[Infidelity Therapy] What it means to destroy your life due to infidelity


Everyone lives pursuing happiness. They make efforts to achieve happiness as an individual, happiness in relationships, and materialistic values. When infidelity occurs in one's life or one is related with infidelity somehow, all three components of happiness are destroyed.

People who have committed infidelity have already developed relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder. They may also have developed intermittent explosive disorder or hysteria. Their psychological condition may direct them to behave in the way that destroys their life and the lives of people around them. They cannot stand the smallest trigger of stress, which leads them to react irrationally harming themselves and others.

Spouses who discover their husband's or wife's infidelity suffer from excruciating pain of post traumatic stress. Post traumatic stress causes unbearable suffering making you feel that you have lost your whole life. You may feel comfortable again when post traumatic stress deteriorates and you have actually destroyed your mind completely. Then, they don't hesitate to destroy others' lives including their own children to pursue their own comfort and pleasure. They feel confident of what they think and what they do regardless of circumstances. They mistake destroying their own happiness, happiness of relationships, and materialistic values for happiness. 

Firstly, they destroy themselves. They generate strong negative energy by activating xesmind, and develop abnormal sexual desire. They put priority on pursuing pleasure of different kinds over any other value. In this process, they develop problems in the habits of psychology, which makes them feel comfortable and pleased as their condition progresses. They are alive, but their mind has died. They also develop different physical problems and diseases. 

Secondly, they destroy human relationships. Their relationships with people change to distorted ones. They are all mixed up and get confused. Most of all, they end up destroying family relationships. They don't care about their children anymore. They lose people they used to trust, depend upon, and share life together. These relationships cannot be restored once they are lost. Now, they have lost all meaningful relationships. 

Thirdly, they destroy materialistic values. They begin to use all their materialistic values to pursue their own pleasure. They can be perpetrators or victims depending on circumstances in this process. They may lose their career and economic stability since they usually think and act with distorted habits of psychology. Both the spouse in infidelity and the victimized spouse end up going through this course of life. 

Any one who realize this fact must hurry to treat his or her condition before it is too late. Then, they can restore their happiness and normal relationships with people they love. They may also be able to give their spouses an opportunity to stop destroying their life and treat their condition.



[SATW] A hard life of women who activate sexuality in distorted ways.


Women who activate sexuality in distorted ways cannot but live a hard life. Activating sexuality in a distorted way indicates that women have many wounds, which causes all men perceive such women's speech, actions, and facial expressions as sexual responses. Even boys perceive such women in a sexual way. 

Men perceive women's behaviors in a sexual way when women have many wounds and activate sexuality in a distorted way. For these women, their unconscious activate sexuality regardless of women's conscious intention displaying the desire for sexual pleasure through speech, actions, and facial expressions. 

Women who activate sexuality in distorted ways respond sexually to all men in spite of themselves by the operation of the unconscious. Men perceive such women's behaviors as requesting to be treated as sexual objects. 

Women who activate sexuality in distorted ways may be familiar with sex techniques and intense orgasm that can numb their wounds. They may seek or already have many and diverse experiences of having sex. Such a condition is hard to achieve unless they serve as sexual objects for many men. 

This type of sexual ability is formed only when women have many wounds and their mind that pursues true love and happiness in relationships perishes, which leads them to become pleasure seekers through having sex whenever possible. They forget about happiness in mind and pursue only the pleasure of the body through sensory stimulations, which reinforces their sexual ability in distorted ways. 

Some men may try to take advantage of such women and contribute to further aggravating women's psychological condition and expediting the advent of unhappy and destructive life. Most men may entertain themselves by just looking at such women responding sexually in every situation and circumstance. Women themselves cannot stop being used and abused since they don't even recognize what they are doing. 

When these women become sick or old and they lost the value of being sexually attractive enough, they end up living an empty and lonely life, which no woman with common sense and rational thinking would want. 

Normal men do not want their wife or girlfriend to activate sexuality in distorted ways and respond sexually to everyone. Normal men want their women to have love and happiness and respond sexually and have sex passionately only with men they are truly in love with. Sex Ability Training for Women guides women to build true sex ability, which make them the most charming women and achieve true happiness. 

When women build true sex ability through Sex Ability Training for Women, they can form self-centered xes habits and generate powerful xes energy limitlessly on their own, which is delivered to their body and mind. They can and must achieve true sex ability on their own regardless of the partner.


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[Mother Therapy] Mom, have you checked on yourself today?


Hello, everyone. I am Jin Hee Lee at Korea Institute of Psycho-education. Today, I will talk about how daily reflection on their condition can help mothers manage parenting. It applies to mothers more than to fathers since mothers are the center of family as a person who carries feelings that can affect everyone in the family. 

It is not to recommend that mothers must check on themselves for their problems. It is only to recommend that mothers can benefit greatly by examining on their own body and mind everyday to be able to maintain their own happiness and manage parenting effectively. 

