

When the victimized wife make efforts to solve the problem without treating post traumatic stress, she will end up destroying her life and family and live an unhappy and ruined life. It will take much more time, effort, and expense when she finally realizes her mistake and decides to treat her condition after a considerable time passes. 

The wife may feel jealous of the adulteress and lose confidence on herself since the adulteress seems to get all the attention and love from the husband. However, the adulteress is only responding sexually to the husband in the condition of attention addiction. The adulteress cannot generate happiness on her own and mistakes taking others' happiness for her own happiness. 

The wife is the only person who can build happiness for herself and children after treating post traumatic stress, and can give the husband an opportunity to treat relationship addiction. When the wife does not treat post traumatic stress and aggravates her condition, she also becomes an adulteress who destroys her life and the life of others since post traumatic stress is the basis of relationship addiction. What path of life would you choose?


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[Infidelity Therapy] The husband's responses when the wife sues the adulteress

There are some cases where the victimized wife sues the adulteress without treating her post traumatic stress. Many types of critical situations may occur in marriage relationships when the wife sues the adulteress. Not many people understand that filing a lawsuit against the adulteress without proper preparation is likely to aggravate the wife's psychological condition and the husband's relationship addiction.

Responses of the husband who has committed infidelity when the wife sues the adulteress can be categorized into 7 different types. 

1. The husband begs the wife for forgiveness and helps the wife with the lawsuit.

   1) He is not satisfied with the adulteress' sexual response or feels burdened by the relationship. He takes it as a chance to reassure the wife and break up with the adulteress. 

   2) He has been suffering from conflicts with the adulteress. He takes it as a chance to reassure the wife and avoid the adulteress. 

   ※ As a result, the husband takes it as a chance to break up with the adulteress and find a new adulteress.

2. The husband gives the adulteress more gifts and attention.

  1) A financially affluent husband may reinforce the adulteress's sexual response by giving her more of what she wants not to break up with the adulteress even when she is sued by the wife. 

   2) He may stop supporting the wife and children financially to stop her from bothering the adulteress. 

   3) He may support the adulteress for the expense of lawsuit and alimony and help the adulteress to win the lawsuit by informing her of the wife's weaknesses. 

   ※ As a result, the wife's lawsuit only leads the husband to pay more attention to the adulteress. 

3. The husband demands a divorce, leaves home, and cuts off all communication with the wife. 

    1) He is extremely stressed from the wife's lawsuit against the adulteress and leaves family who interfere with his pleasure seeking. 

  2) The adulteress encourages the husband to leave the family and the husband is convinced that he cannot break up with the adulteress. 

   3) He may want to continue infidelity with the current adulteress or find a new adulteress. 

   ※ As a result, the lawsuit makes the husband and the adulteress even closer to each other and the husband is convinced that the wife is the one who made him have an affair. 

4. The husband reassures both the wife and the adulteress.

    1) He reassures the wife and children and treats them well. He also reassures the adulteress and treats her well. He keeps both marriage and infidelity. 

   2) He is active in the sexual relationship both with the wife and with the adulteress seeking sexual response from both women. 

   ※ As a result, the wife becomes an adulteress and justifies the husband's infidelity. Now, he has two adulteresses. 

5. The husband demands the wife to withdraw the lawsuit against the adulteress. 

   1) He tries to reassure the wife and treats the wife well. He is actually trying to get rid of stress coming from the adulteress due to the lawsuit.

   2) He thinks that the adulteress should not be stressed from the lawsuit since he wants infidelity to continue or be resumed. 

   3) He may try to get rid of proof of infidelity the wife has and stop her from continuing with the lawsuit. 

   ※ As a result, he continues or repeats infidelity and does his best to protect the adulteress. 

6. The husband adopts violent behaviors and blames the wife for his infidelity. 

   1) He is stressed from the adulteress not responding sexually since she is being sued   by the wife. He blames the wife for all the problems. 

