[Mother Therapy] Children’s problems caused by parents’ problems


Every parent feels pain and sorrow when their children suffer. Every parent does his or her best to solve problems their children face. In some cases, children’s problems are caused by parents’ problems, but not many parents think they are the ones that makes children experience difficulties. They just try to solve the apparent problems thinking that children’s problems are unrelated with parents themselves.

     Parents may blame themselves or other people for not being able to help children. They may consult professionals for children’s problems. No one, including professionals, seems to understand that many of children’s problems are caused by parents’ problems.

     When parents have psychological problems or disorders, they suffer from their own issues and cannot pay due attention to their children. They may pay attention to children but only in distorted ways.  Then, children cannot but form distorted self-identity and distorted relationships with other people. These children usually seek attention from other people than from their own parents.

     Children who are under the influence of parents who have psychological problems or disorders cannot build healthy habits of healing stress and treating wounds in mimind. These children tend to be neglected or abused by parents and suffer from physical and psychological problems. They can be easily taken advantage of by selfish people and become victims or perpetrators of crimes.

     Some children may rebel against parents and teachers and others may stay compliant and obedient. They end up developing psychological problems either way and keep aggravating problems developing psychological disorders when they become adults. Most parents who suffer from children’s problems are considered to have their own problems, which tend to be quite serious.

     Parents must treat their condition first before addressing their children’s problems. Then, they can adopt Mother Therapy to apply right parenting strategies to help children restore healthy psychology. This way and only this way, both parents and children become happy in a true sense. Please, remember that conventional approaches that directly address children’s problems without taking consideration of parents’ psychological problems and disorders cannot adequately solve any problem at the fundamental level.


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