You can check on your physical and psychological state everyday or every few days. You as a woman, a wife, and a mother have so many things to take care of and to deal with in daily life. You have to take care of your husband, children, career, house chores, and so on. Mothers naturally get stressed and wounded in spite of themselves, but they usually have no time to take care of themselves and reflect on how they are doing. 

Mothers keep checking on their children every moment. They check whether children had a good sleep, how they feel, whether they feel healthy, and even what food they ate at school. However, mothers tend to neglect how they are doing physically and psychologically everyday. 

When you are not healthy physically and psychologically, you cannot give others healthy attention and love. You may be doing your best in the conscious, but everything you do may be based on wounds, which makes both yourself and your family feel unstable and uncomfortable. You may become irritable and capricious. You may overreact on trivial things making family members feel nervous and avoid you. Stress and wounds may be accumulated inside you without being recognized and you may make negative expressions more and more as time passes. 

Mothers make all their efforts to raise their children in the best possible way within their capability. They look for information on parenting and study on child psychology. However, no good parenting method or strategy can work when mothers don't have healthy state of body and mind. Knowledge on parenting will have more adverse effects than when you don't have knowledge if mothers have psychological problems. Mothers' psychological condition is important since it affect children's psychology directly at the fundamental level. Reflecting on your condition is not only important for your children but also for yourself. 

It can never harm yourself and your family to have a short moment and check on your condition consciously just asking yourself if you are doing fine and if you are happy today staying with your children and living your own life. Mothers should take care of themselves before they can take care of their children. They should give themselves the same level of attention to themselves as well as to their children. 

If you find that you are in negative emotions now, you can look for ways to heal yourself such as having a quite moment to yourself or looking for practical ways to manage stressful situations. When you deal with negative emotions as they occur, you will not grow them until they become overwhelming and unmanageable. As you make it a habit to reflect on your condition as often as possible, you will be able to deal with problems as they occur. That is, you can protect yourself and your family easily and effectively. In this process, it is also important that mothers should not blame themselves for every little thing that occurs in the family or at work or get paranoid about every little negative feeling they experience. Just remember that mothers must be healthy and happy first for children to be healthy and happy. 


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[SATW] All human happiness and unhappiness originate from sexuality.


All women are born with true sex ability and true sexual charm, but not many women know that they have sex ability. The conventional concepts of sexuality available for education and information women are exposed to for the whole lifetime are seriously distorted. No one tells them how human sexuality is supposed to operate and how the operation of sexuality affects human body and mind.

The Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind that attempt to explain the operational mechanism of men's and women's mimind and xesmind postulate that human sexuality is supposed to operate with women at the center instead of men. However, problems cannot but continue to occur throughout history since distorted concepts of sexuality that put men instead of women at the center and prioritize having sex as a core component of sexuality prevail all around the world. 

Xesmind generates mimind, and mimind activates psychological operations. Humans live in a society forming relationships with other people. When individuals' sexuality or the opertion of xesmind, which is the basis of all human relationships, is distorted, their mind collapses, psychology is damaged, and not only individuals but also the whole society suffer from all kinds of problems due to distorted and ruined relationships. At the center of all these problems exist women with true sex ability as major agents of restoration of happiness of individuals and the society. 

When women understand the true nature of human sexuality and restore true sex ability through Sex Ability Training for Women, they can build wound treatment ability and happiness ability as well as powerful sex ability in a true sense. They can live a happy life as women who have the best charm and as major agents who generate happiness and sexual happiness, making all the relationships related with them healthy and happy. Only women can have this ability. 

All adult women regardless of their age are strongly recommended to take Sex Ability Training for Women to build powerful sex ability and the best charm for their own happiness and the happiness of their loved ones. 


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[Sex & Xes] Men's most powerful sex ability

      Hi guys, I'm Kyungmi Kim at Korea Institute of Psycho-education. Sexual utopia all men wish for can be built by having the most powerful sex ability. Men's true sex ability can result in much greater change in men's life than anyone can imagine. True sex ability is not the ability to enjoy the short moment of sexual actions. Then, what changes would men experience when they have the most powerful sex ability?

     When men have the most powerful sex ability, they can have the ability to heal stress in daily life, make their body healthy and mind happy, and generate passion and confidence. They can have calm and stable physical and psychological condition and they lose the endless thirst of sexual desire and the sense of inferiority. 

     They can comply with women in every aspect regarding the activation of sexuality. They can function sexually for as long as women want anytime anywhere. They can control their own sexual desire as needed. They can enjoy sexual pleasure and sexual happiness with or without a sex partner everyday for the rest of their life. The following are phenomena men will experience when they have the most powerful sex ability. 

     1. Men become to have different concepts of sexuality from the conventional ones. They don't make any sexual expressions whatsoever. They know that conventional information and knowledge destroy their body and mind. 