    2) He tries to block all of the wife's actions against his infidelity at source.

    3) He may encourage the wife to have sex with another man and attack the wife for the behavior. 

   ※ As a result, the husband justifies his infidelity blaming the wife for everything. 

7. The husband suffers from the pain of breaking up with the adulteress. 

   1) He finds out that the adulteress is getting attention from another man and responses sexually. 

   2) He is attacked by the husband of the adulteress after being caught.

   3) He has broken up with the adulteress since he wants to keep marriage, but he suffers from pain and depression due to the loss of the adulteress's sexual response.    

     ※ As a result, the wife tries to be compensated for her pain and loss, and the husband misses the adulteress.      

Please, treat post traumatic stress before you file a lawsuit against the adulteress. The lawsuit must wait until the wife treats post traumatic stress and gives the husband an opportunity to treat relationship addiction to be proceeded as the wife wants.



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[Life Crisis] Interaction between economic class and psychological class


Economic class can be divided roughly into 3 categories : upper class, middle class, and lower class. Psychological class can also be divided roughly into 3 categories : psychology of leaders, psychology of self-actualization, and psychology of survival. One's life is determined as a happy life, an unhappy life, the worst life, and a ruined life by the psychological class adopted for each economic class. Understanding the relationship between economic class and psychological class will lead you to pursue happiness in a more adequate way for yourself and your family. 

People with psychology of leaders pursue happiness through helping people with psychology of self-actualization and psychology of survival to pursue happiness. People with psychology of self-actualization pursue happiness of self-actualization with meanings and values. People with psychology of survival pursue the satisfaction of basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. The relationship between economic class and psychological class are as follows. 

     1. Life of economically upper class with psychology of leaders

They use their wealth to help people with psychology of self-actualization and survival to pursue happiness and are respected by others.

     2. Life of economically upper class with psychology of self-actualization

They have strong desire for wealth and use their wealth for their own satisfaction and pleasure through consumption and self-display. 

     3. Life of economically upper class with psychology of survival

They have strong desire for basic necessities and pursue their own satisfaction and pleasure through consumption and self-display. 

     4. Life of economically middle class with psychology of leaders

They use their wealth to help people through donation and voluntary work and are respected by others. 

     5. Life of economically middle class with psychology of self-actualization

They have strong desire for wealth and try hard to become upper class. They use their wealth for their own satisfaction and pleasure through consumption and self-display. 

     6. Life of economically middle class with psychology of survival

They have strong desire for basic necessities and use their wealth for their own satisfaction and pleasure through consumption and self-display. 

     7. Life of economically lower class with psychology of leaders

They try hard to stabilize their condition for survival and do their best to share what they have through donation and voluntary work. They are respected by others. 

     8. Life of economically lower class with psychology of self-actualization

They try hard to stabilize their condition for survival and have strong desire for wealth. They try hard to become middle class or upper class. 

     9. Life of economically lower class with psychology of survival

They try hard for survival but have no desire for wealth. They are satisfied with the stabilized condition for survival.

     You can make reference to the above categorization to analyze your current situation and decide what to do to achieve your happiness and your family's happiness. 


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[Consultant's Review] Problems of the pursuit of values of a wife who suffers from husband infidelity


I held a 7- hour consultation session for a woman who was suffering from both  husband's infidelity and her own problem in the pursuit of values of life. 

When people suffer from life crisis due to problems of mind such as psychological disorders and post traumatic stress, they are guided to take KIP Treatment rather than Consultation on Life Crisis to treat their condition, stabilize their body and mind, and build wound treatment ability, prevention ability, and happiness ability. Taking only Consultation on Life Crisis when KIP Treatment is required may aggravate the psychological condition.

However, she had not only psychological problems but also serious problems in the pursuit of values of life. She needed Consultation on Life Crisis before taking KIP Treatment to help her find out the root cause of such a crisis and solve the problem on her own. 

