[Review] Time for getting to know myself

I always blamed my family background and my own inability while I was growing up. 

I suffered from husband infidelity, and my children were neglected due to my unstable and unhealthy psychological condition. My marriage was barely maintained and on the verge of being broken up any moment. 

I began my treatment and learned that my husband became selfish and arrogant and disregarded my ideas and feelings because he had developed a sickness in mind and could not but misjudge everything. I gradually became comfortable learning about the difference between men's mind and women's mind.

The reality kept staying in difficulty, and I sometimes had vindictive mentality in spite of myself. I was dependent on video lectures and blamed myself and others back and forth. Hope was unseen and despair kept me for 2 years. 

Now, I realize how important it is to focus on therapeutic tasks, which I had heard but had not listened. Now, I have transformed my wounds into the void of feelings. I have a comfortable life and make efforts to pursue values of life. 

All humans pursue happiness. Only I myself can make myself happy.  I make efforts to stay at the center of my mind. 

I was once biased to assume and judge my husband based on my false conviction. I was lucky to have a chance to take Mind Training and I am thankful. It guided me to treat wounds, and get up and go in the right direction.

I will keep making efforts to become a happy person. 



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[Mother Therapy] Do parents know what children think and feel?


Most parents think that they know what their children think and feel. Parents are the ones who have seen and shared every single moment of children's growth since birth to the present, so they must know their children very well. However, what they have seen in the children's growth is the manifested phenomena that surfaced based on the operation of children's psychology such as perception, memory, and expression instead of children's mind itself. 

First of all, parents must understand that girls' mind and boys' mind operate differently at the fundamental level. Male's mind operates in boys and female's mind operates in girls regardless of age. The father and the son have the same operation of mind and the mother and the daughter have the same operation of mind. Not knowing this mechanism, many people think the boys resemble their father and daughters resemble their mother. They think that children have somehow inherited their parents' psychological traits by the work of genetics.

Parents are adults, so they are in the phase of self-actualization. They have married and formed a family. On the other hand, children are still in the phase of psychological growth. Children go through a few phases before they become adults and live in the phase of self-actualization. They go through the phase of survival to form the psychology of survival, the phase of adaptation to relationships to form the psychology of adapting to diverse relationships, and the phase of formation of self-identity to form their own thought standards. 

Parents' growth process and children's growth process must be different since everyone has unique environment in the growth period. The operation of mind at the fundamental level is the same for parents and children, but the manifested psychology resulting from different environments are different for each individual. What parents see in children is the manifestation of psychology resulting from the operation of mind in different phases of psychological development, which keeps changing as the grow.      Also, they are completely different from their parents' psychology. 

Then, how many parents could be convinced that they know their children's mind and psychology? They may not even know about their own mind and psychology. Mother Therapy guides mothers to adopt the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology for parenting, and help children form healthy psychology in the process of psychological development. Mothers can treat children's psychology without professional help and help them grow into healthy adults by adopting Mother Therapy. 


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[Infidelity Therapy] The murder of the spouse : A case that could happen to anyone.


[Infidelity Therapy] The husband's delusional jealousy and domestic violence, and the wife's murder of the husband

There was a sad news article that reported a crime case where the wife who had suffered from the husband's delusional jealousy and domestic violence murdered the husband. No case of homicide can be justified under any circumstance. It was such a sad situation that the wife could not get a divorce since she had to take care of children even in the pain of delusional jealousy and domestic violence for a long time. If the wife had treated her condition, and then, the husband had treated delusional jealousy, the murder could have been prevented. They lost all the chances for recovery and faced the fall of life. 

When the husband develops delusional jealousy, which is a type of megalomania, he also develops post traumatic stress and his obsession for the wife and violent behaviors progress. Then, it deteriorates to become intermittent explosive disorder. If the husband had treated post traumatic stress, he would not have developed intermittent explosive disorder. He could also have treated intermittent explosive disorder before it was too late. 