     2. They don't envy other men who have wealth, fame, and knowledge since they know that other men don't have true sex ability. They know they have the most powerful sex ability, on which men put the highest value in their life. 

     3. The activation of sexuality with women they love becomes a daily routine. Men who have the most powerful sex ability don't have to long for having sex or make efforts to have a chance to have sex. They can enjoy the most intense sexual pleasure with women they love.         

     4. Men who have the most powerful sex ability don't have sexual desire at all. You don't want what you already have. 

     5. They don't perceive women as sexual objects or the objects of men's sexual pleasure whether they look sexually attractive or not. They don't relate women with sexuality since they don't have sexual desire. They respect women as human beings and they have the sense of responsibility to protect women they love. They can build the ability to protect women which all women want in their men. 

     6. They have passion and confidence. Sexual desire is strong energy resulting from the operation of xesmind. When sexual desire disappears in men, the strong energy of sexual desire is transformed into passion that generates happiness in daily life. They have the power of immersion and achievement and feel confident in any circumstance. 

     7. They feel pity on people who destroy human relationships. They can discern people who destroy themselves and other people. They can see what women and men who are destructors do to damage people around them. They are never affected or swayed by these people but they only feel pity on them. 

     Sex ability for momentary sexual pleasure is not true sex ability. It actually destroys men's body and mind and leads to sexual dysfunctions and psychological disorders. Men's true sex ability changes men's life for the better in every aspect and enables them to achieve the most intense sexual pleasure and sexual happiness. You can build the most powerful sex ability through Sex Therapy for Men provided by Korea Institute of Psycho-education.


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[Infidelity Therapy] Who is the real victim of infidelity?

Victimized spouses suffer from excruciating pain upon discovering spouse infidelity. They may think that they are damaged and betrayed by the spouse in infidelity. Then, the spouse in infidelity becomes a perpetrator and the victimized spouse becomes a victim. This idea leads to the conclusion that the victimized spouse can recover only when the spouse in infidelity is punished or asks for forgiveness. 

What would happen when the husband and the wife become a perpetrator and a victim? They may have to justify that they don't need each other and should end the marriage relationship. It is only natural that the family should be destroyed including children when the married couples are in perpetrator and victim relationship. This phenomenon results from the perspective that views infidelity as a practical problem. However, you will have a complete different idea when infidelity is viewed from the perspective of the operational mechanism of mind and psychology. 

Spouses in infidelity have developed relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder. They may also have intermittent explosive disorder or hysteria. Victimized spouses has developed post traumatic stress, and remember all their life experiences as wounds in mimind. Spouses in infidelity may try to give victimized spouses comfort and pleasure, avoid the situation, or justify their behaviors, all of which stem from the attempt to achieve their own comfort and pleasure. 

Most efforts that seem desirable are likely to aggravate the condition of both parties. Then, they end up destroying their own lives as well as other's lives including children's lives. Victimized spouses may also try to help spouses in infidelity recover, give up on marriage and get immersed in other objects, or start a new life after divorce. Then, they end up pursuing only their own comfort and pleasure developing psychological disorders. It is crucial to understand that any practical measures and efforts only aggravate psychological conditions of people related with infidelity issue. 

Infidelity damages all people and all human relationships related with the issue including the person who has committed infidelity. Then, what can you do not to be damaged by infidelity? Spouses in infidelity must treat relationship addiction and restore happiness and the family. Then, they can protect their family and live happily with their spouses and children. Also, victimized spouses must treat post traumatic stress and restore happiness and family. Then, they can give spouses in infidelity an opportunity to treat relationship addiction. 

It is not only the victimized spouse who is damaged by spouse infidelity. It is everyone who is related with infidelity issue who is damaged by infidelity including even the spouse in infidelity. It is recommended that both the victimized spouse and the spouse in infidelity take KIP Treatment Program as soon as possible to restore happiness and family. 




[Sex & Xes] Sexless Couples Part 4 : Advice and information that misleads sexless couples


Sexlessness can be a painful condition for the spouse who is rejected for having sex. The pain is caused by the ignorance of the fundamental mechanism and the right solution. Advice and information that is not based on fundamental mechanism of human sexuality may be ineffective or destroy marriage relationship.

Most people try to solve the issue of sexlessness based on the partner's speech and actions and their conscious thoughts and feelings. The problem is that the partner who refuses to have sex does not understand why he or she doesn't want to have sex at the fundamental level. Even experts who provide advice base their analysis and advice only on the visible phenomena. Most of common advice and information are non-sensical or even outrageous from the perspective of the operational mechanism of human mind and sexuality. 

For example, having conversations and sharing emotions can be effective in improving the couple relationship with respect to emotional connection, but it is irrelevant to the issue of sexlessness. Men do not connect emotions with sexuality, so such advice is meaningless to the husband who refuses to have sex. Many people argue that men also connect sexuality and emotions, but it is not feelings in mimind but xes feelings in xesmind that men connect with sexuality. 