The woman's pursuit of values was analyzed regardless of her post traumatic stress in order to find out the root cause. She learned about elements of danger in the pursuit of values and was guided to ways to solve diverse problems related with the pursuit of values. She had falsely assumed that the husband infidelity caused problems in her pursuit of values, but now realized that her financial loss was caused by independent elements of danger from husband infidelity. She could have lost even more financially had she not accurately understood about her life crisis. 
She was lucky that she took Consultation on Life Crisis before she loses more. Now, she can take KIP Treatment and restore happiness and also can protect her values of life. She started taking KIP Treatment after taking Consultation on Life Crisis. She said that Consultation on Life Crisis was quite expensive but she could save a lot more by protecting her values of life through taking the consultation. 

Many people suffer from spouse infidelity and consequences of their own infidelity, which is often accompanied by crisis situations with practical matters. They are put in the risk of losing their achievement of the whole lifetime regarding career, business, finance, and reputation. Consultation on Life Crisis may play a crucial role to protect values of life. 

Through this consultation case, I could also see the importance and urgency of Consultation on Life Crisis in such cases. It took several hours to finish the whole session, but it was worth the time and expense since it literally saved her lifetime achievement. 

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[Review] As you consult a doctor for physical pain, consult KIP for psychological pain.


Husband infidelity occurred while we were living overseas. It was ironical that my husband showed me videos of KIP and argued his infidelity had nothing to do with love. I refused to watch them since he seemed to use them to justify his behaviors, but eventually, I began to watch them indiscriminately as my pain became simply unbearable. 

I felt a little better after watching the videos, but the pain of death soon overwhelmed me all over since, as indicated, the videos didn't treat my condition. I was really hesitant to take KIP treatment since it was too expensive, but I started the program because I had to do something to save my life. I even flew to participate in seminars at Seoul office for a couple of months. I wanted to become happy again. 

Luckily, I had not been exposed to counseling or had not gone through trials and errors before I took the program. I even want to thank my husband for introducing KIP treatment to me. 

I am a kind of person who is skeptical about counseling, and I am rather a person with strong religious faith. I didn't like to become dependent on other people including experts. This program fit me well because I didn't have to talk about my stories and reveal myself to anyone. I could trust it better since it was a self-treatment program. 

I used to send long e-mails since I had so many questions, but as time passed and I kept doing therapeutic tasks, questions simply didn't occur to me and I could answer the questions for myself when they did. 

It has been 6 months since I started the treatment program. It wasn't as easy as I had thought. There were many moments when I just wanted to give up everything. Those moments were also part of treatment process. I learned how important all the components of the program are for keeping up with willpower and efforts : Mind Training + Therapeutic Tasks + Self-check on Progress + Reference Materials. 

Not only wounds of infidelity but also wounds from all my past negative experiences have re-emerged in my memory and they all begin to be realigned. Now, I know what problems my husband and I had. It was painful to realize and sense everything I had buried inside myself and just pretended to be OK. I feel lucky that I have a chance to restore happiness now. 

I have not achieved a complete cure but I do not regret spending my time and money on KIP treatment.  I couldn't have known about this program unless I had not gone through such rage and pain. I would have tried to live in comfort instead of happiness. 

Lastly, I hope that people who try to overcome the situation relying on religion will not hesitate to take KIP treatment. Regardless of your religion, you can consult KIP for psychological pain as you consult a doctor for physical pain. 

Thank you. 


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[Consultant's Review] Prevention and management of a crisis in the pursuit of values


I had a consultation session from 11 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon today for a member of KIP Treatment Program. After the consultation session, the client e-mailed me saying that she has learned core concepts of KIP Treatment Program, and now she could prepare for crisis situations better. 

Most people who take Consultation on Life Crisis are surprised at the contents of it and can shorten the time taken for full recovery and complete cure significantly. They say it is an effective and powerful method. 