If the wife had truly wanted to take care of children in the right way, she should have asked for help and addressed the issue of domestic violence. It is sad to imagine how painful it would have been to stand domestic violence for such a long time. Just enduring the pain is right neither for the wife nor for children. It was possible to prevent the crime and live as a happy family again, but they lost the chance and the irrecoverable incident happened.

It is sad to imagine how painful it would have been to stand domestic violence for such a long time. and treatment your post traumatic stress is the first thing to do in any case. When your spouse has megalomania or post traumatic stress, you must take all the measures to persuade your spouse to treat the condition to restore happiness. Otherwise, you cannot but live an unhappy and ruined life. This couple didn't treat their conditions, and ended up with one party killing the other. Then, what would happen to children's mind and psychology? 

Such sad incidents are often occurring not far from us. Some people are convinced that such things will never happen to them, and are living the life of unhappiness and destruction. They must think that anything can happen to them as well as to others, and make efforts to treat their conditions and restore happiness in mind. 


[Review] Making the right choice


It would be a long time or a short time depending on how you think. 

I smile thinking that it was a precious time since I still have many years to live happily. 

I don't exactly remember when they disappeared, but headache, stomach upset, dizziness, binge eating, edema, heart palpitations, menstrual cramps disappeared, and I also gained weight as I restored psychological stability. 

I feel grateful again as I enumerate my past chronic symptoms one by one. 

I guess my thought of starting the treatment should count as the beginning of the treatment, and I was lucky to be given an opportunity to take the treatment program. 

I have experienced the remission of negative feelings with the process of big and small wounds being retrieved and filtered. 

I was sometimes filled with emotions without any reason and sometimes drowned in sadness that squeezed my heart. 

All of them have passed. Suffocating pain is not felt any more. 

I thought the pain would never end but it diminished and eventually ended. 

Pain had many different appearances when it came to me. 

Sometimes, I just wanted to give up everything including the treatment in despair.

However, I gathered up all my strength just to keep going with the therapeutic tasks in the swirl of emotions that suffocated me. 

I did my best to deal with wounds in my mind as I did for my life in the past. 

I can make a real smile at me looking into the mirror with real positive feelings. 

I was so thankful to be diagnosed as complete cure. 

I will keep making efforts for my happiness and I thank all the staff at KIP. 

Thank you.

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[Infidelity Therapy] You may be having fun, but your family are being destroyed.


[Infidelity Therapy] The future life of the family the husband in infidelity should know about. 

The husband in infidelity does not think about how his family is being destroyed. He may think that he will not have any problem as far as he is not caught by the wife. He thinks that he is just having a pleasurable life in the condition of addiction to the adulteress's sexual response. However, his family cannot but go through the predetermined process for unhappiness. 

1. The wife who finds out about husband infidelity develops post traumatic stress and intense sexual response toward other men. When she gets attention from other men, she will perceive sexual pleasure as love and show strong sexual response toward men. She will not perceive her husband as her husband, and her children as her children. She becomes an even worse sexual object of many men than the husband's adulteress. 

2. The husband is perceived as the worst father by his children due to infidelity problem. They may develop father's relationship addiction and mother's post traumatic stress when they become adults. That is, they develop psychological problems induced by parents' psychological problems. They may make the resolution in the conscious that they would never live like their parents, but their psychology with stress and wounds operates to follow their parent's examples. Husband infidelity leads all his family members to suffer from the consequence of his psychological disorder. 

3. Husband infidelity makes his family suffer and blame him for many things. He may form relationships with the adulteress and her family and sever the relationship with his own family who have normal psychology. His family may admit his infidelity in some cases, which indicates that other family members' psychology is already operating with problems such as relationship addiction and post traumatic stress. He can continue relationships only with people with psychological disorders. 

4. All of the husband's relationships involve selfish purpose or destruction. Any one who maintains a relationship with the husband is considered to have selfish purposes or destructive intention in the relationship. They may destroy all they have achieved in life due to relationship addiction or get immersed into infidelity more and more with obsession and become perpetrators who present intermittent explosive disorder. 