Also, when the husband tries to connect with the wife emotionally to persuade her to have sex with him, the wife loses sexual desire even further since she feels emotionally satisfied through the interaction. Women's sexual desire is the desire to treat wounds in mimind. Emotional interaction with the husband is perceived as attention and consolation and makes her feel loved and comfortable making sexual actions unnecessary. 

She may decide to have sex with the husband as a reward of getting attention and consolation as her wounds are healed and love is reinforced since sexuality and feelings in mimind are closely connected in normal women. It can be a good way of improving the couple relationship even though reinforcing emotional connection is not the direct force that activates sexuality in women. 

Another type of advice couples often adopt to overcome sexlessness is to reinforce sexual sensations to enhance sexual pleasure. It includes spending longer time for foreplay, taking surgery on sexual organs, or learn diverse sex techniques. A longer foreplay and adopting diverse sex techniques may be perceived as love and attention by the wife and she may feel better emotionally when she does not have discomfort or repulsion in the first place.

Women experience sexual pleasure in two cases. One is when sexual actions are familiar ones for them. Women with diverse sexual experiences may be able to sense sexual pleasure more easily than women who don't have many sexual experiences. Normal women cannot amplify sexual sensations when the partner or the situation is unfamiliar or they don't have feelings of love toward the partner.

The other is when women develop sexual desire based on wounds in mimind in order to restore happiness. These women are easily aroused sexually and sense greater sexual pleasure than normal women. Women's recognition of sexual pleasure is not the matter of their physical condition but the matter of the operation of their mimind and xesmind. When women try to reinforce physical aspect of sexuality consciously and pursue sexual pleasure disregarding the operation of mimind and xesmind, they necessarily develop negative sexual energy and grow wounds in mimind, which in turn increases sexual desire even further. Then, they may think that their attempts to activate sexuality are effective since they respond to sexual stimulation easily and recognize sexual pleasure more intensely. Unfortunately, they are only destroying their mind and body growing their wounds in mimind.

The wife who still refuses to cooperate with the husband's attempt or the expert's advice to enhance her sexual responses is actually trying to protect her body and mind. The same applies to the husband who doesn't show much interest in having sex. Men basically perceive having sex as a way of having pleasure. The husband not making attempts to enhance sexual pleasure indicates that he doesn't perceive the wife as a sexual object. 

People may criticize such husbands and wives blaming them for not making enough efforts to activate sexuality in the marriage relationship. They put priority on activating sexuality in marriage relationship based on distorted ideas on marriage and sexuality, and may even justify infidelity. They have no idea how destructive distorted activation of sexuality can be for both individuals and relationships. 

Activation of sexuality can be important and meaningful in marriage relationship. Sexuality in married couples means much more than just a way of enhancing intimacy or relieving sexual desire. We must accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and sexuality, and adopt the right method of activating sexuality in the way that promotes health and happiness for both the wife and the husband. We must be able to distinguish the right advice and information from the wrong and destructive ones. You must keep in mind that so-called experts may be actually leading you and your spouse to destroy your body and mind as well as your marriage relationship. 

The best way to solve couples' sexual issues is for the wife to understand the operational mechanism of human sexuality and internalize the method of activating sexuality putting herself at the center of her mind and sexuality. That is, she has to build true sex ability in herself. On the other hand, the husband must discard all his concepts and ideas he has had so far, simply focusing on protecting the wife complying with the wife in every aspect. Analyzing human sexuality based on visible phenomena and the visible operation of psychology is the most distorted way of approaching sexual issues, and it can be the determining factor that destroys individuals and marriage relationships.


[Infidelity Therapy] My life has been ruined by spouse infidelity.


The discovery of spouse infidelity causes the most excruciating pain in the victimized spouse especially when the victimized spouse thought he or she had a good marriage life. They may have had different problems such as couple issues, sexual issues, family issues, or financial issues as all married couples do, but they did their best to maintain a good marriage life. 

 Victimized spouses who don't suffer from as much pain as others or those who recover easily are considered to have not taken their marriage seriously enough all the time or have already developed psychological disorders. Of course, people who commit infidelity have already developed psychological disorders, and have been destroying themselves and other people. Both the spouse in infidelity and victimized spouse end up ruining their life unless they treat their psychological conditions.

 Victimized spouses develop post traumatic stress upon the discovery of spouse infidelity. It is a psychological condition that turns all your life experiences into wounds in mimind including happy moments and good memories. You may keep turning all your life experiences into wounds and negative memories and keep building destructive power inside you as time passes. You may express negative feelings toward people around you including children more and more and feel relieved and comfortable when you succeed in destroying other people's lives little by little. Of course, your life is ruined in this process. You may think that you have a good and happy life as far as you can satisfy your own desire for comfort and pleasure. 