The client applied for consultation to shorten the recovery period and examine her status in the pursuit of values. She learned about how to manage a crisis situation in the future and the root cause of life crises. She also learned about the close relationship between KIP Treatment Program and Consultation on Life Crisis. 

There are five major causes of life crises. 

1. Occurrence or possibility of problems in mind (psychological disorder, severe psychological disorder, post traumatic stress)

2. Occurrence or possibility of problems in xesmind (sexual dysfunction, sex   trauma, sex ability)

3. Occurrence or possibility of problems in psychological class (psychology of  leaders, psychology of self-actualization, psychology of survival)

4. Occurrence or possibility of problems in relationships (spouse, children, family, friends, acquaintance)

5. Occurrence or possibility of problems in the pursuit of values (wealth, power, fame, reputation)

Problems of mind and psychology are solved by taking KIP Treatment Program and problems of xesmind and xes psychology are solved by Sex Ability Training for Women. Problems of psychological class, human relationships, the pursuit of values are solved by Consultation on Life Crisis. 

The client started to take KIP Treatment Program to treat post traumatic stress and restore a happy life. Her relationship with children has improved. The consultation took only 3 hours since she was not experiencing crisis regarding psychological class and relational problems. 

She was able to find the root cause of the crisis in the pursuit of values and solve the problem on her own through the consultation. 

She also learned the importance of KIP Treatment Program (treatment of mind and psychology & restoration of happiness) and Sex Ability Training for Women (treatment of xesmind and xes psychology, powerful sex ability and charm). 

It was nice to see her restoring her happiness at a fast pace and building prevention ability against future occurrence of life crises. 

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[Infidelity Therapy] Insane people who advise the wife suffering from husband infidelity to get a divorce.


When the wife gets a divorce without treating post traumatic stress, her condition deteriorates rapidly, and ends up living the worst kind of life. Why do some people encourage the wife to get a divorce? They are encouraging the wife to destroy her life and children's life. They will not be able to take any responsibility for making the wrong advice. 

You must stop seeing people who advise you to get a divorce when you suffer from husband infidelity. They are awful and crazy people who pursue only selfish purposes by destroying your marriage and your family. 

[Words people who advise for divorce use]

‘You live only once. Get a divorce and enjoy your life.’

‘Divorce is nothing wrong. You will meet a better man.’

‘Your husband is awful. Divorce him as soon as possible.’

‘Infidelity is incurable and he will repeat it. Now is the time for divorce.’

‘You should get a divorce before you lose all your money.’

Questions for women who advise the victimized wife for divorce. 

1. Were you jealous of her being happy? Would you feel good by destroying the couple?

2. Are you advising for divorce since you are happy after divorce?

3. Are you advising her for the worst life since you are living the worst life after divorce?

4. Are you advising her for the worst life since you are living the worst life without getting a divorce?

5. Would you feel good by destroying her marriage and family?

6. Who are you to judge her husband for right and wrong? He is not your husband. 

Questions for men who advise the victimized wife for divorce. 

1. Do you want to take the body, mind, sexuality, and money of the victimized wife?

2. Do you want to take advantage of her as a sex object?

3. Do you feel good by destroying her husband's life?

4. Are you good enough to judge her husband?

5. What would you do when you have an affair and your wife suffers from pain?

Please, do not be deceived by people who advise you for divorce. You may feel hurt now, but it will not be too late to decide on divorce after you treat post traumatic stress, restore happiness, and give your husband an opportunity to treat his condition. When you live without treating post traumatic stress, you may be taken advantage of by selfish people, destroy your children's life, and live the worst kind of life. 



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[Mother Therapy] Teenagers' psychological problems


Teenagers are still in the process of developing psychology differently from adults, who have already formed psychology and their own thought standards. Therefore, teenagers do not develop psychological disorders, which are fixated psychological conditions. Teenagers are learning and forming their own thought standards constantly making trials and errors. They develop mild psychological problems often since they have not yet completed forming psychology. 