The future life of the husband is already determined since he has relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder that destroys human relationships. When the wife does not adequately treat her condition of post traumatic stress and protect children to restore happiness, her efforts of any kind will only aggravate the husband's relationship addiction. The husband may argue that he can restore himself anytime he wants but it indicates that he does not have any understanding about his condition and he is unlikely to try to treat his condition. When he realizes his problems and try to treat his condition later, it will take much more effort, time, and expense, since his condition will have deteriorated even further. 



[Mother Therapy] The Problems of Early Sex Education and Precocious Puberty


     These days, children are offered sex education even before they reach school age. Sex education is usually provided as knowledge education and children form their own standards based on sex education. Boys are likely to perceive it as something fun and pleasurable and generate positive moods, and girls are likely to perceive sexual information and generate wounds in mind and negative feelings. Children are likely to develop psychological problems more easily when they are exposed to sex education or any other sexual information. 

     Experience and knowledge form one's own thought standards. When children are exposed to sex education early on, boys generate positive moods and girls generate wounds in mind upon perceiving sexual information. When positive moods and wounds in mind become excessive, psychological problems occur and they cannot grow with healthy body and mind. They may also develop precocious puberty. 

     Knowledge education may have good results when applied for good use but may inflict damage upon people when applied in distorted ways. Early sex education can cause problems by inducing curiosity about sex and the sense of sexual pleasure in boys and girls. Education institutions have good intentions of educating children for prevention of sexual problems, but knowledge education forms thought standards and raises the chance of aggravating psychological problems and developing precocious puberty. 

Precocious puberty applies when children under 10 years old develop secondary sex characters. Girls tend to develop precocious puberty more than boys in general. However, severe cases of precocious puberty are more common in boys. Precocious puberty greatly contributes to aggravating psychological problems since human mind is necessarily connected to sexuality. 

     When precocious puberty develops in children, parents must do their best to manage children's psychological problems adequately. Parents must pay great attention to children and the mother must apply Mother Therapy in daily interactions with children. Mother Therapy provides treatment methods of child psychology and parenting strategies for mother's and children's happiness. 



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[Infidelity Therapy] Infidelity is equivalent to a crime.


     1. The victimized spouse of infidelity suffers from excruciating pain and develops post traumatic stress. Infidelity does not inflict physical damage on the victimized spouse but it inflicts great psychological damage so it is equivalent to a crime.         

     2. Infidelity destroys both one's own and the counterparty's family. It is equivalent to a crime that harms the counterparty's spouse and children. 

     3. When you commit infidelity yourself after suffering from spouse infidelity, it is equivalent to a crime of revenge. 

     4. Infidelity exposes children to various dangers by destroying the family. They may not be able to grow properly under loving care and they are more likely to have diverse problems when they become adults. They may also get involved in infidelity as adults becoming perpetrators in the society. 

     5. Many people glorify infidelity as love, but infidelity has nothing to do with love. Infidelity is caused by relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder, and is repeated for the whole lifetime unless adequately treated. People in infidelity have consciousness disorder that makes them mistake infidelity for love, so they glorify infidelity. It is as if criminals glorify their crimes and entice others to follow them blindly.        

     It is a pity that there are so many people who do not realize that infidelity is equivalent to a crime and mistake it for pleasure, love, and happiness. 

     There are some people who realize that they have done wrong by committing infidelity and try hard to live a righteous life again. We still have hope since at least some people repent and pay for their wrongdoing and make efforts for true love and happiness. 

     The victimized spouses suffer from post traumatic stress and their condition progresses. They must bear in mind that they need to put priority on treating post traumatic stress before anything to protect themselves and their children and restore happiness. 

     When they do not adequately treat their condition, it deteriorates to the point where they commit even more serious crimes than their spouses in infidelity. They start from being victims of infidelity to becoming perpetrators who destroy their own life, their children, and other families. 



[Review] Abnormal sexual desire disappears, and daily life changes.


The most difficult thing I suffered from before treatment was abnormal sexual desire.

I tried hard to come to myself, but it kept exhausting me surging and flaring.

The first change I experienced after starting the treatment was that abnormal sexual desire disappeared. 