Both the spouse in infidelity and the victimized spouse can and must treat their condition and restore happiness. All the practical measures and efforts taken to recover without adopting the right treatment method only aggravates your psychological condition. So-called experts take advantage of your situation and lure you to take all kinds of practical measures to fulfill their own selfish purposes. They contribute greatly to your ruining your life and make profits. They don't have to care at all since it is not their life that is at stake but yours.

When you ruin your life by neglecting or misunderstanding your condition, lives of people you love become ruined as well. Those who refuse to ruin their lives may have to sever the relationship with you completely. People who are suffering from post traumatic stress are actually admitting that they have devoted their life to this marriage and they really want to restore happiness. Ruining your life with your own hands cannot be justified even when you suffer from post traumatic stress due to spouse infidelity.

 You must first and foremost focus on your own recovery and restore happiness as an individual. When you cure post traumatic stress, all your wounds in mimind will disappear and you will be able to recognize how precious every moment of your life was including the bad ones and the sad ones. You will be able to have the ability to guard and reinforce your happiness. Then, you can protect your children and family and give your spouse an opportunity to treat himself or herself. 



[Mother Therapy] Does absence of parents cause problems in children?

When children have psychological and behavioral problems, they are usually attributed to the absence of parents such as a single-parent family or a family with divorced or remarried parents. Would it be really that children develop problems more when they don't have both parents around them? Would they have less problems when they live with both parents? 

There can be many different types of family and it is not the structure of family but many other important factors that affect children's physical and psychological health. The most important factor is the care giver's role in parenting. Children may develop problems even when they live with both parents if parents don't have stable psychology or don't adopt right parenting strategies. 

How the care giver is interacting with children with what condition of psychology must be the focal point of assessing care giver-child relationship and children's problems. When parents suffer from their own psychological issues, they will naturally affect children negatively, and it is very difficult to adopt right parenting strategies. It may be manifested as diverse and seemingly unrelated problems of children at home and at school. Of course, both parents and children will experience all kinds of relational conflicts. Children will not develop problems if the primary care giver has healthy psychology and adopts right parenting strategies in daily interactions with children. The primary care giver may not be children's biological parent for children to grow in healthy ways physically and psychologically. 

Adults who play the role of the primary care giver must check for their own psychological condition before trying to deal with children's problems by taking practical measures. Then, they must check whether they are adopting right parenting strategies that accord with the children's developmental phase of psychology. Any parent goes through trials and errors and make mistakes during parenting, but they will not have big problems if they approach parenting always having the two principles checked as the most crucial reference points.

Many parents fight over children's problems blaming each other when problems occur. They may blame themselves or their marital status for children's problems. In many cases, they just cannot even figure out what is going on and what causes the problem, which in turn may aggravate the situation further. It is no one's fault and you just didn't accurately understand the fundamental mechanism of human mind and psychology. Every family member can be happy when parents or care givers restore healthy psychology and adopt right parenting strategies. 


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[Infidelity Therapy] A dead person cannot feel pain.


The victimized spouse suffers from unimaginable excruciating pain upon the discovery of spouse infidelity. No one else including family and close friends can even remotely feel how painful it is. Post traumatic stress the victimized spouse experiences transforms all the life experiences into wounds in mimind and it gradually destroys the mind of the victim unless properly treated. Neglecting post traumatic stress is likened to the suicide of psychology. In the process of aggravating your own psychology, powerful destructive energy is let out toward other people and destroys other people's psychology, which can be likened to the murder of psychology.

What kind of efforts would you make when you discover spouse infidelity? What kind of efforts would you make when you try to help your victimized spouse after you commit infidelity? Some victimized spouses just endure the situation and suppress their feelings, and others try to cope taking practical measures such as collecting evidence, filing lawsuits, taking psychology counseling, having a revenge affair, or getting immersed into child-rearing, work or hobbies. All the efforts made without proper treatment contribute to destroying your life as well as you mind and psychology. You will feel comfortable only when you have completely destroyed your mind and psychology. 

Then, you may begin to destroy other people's mind and psychology encouraging them to take practical measures as you did. You may feel happy and satisfied when their life and psychology are destroyed and may justify your behaviors with distorted thought standards. If you are the spouse in infidelity, you have already destroyed your psychology and are already destroying others' psychology.

If you continue to suffer from the pain of spouse infidelity, you are actually aggravating your own condition and you are also a prospective destroyer of other people's psychology. Both the victimized spouse and the spouse in infidelity will end up destroying not only their own psychology but also the psychology of people around them including their own children. You may not even want to think about what your children will go through due to their parents' ignorance and distorted thoughts and behaviors. It is imperative that you must treat your post traumatic stress instead of taking practical measures to solve the issue of spouse infidelity to be able to protect yourself and your children. 

You can effectively treat post traumatic stress and relationship addiction adopting KIP Treatment Program that is based on the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. It also adopts a revolutionary self-treatment method of mind and psychology. Most conventional methods cannot solve the issue of habits of psychology, so the more you proceed with those methods, the more your condition progresses. 