When teenagers' psychological problems are addressed in the way as adults' psychological disorders are addressed through diagnosis and treatment, their psychological problems only deteriorate. Parents must understand this mechanism and must not be too anxious about correcting teenagers' psychological problems as quickly as possible. When parents become anxious and too worried about teenagers' psychological problems, teenagers are negatively affected by their parents' unstable psychological state. Parents can help them understand what is going on and build right thought standards through open discussion.

Teenagers do not have formed thought standards yet, so they may not fully understand what is right and wrong from adults' point of view. When they are forced to follow as they are told by adults without clear understanding, they may rebel and behave in the opposite way from adults' guidance. Teenagers can build healthy psychology when they can understand from their own point of view. 

When teenagers have healthy body and stable psychology, they will naturally develop intellectual appetite. Also, they will naturally develop desire for building skills and abilities for pursuing values and career, which is the manifestation of the energy of passion in mind. Healthy teenagers will voluntarily try to develop themselves in a constructive way to be able to pursue self-actualization when they become adults. 


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[Mother Therapy Q&A] Children who believe social media more than parents


Q. My children seem to believe what they have seen or learned in social media more than their parents. Is it OK to leave them as they are? 

A. Many children believe what they have learned through social media more than what they have learned from teachers or parents. Children do not accept what they learn from parents and teachers since they try to impose knowledge and information onto children rather just present them. Especially, adults try to impose their thought standards onto children causing stress and wounds in them. Parents and teachers may prefer imposing knowledge and information onto children, but children just do not like them since it is no fun. 

On the other hand, knowledge and information presented in social media are easy and fun to children to absorb. The methods of presentation leads to the difference in preference even when the contents are identical. However, the problem of learning through social media is that they may lead to the distortion of knowledge and information. Inaccurate knowledge and information may build memories with confusion for children. Children may accept and store in memory distorted ideas since they are easy and fun causing distortion in both knowledge and ability. 

Parents and teachers must immediately correct children's distortion of knowledge and information. Also, people who provide contents on social media for children must produce right and appropriate contents to prevent children from developing psychological problems and problems in forming healthy self-identity.


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[On Human Mind] A person and a person in relationships_If you are suffering from stress and conflicts


There is a clear difference between a person and a person in relationships. It must be quite new to most people to differentiate a person and a person in relationships. A person exists all by oneself, and a person in relationship exists interacting with other people. 

A criminal who commits a brutal crime is said to have 'given up on being a human being' since such a person is considered to have destroyed human relationships. When we exist as a person all by ourselves, we are rarely stressed or wounded psychologically. To be able to come up with solutions to overcoming stress and wounds in a healthy way, we need to clearly understand that stress and wounds are generated only in relationships. When you suffer from stress and wounds due to relational conflicts, you must go back to exist as a person all by yourself to heal stress and treat wounds. Trying to deal with stress and wounds staying in relationships only aggravate psychological conditions and practical situations.

It is recommended that you have a pause or a time-out in conflictual situations. Please, do not try to solve the issue staying in relationships, but go back to exist as a person to take a time-out to heal stress and treat wounds separately. Then, it becomes easier to communicate with each other. When you build a habit of going back to exist as a person in stressful situations and healing stress and treating wounds by yourself, you can prevent growing stress and wounds to a great extent. Of course, it may not be easy at first, but it will give you the power to protect your mind in conflictual relationships. 


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[Review] Living as a wife, mother, and woman

I was really happy to be notified for a complete recovery via an e-mail. 

I have been married for 35 years. 

I have learned what it is like to live as a woman, to live as a wife, and to live as a mother by taking KIP Treatment. 

My children could have developed healthier psychology if I had known about it sooner, but I still have a chance and I plan to keep helping them as much as I can. 

Many things have changed in my life. 

First, I have learned about the principles of life, which were always only vague to me, and internalized them in my mind. 

Second, I have realized that I have lived only as a wife and mother for the whole time, but it is living as a woman that should be the basis of being happy. 