I was happy just for that and I am amazed and thankful for every little change.

I try hard not to lose my first intention and I am making efforts everyday.

I smile thinking of the days when I was doing all the things I was not supposed to do. 

I am fighting hard against post traumatic stress that is taking me as a host. 

When I sometimes feel positive and happy, I praise myself for choosing the path of happiness. 


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[Infidelity Therapy] Self-justification of people in infidelity


People in infidelity and people who advocate infidelity have already destroyed their life and make expressions of self-justification. Many people including victimized spouses due to spouse infidelity believe their self-justification and the also destroy their life and live an unhappy life, the worst life, and a ruined life. 

People in infidelity have developed relationship addiction acutely, which is a psychological disorder. It is a disease in mind that destroys human relationships that can be referred to as a terminal cancer in mind. They cannot fathom that they have relationship addiction and cannot but justify themselves. 

There are people who are even worse than people in infidelity. 

First, there are people who encourage infidelity. They encourage infidelity for their own selfish gain. Second, there are people who encourage victimized spouses to destroy their life. They advocate or admire infidelity. Third, there are people who aggravate their own post traumatic stress so that they cannot sense the pain and lead an unhappy life, the worst life, or a ruined life. They may end up committing infidelity themselves advocating infidelity. 

All the people described above destroy human relationships. The following are some typical arguments they use for self-justifications of their behaviors or ideas. 

1. Infidelity is only a fleeting one-time incident that can easily happen. Everyone who think and talk lightly about infidelity is justifying infidelity.

2. Infidelity occurs due to marriage problems. Everyone who attributes infidelity to couple problems, sexual problems, emotional problems, and environments is justifying infidelity. 

3. My infidelity is love and romance, but others' infidelity is just an affair. Everyone who argues that his or her infidelity is different and special since it is love and romance is falsely justifying infidelity. 

4. Infidelity issues can be resolved by solving practical problems. People who argue that infidelity issues can be solved by one's will and effort and it is not some disease are justifying infidelity. 

5. Infidelity issues can be resolved by help of counseling and psychiatric therapies.      

6. You need to know the story of how infidelity happened and proceeded to resolve infidelity issues. People who think and argue that psychology treatment requires knowing what exactly happened in the past are justifying infidelity. 

What do you think? What do people around you think? Infidelity is caused by relationship addiction, which is a severe psychological disorder that can advance to intermittent explosive disorder or hysteria. It is a condition that keeps recurring for the whole life time unless adequately treated. People who advocate and encourage infidelity entice you to get advice from people, solve practical problems such as divorce or lawsuits, take counseling, or develop dependency and obsession on work, hobbies or children. 

The victimizes spouse is having a life crisis due to spouse infidelity. It is simply absurd to justify infidelity under any circumstance. The victimized spouses must treat themselves and protect children. Then, they can give the spouses in infidelity an opportunity to treat their condition. KIP Treatment Program provides adequate treatment for both the spouse in infidelity and the victimized spouse so that they can restore happiness. 


[Infidelity Therapy] The Analysis of Wife Infidelity based on the Adulterer's Condition

Wife infidelity indicates that she has developed attention addiction, which is a severe psychological disorder. The wife gives the adulterer what she has such as her body and mind, her xesmind and sexual pleasure, and her wealth. That is, the wife is useful for the adulterer. 

The adulterer has the psychology of the perpetrator of sexual assault and he destroys the woman's body, mind, sexuality, life, and family. He knows well that women are easier to seduce when they have more wounds, and women may provide sexual pleasure when they are given attention. 

The adulterer may self-justify that he is a good man who consoles and empathizes the woman and the woman has found a new life as a woman, which she has forgotten living only as a wife and mother. 

The adulterer needs and practices techniques of seducing women by giving attention and empathizing. He is likened to a criminal who takes advantage of the woman for sexual pleasure and financial gain. The wife becomes a dumb woman who allows sexual assault by the adulterer and a crazy woman who thinks that she has love and happiness when she is sexually assaulted. 

How and how much the wife's and her husband's life will be destroyed can be analyzed based on the adulterer's condition and situation.