[Mother Therapy] The first thing to do to restore parent-child relationship

Hello, everyone. I am Jin Hee Lee at Korea Institute of Psycho-education. Many parents feel that they used to be in a good relationship with children when they were younger but it is difficult to communicate with them as they grow. Would it be that the relationship suddenly became difficult? Probably not. There must have been signs of problems before difficult relationship started. It is likely that parents could not pay enough attention to children for different reasons for some time and their relationship became difficult gradually. 

Parents may not pay enough attention to children because they live together and always see each other. They may not even think much about children taking them for granted. However, they may realize that something went wrong only when they begin to find problems. Then, it usually takes time and efforts to restore the relationship. Therefore, it is important to pay attention all the time and prevent problems from taking place. 

When parents try to solve problems after they find then, it may be difficult since they have forgotten how to approach children after a long time of negligence. Also, children have grown and changed a lot because they keep growing, so as parents try parenting strategies they used to apply before, it may just aggravate the situation and their relationship with children. In this situation, parents are at a loss about what to do, may try this and that to no avail, and become frustrated. 

There is so much information on communication with children. It is easy to find such information, but it is not so easy to distinguish right parenting strategies from wrong parenting strategies. For example, you may try to praise children as much as possible learning that praising may improve your relationship with children. Of course, praising children can be good for your children, but you must first know how to praise about what depending on children's phase of psychological development. 

If you want to improve your relationship with children, you must understand their developmental phases of psychology and right parenting strategies. Also, you must interact with children in healthy ways in daily life. Then, you can achieve positive interactions and communications with children. 

Parent-child relationship is also a type of human relationship. You have to accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology to improve any type of human relationship. You may give up on your effort and aggravate the situation when you don't apply the right method of parenting. It may take some time but you can and must help children grow in a safe environment and in a good relationship with parents. 

No parent would want to stay in a bad relationship with children. It is only natural that parents have difficulties in parenting and communicating with children as they grow older since it is their first time to be parents. You just have to keep making efforts to find the right and accurate methods that can be adopted in daily interactions with children. 


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[Sex & Xes] Sexless Couples Part 3 : Didn't mean to, but just happened

Hi, guys, I'm Kyungmi Kim at Korea Institute of Psycho-education. In this video, I will fact-check for married couples who have become sexless naturally as time passes after getting married. This type of sexless couples may be the most common type among all sexless couples. It is a very natural phenomenon and it doesn't cause conflicts between the husband and the wife since neither of them perceives it as a problem. When neither of them perceives sexlessness as a problem, they can live happily for the whole life accepting it as a way of life. They can maintain stable marriage relationship without having sex. 

Most men do not understand the nature of sexuality, so they relate sexuality with pleasure that is recognized in the conscious and they live with sexual desire. Then, information on sexuality leads them to generate negative xes energy in xesmind, and it damages their body and mind little by little. When they take sexual actions based on sexual desire, negative xes energy damages their body and mind at a much greater level. 

Then, men cannot activate the defense mechanism that heals stress at its optimal level, and they have stress operate continuously in their mind. The only place where men don't perceive information on sex is their home where the wife exists. The wife is not perceived as information on sex by the husband, and home is the only place where the husband can heal stress. That is, men can heal stress at home and go to work the next day with healed body and mind even if he is always stressed and damaged by negative xes energy outside home. 

The husband does not usually perceive his wife as a sexual object. He may relate sexuality with pleasure in the conscious, but he does not apply such a view in the relationship with his wife. Women usually perceive having sex as a means to confirm and maintain love, and women's sexual desire is the desire for treating wounds and achieving stability. The wife not caring much about having sex indicates that she has a stable and healthy marriage relationship. 

Sexuality is always being activated at a low level between the husband and the wife in daily life even if they don't have sex. It is used as energy of vitality for the husband and as energy of love and happiness for the wife. Couples who have naturally become sexless are considered to have a much healthier life than couples who activate sexuality in distorted ways. 

However, problems can occur in some cases. First, when the husband happens to reinforce sexual desire accidentally, or when the wife develops sexual desire due to accumulated wounds in mimind, they may recognize sexlessness as a problem. Then, they may argue about their problem and get hurt or they may justify themselves about having an affair using sexlessness as an excuse.

Secondly, when they retire and have enough time to themselves after children leave home, the husband or the wife may want to restore their sexual relationship. If the other party doesn't want to do so, their relationship can easily go into a crisis. Many old couples experience such a conflict. On top of that, not many people know how to restore sexual relationship in a healthy way, so they may end up focusing only on sexual pleasure and taking undesirable measures such as taking surgeries or learning sex techniques. They may even destroy their marriage by pursuing sexual pleasure in the process. 

Thirdly, sexless couples may have comfort and stability in life but not happiness in a true sense. It is hard to achieve happiness of a higher level as an adult if sexuality is not activated at a maximum level. Xes energy from having sex can be powerful energy of destruction or powerful energy of happiness depending on how it is activated. Of course, sexuality doesn't have to be activated only in marriage relationship. Women and men who have true sex ability can activate sexuality on their own without a partner, and generate powerful  energy of happiness. 