Also, I think I have developed the ability to be wise in relationships with other people. 

Last but not the least, I can recognize my psychological condition and my facial expressions, which reflect my mind. I have better complexion and skin condition. 

Now, I clearly understand true intentions of contents provided by KIP, which is to prevent people from aggravating their psychological conditions and inflicting damage upon other people and the society. I can also see solutions suggested in the materials of KIP. 

I want to show my deep gratitude to KIP that has walked with me all along to this day!! 


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[Infidelity Therapy] The relationship with the husband in infidelity vs. the life of the victimized wife and children

The fact that the husband is in infidelity indicates that he has developed relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder. It destroys all important relationships including marriage relationship and family relationship. The wife develops post traumatic stress and faces the crisis of developing the most severe psychological disorder. Then, what would happen to children? The husband has already destroyed his life and the suffering wife faces the crisis of destroying her life and children's life. In this situation, which is more important, the life of the husband in infidelity or the life of the victimized wife and children?

Unfortunately, the wife may try to restore the husband's life through taking practical measures such as counseling, coaching, lawsuits, and divorce, but end up destroying her life and children's life. In the process of making efforts to restore the husband's life, the wife develops a severe psychological disorder and her mind dies as she feels comfort, pleasure, and happiness in the conscious and makes self-justification. 

The suffering wife has not developed the worst kind of psychological disorder, yet. She must treat post traumatic stress and build happy life with children. Then, she can provide an opportunity and environment for the husband to treat relationship addiction. By not treating post traumatic stress, the wife is admitting that it is natural that the life of everyone in the family should be destroyed, and it is her duty and responsibility. It is likened to admitting that their life is worthless enough. It is the same as admitting that she does not want to spend time, effort, and expense to treat post traumatic stress and build happiness, and admitting that she is willing to continue to spend time, effort, and expense to promote misfortune in all family members. 

As their life is destroyed, all family members are taken advantage of by selfish people physically, mentally, sexually, and financially. They may even end up becoming selfish people who destroy other innocent people's lives. It is simply absurd to think that you don't need to treat post traumatic stress when you and your children are doomed to live an unhappy and destructive life.



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[Mother Therapy_Q&A] My daughter tells me to stop being obsessive about her.

Q. I leave home for work early in the morning before my 13-year-old daughter gets up. I am worried about her getting up and going to school late, so I often call her to check. One day, she told me to stop being obsessed about her and checking on her. I keep calling her since she does not answer my text messages. I wouldn't call if she lets me know how she is doing, saying she got up or she is leaving for school. Am I being obsessive? Can mothers with strong maternal instinct become obsessive towards children?

A. You are not being obsessive at all. You care so much about your daughter and you just want to take good care of her. However, your daughter may feel uncomfortable since you act only according to your own thought standards. You may feel anxious since you are worried about her not getting up on time and missing school. You may feel upset when she cannot be contacted, causing conflicts between you and your daughter. When such situations repeatedly occur, your daughter may think that you force your ideas upon her and feel uncomfortable.

Maternal love makes you feel happy just by giving love to children and it cannot be strong or weak. When mothers' expression of love is excessive or distorted, it indicates that they expect something in return for their giving love. You may have expected your daughter to respond to your giving in a sweet way and behave as you wish. True maternal love is the kind of love that stabilizes and nourishes children's body and mind. When mother's love makes children feel uncomfortable and hurt, it is considered to be driven by mother's own distorted desire instead of love.

You must reflect upon your thoughts and behaviors. You may have anxiety, which makes you feel constantly worried about your daughter. You must also talk about practical matters with your daughter and about her daily life considering her point of view as well as yours. You may find your daughter's ideas and feelings you have never thought about, and she may also be able to learn about what you think and how much you love her. Then, you and your daughter can negotiate and adjust for what both of you can do for each other in a positive way. Maternal love is supposed to make children feel secure, comfortable, and happy. It is unconditional love that never demands a return from children in any form.


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