1. The adulterer looks for a wife who does not get attention from her husband.

He tries to make the woman respond well sexuality. He also knows that women with post traumatic stress or many wounds have strong sexual response. 

2. The adulterer thinks that the more women he is involved with, the better. 

He has the sense of superiority and confidence when he has multiple relationships. He thinks that he is better than other men or the woman's husband. He also thinks that he is the winner over other men believing that he has better sexual ability. He may even share or exchange women with other men as objects of sex. 

3. The adulterer has other goals in the relationship. 

On top of taking advantage of the wife sexually, he may try to take things such as wealth, status, reputation, and power from the wife. The structure and level of dependency and the pursuit of values of life as well as how and how much the wife provides for the adulterer in return for sexual pleasure and attention can be analyzed. 

4. The adulterer takes sexual pleasure and does not take any responsibility. 

He self-justifies that he doesn't have to take any responsibility for the wife since she has her family. He thinks that all he has to do is to give her attention and enjoy himself. He likes the fact that he doesn't even have to pay for sex with the wife since she only wants attention and consolation. 

The crisis of marriage, the wife, the husband, and the family can be analyzed based on the above 4 factors. It is impossible for the wife with relationship addiction and the husband with post traumatic stress to resolve the issue of wife infidelity on their own. 

Taking advice, counseling, or coaching, lawsuit, suppression, dependency, obsession for children, work, religion, hobbies, and indulgence may make the condition of both the wife and the husband deteriorate. People who entice you for these measures are taking advantage of you for their own selfish purposes and lead you to destroy your mind and life. 

Making any effort without treating the husband's post traumatic stress may lead to unhappiness and ruin his life. The more you wait before treating post traumatic stress, the more time, effort, and expense you have to spend. 



[Review] Complete Recovery of Sexual Functions


I feel numb upon the diagnosis of complete recovery.

Before treatment, I used to lose my temper easily, and had insomnia and chronic fatigue. 

I was a picky eater and had irritable bowel syndrome. 

I had skin problems,

and always had troubles with people around me. 

I gave my family pain by blaming them for everything. 

I began to change little by little as I took KIP Treatment Program. 

I slept better and ate better. 

My skin looked and felt better. 

These days, I keep smiling even when my wife gets angry at me.

I am composed and my wife looks so adorable to me. 

She is the only one for me. 

I have learned what is precious in life and how I have to live. 

I first started treatment just to improve my sexual functions, which I recovered, of course.

I learned something much bigger. 

If I had continued to live without treating my condition,

I don't even want to think about it. 

Thank you so much. 

I think I can live happily from now on. 


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[On Human Mind] It is dangerous to be sick but not to be able to recognize it.


For normal people, emotions fluctuate between ㊀10 and ㊉10 in a metaphorical sense. When you feel ㊀ emotions, you can recover to ㊉ emotions by making efforts on your own. However, when you neglect emotions of ㊀10, your condition deteriorate to lower than ㊀10. You may develop psychological problems and go between ㊀100 and ㊉100 from then. 

When psychological problems occur, it is hard to recover only by your own effort and you may need help from psychological or psychiatric treatment. When you neglect the condition further, your condition deteriorates further. You may develop psychological disorders and go between ㊀1000 and ㊉1000 from then. 

As negative emotions advance to a lower level, positive emotions also advance to a higher level. When you fall from ㊉10 to ㊀10, you feel the pain of ㊀20. When you fall from ㊉100 to ㊀100, you feel the pain of ㊀200. When you fall from ㊉1,000 to ㊀1,000, you feel the pain of ㊀2,000. When you fall from ㊉10,000 to ㊀10,000, you feel the pain of ㊀10,000. 

Even healthy psychology of a normal people does not stay only at the same level of 0 all the time. Human psychology is designed to fluctuate between ㊉ and ㊀ to some degree. Human experience emotions of joy, sorrow, anger, and pleasure going between ㊉ and ㊀. When your psychology develops problems or disorders, the range of fluctuation becomes bigger. 