When both the wife and the husband have true sex ability, they can live in sexual utopia.  Then, the husband can generate vitality and reinforce his energy for pursuing values of life and protecting family. He can live happily even when he retires and get old feeling that he has the highest values of life. The wife can also generate powerful energy of love and happiness, and reinforce her energy for taking care of family and pursuing her career. She does not lose her unique charm as a woman even when she gets old and doesn't suffer from menopausal depression or empty nest syndrome. 

Sexlessness is not a problem in and of itself, but being sexless is not the ideal state married couples should pursue since activating sexuality is one of the greatest happiness married couples are entitled to have. Also, couples who live without sexual happiness are more likely to experience conflicts and crises. You may feel comfortable and stable in marriage without having sex, but it is recommended that both the wife and the husband make efforts to build true sex ability for even greater happiness. 


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[SATW] Do not try to become women who look happy so you envy.

Many women want to live like women who look happy so they envy. 

You may want to become like women who :

- are pretty and attractive so are loved by many men. 

- meet great men and live a luxurious life. 

- are comfortable and affluent. 

- are popular and famous among general public.

- are successful and confident.

- are rich and happy.

- enjoy fancy and pleasurable life. 

There may be many more types of women you envy. However, you should never try to live like such women no matter how happy they look. Having the desire to become other women induces wounds in your mind. Making efforts to fulfill the desire aggravates your wounds leading to even more serious condition. 

First of all, you must have all the experiences and memories those women have to become like them. Second of all, you must understand how their xesmind and mimind operate, and whether they live with wounds or pursue positive moods, and you must become exactly like them. Thirdly, you must meet all the people they meet and talk and behave in the same way and experience the same things. You must meet all men they have met and have sex with all men they have had sex with.

You can never become like those women you envy unless you have exactly the same condition with them in every aspect of life. Trying to become like them without have exactly the same experiences and behaviors only grows your wounds and destroys your life. To be brief, you can never become women you envy. 

If you truly want to become happy and successful, you can take Sex Ability Training for Women to build true sex ability and the best charm, thereby achieving happiness in a true sense. Then, you will never envy other women and become a woman all the other women envy.


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[SATW] Women who men want to marry


Dating and marriage are completely different matters for men. That is why men look they have changed a lot after they get married.

When women do not have true sex ability, they are likely to accumulate psychological wounds due to their husbands and live unhappily. It is recommended that women train with Sex Ability Training for Women to build true sex ability and the best charm for happiness of both themselves and their husbands. 

There are 5 conditions men usually want for women who they marry. Women may find them detestable, but all men have similar ideas about women who they want to marry. 

1. Women who are sexually attractive and can provide sexual pleasure whenever men want. 

Men expect their wife to be sexually attractive for the whole lifetime and induce sexual desire in the husband. Then, men can have the sense of superiority over other men and achieve sexual pleasure anytime they want. 

2. Women who can take care good care of children

Men expect their wife to take good care of their children and educate them well by devoting her life to family and children. 

3. Women who are good at managing home 

Men expect their wife to do well in managing home willingly, working hard for laundry, cleaning, and cooking. 

4. Women who respect all of the husband's relationships with people including his family.

Men expect their wife to get along well with everyone related with the husband. They also expect their wife to actively get involved in solving problems in the husband's relational problems. 

5. Women who can contribute to financial condition of the family

Men expect their wife to support him and help him recover financially when he has financial problems. They also expect the wife to accumulate wealth to have the whole family to live affluently. 

Women may find the ideas absurd and men may deny that they have such ideas. However, all men try to marry women who satisfy at least a few of the conditions. They also know that it is almost impossible to find a woman who satisfies all of the conditions. 

Men with less ability of their own may have to give up more conditions in choosing their wife. Some men may marry a woman who satisfies none of the conditions, and then, they may try to find the conditions in other women and commit infidelity. They may even get a divorce and remarry a woman with better conditions. They mistake pleasure for love and happiness, and self-justify themselves and live a life of destruction. 

Women need to build true sex ability through Sex Ability Training for Women to achieve happiness on their own. Men who marry women with true sex ability do not want such conditions in their wife, but they only do their best to protect their wife and take all the responsibility to make her happy. They will comply with the wife in every aspect of life and the couple can live a happy life with utmost sexual pleasure. 

If the husband still wants such conditions or commit infidelity even when the wife has true sex ability, the wife can simply get a divorce and continue to live happily with children. Of course, she can date or remarry a good man enjoying happiness of mind and sexual happiness.


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[Sex & Xes] Sexless couples part 2 : The husband who refuses to have sex


Hi, guys, I'm Kyungmi Kim at Korea Institute of Psycho-education. In this video, I will fact-check for the husband who refuses to have sex. There are as many reasons for the husband refusing to have sex as reasons for the wife refusing to have sex. They may be tired from work, may not have good sexual functions, may find having sex with the wife boring, may not be sexually attracted to the wife, or may have different sexual preferences. The reasons can be as many as individual's memories of the past and the current situations. However, the fundamental reason comes from the operational mechanism of men's sexuality. That is, men's refusing to have sex is related with their view of sexuality that associates having sex only with sexual pleasure. 

Men's xes habits operate so that men accommodate only new information on sex instead of familiar information on sex. Men feel that new sexual actions and new partners can give them more pleasure, and familiar sexual actions and familiar partners give them less pleasure, with which only physical stimulation and the pleasure of ejaculation are left to be recognized. 

As men get married and some time passes, their passion toward their partner that used to be recognized in the conscious is transformed into the sense of unlimited protection and responsibility as habits in the unconscious. This is considered as men's true love, but it is not recognized in the conscious and men feel that they are not in love with their wives any more. Sexual information related with the wife have become familiar and the husband's love is not recognized in the conscious. Then, the husband feels that having sex with the wife is not fun any more and he cannot recognize passion any more. 

 In addition, many men and women believe that men should lead women in having sex, so both women and men try to accord with men's standards of pleasure and adopt men-centered sexual actions. However, men's sexual functions are designed and optimized to accord with women's body, mind, and sexuality. When men lead women in having sex with their standards of pleasure, it becomes limited and boring sooner or later. Moreover, as men keep having sex in accordance with their own standards of sexual pleasure, negative xes energy affects their body with all sexual information perceived being accumulated in their xesmind and their sexual functions keep declining. This mechanism explains why the husband becomes to refuse to have sex with the wife. 

Problems occur when the wife doesn't understand the operational mechanism of human mind and sexuality and tries to attract the husband sexually. First, the husband may feel sexually attracted by the wife's attempt which may include new sexual information, but it only adds negative xes energy in the husband's xesmind and damages his body and mind including sexual functions. Also, the wife must provide the husband with more and more intense sexual pleasure in accordance with his standards of pleasure since he will adapt himself to the level of current pleasure. As this goes on and on, the couple cannot be satisfied with regular sex and their body, mind, and sexuality are destroyed. 

 Secondly, the husband may feel repulsion against the wife's attempt to attract him sexually since he vaguely feels that the wife is not the object of sexual pleasure but the object of love and protection. Men who view having sex only as a means of getting pleasure may feel higher level of repulsion against the wife's attempt to attract him sexually. Feeling repulsion is better than perceiving the wife as an object of sexual pleasure. When both the husband and the wife perceive each other as objects of sexual pleasure, they end up losing their role as the wife and the husband as well as their role as parents and destroying the whole family. 

It must be clearly understood by both the wife and the husband that the success or the failure of married couples' sexual happiness is in the hands of the wife. Sexuality belongs to women and men are only supporters of women's sexuality. It is not to say that women must lead men in having sex at all. Women taking the lead in having sex with the idea of men-centered sexuality is only another version of having sex in accordance with men's standards of sexual pleasure. Then, men cannot get out of the viewpoint based on their own sexual pleasure no matter how active and how attractive women become in sexual actions. Their sex life cannot but be boring or burdensome. 

The wife becoming the main agent in having sex means that the wife activates her sexuality to affect her body and mind in positive ways and to enjoy her sexual happiness. They must build the right xes habits and must not relate their sexuality with partners or human relationships to be able to do so. That is, they must build true sex ability. When the husband has sex with the wife who has true sex ability, the husband becomes to accord with the wife's standards of sexual pleasure protecting her and enjoying the unlimited sexual pleasure and passion.

It is essential for the wife to build true sex ability for the couple to achieve sexual utopia. However, the wife cannot activate sexuality in the right way when the husband still has his own standards of sexual pleasure pursuing only his own sexual pleasure based on sexual desire. He is not able to accord with the wife in having sex. 

Men also need true sex ability with the right xes habits and the right concept of sexuality. Men's true sex ability is not the ability to apply fancy techniques but the ability to let go of their sexual desire and their own standards of sexual pleasure and comply with women in every aspect in having sex. Then, they can achieve the highest level of love, passion, vitality, and sexual pleasure without damaging their body and mind. Then, their own xes habits become irrelevant since they don't have the standards of sexual pleasure that differentiate new sexual information and familiar one. They can feel pleasure from everything they perceive from the partner. 

When the husband can feel sexual pleasure only with specific environments, partners, or anything, it only indicates that he has no sex ability and it becomes the major reason for the husband's refusing to have sex with the wife. The wife is the only person in this world who can enjoy the most intense sexual pleasure with the husband and share love and happiness together. 


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[SATW] The sense of ownership in sexuality

When the sense of ownership in sex is excessive, various phenomena such as obsession, jealousy, control, and suppression can occur. When the...