When you are in ㊉ state of emotions, you feel comfort and pleasure, but you cannot help falling to as negative level as the size of the positive level and sensing the pain of the size of the fall. The range grows more and more as the condition advances. It is when you feel comfort and pleasure that is really dangerous since you don't even realize that you are sick and you are about to fall in a short time. 

When you focus on making people feel better temporarily in the conscious for psychology treatment, treatment seems to be quite an easy task, but it is quite dangerous at the fundamental level. Then, psychology treatment plays the role of aggravating psychological condition.

Therapies adopting theories of psychology, psychiatry, and the Theory of Mimind must be differentiated and applied in the right way. The degree of suffering and the time period of experiencing psychological problems must be considered to determine which method to adopt.


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[Infidelity Therapy] The analysis of the husband's infidelity based on the condition of the adulteress


When the husband commits infidelity and develops relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder in the form of response addiction, it indicates that the husband has something to give and provide for the adulteress. That is, it indicates that the adulteress finds that the husband is useful in some way. 

The adulteress tries to obtain what she wants from the husband in an easy way when she cannot meet a man like the husband and obtain what she wants in a normal and legitimate way.

The adulteress may try very hard to train herself for techniques of sexual response in order to seduce men easily. It is likened to training for techniques of crimes. As their techniques of sexual response develop more and more, they commit more and more serious social crimes. 

The diagnosis and prognosis of the husband's relationship addiction can be made based on the adulteress' psychological condition and practical situation. We can predict how much damage will be inflicted on the husband's life and how the life of the victimized wife is likely to progress. 

1. Is she married?

What kind of purpose the adulteress has in the relationship with the husband can be analyzed depending on the adulteress' marital status such as never married, married, divorced, remarried, or bereaved. There are also subcategories such as separation, long-distance couple, empty shell marriage. The adulteress' purposes may include attention and love from men, sexual pleasure, financial gain, or the rise of social status. 

2. Does she have post traumatic stress?

The adulteress may have suffered from post traumatic stress due to husband infidelity, sudden bereavement, sexual assault, accidents, or physical illness. The adulteress' post traumatic stress is related with the level of her sexual response. The severity of her post traumatic stress determined by the duration of the condition is also a crucial factor in analyzing the husband's severity of relationship addiction.

3. Does she have children?

The structure of the adulteress' relationships with people can be analyzed depending on whether she has her own children or not. It is a contributing factor in analyzing the structure of the relationship between the adulteress and the husband, thereby predicting how much damage may be inflicted on the husband's life due to infidelity. 

4. How long has she had relationship addiction?

The adulteress at an early stage of relationship addiction wants to get attention and love from men. The adulteress with more experience of infidelity dreams of getting married with the man and live happily. The adulteress with even more experience of infidelity has the purpose of financial gain in the relationship with men. The adulteress at the most advanced stage has the purpose of taking and destroying everything the husband has including his money, family, career, reputation, and even life. 

5. Is she in a business relationship with the husband?

How and how much the husband's pursuit of values of life is distorted can be determined by analyzing the formal relationship between the adulteress and the husband. She could be a colleague at work, a business partner, a customer or a client, or a boss or a subordinate. How to end the relationship of infidelity can be determined by analyzing the formal relationship with the adulteress.

Analyzing the above 5 factors about the condition of the adulteress leads to diagnosis and prognosis of marriage crisis, family crisis, and life crisis of the husband. It is impossible for the husband with relationship addiction and the wife with post traumatic stress to solve psychological and practical problems on their own since they cannot analyze the fundamental mechanism of the phenomenon.

Especially, all the practical measures the victimized wife take to resolve the issue of husband infidelity including counseling, coaching, lawsuits, divorce, suppression, dependency, and pleasure seeking only leads to the aggravation of the situation. People who encourage the wife to take all such measures are taking advantage of the wife for their own selfish purposes. 

When the victimized wife make efforts to solve the problem without treating post traumatic stress, she will end up destroying her life and family and live an unhappy and ruined life. It will take much more time, effort, and expense when she finally realizes her mistake and decides to treat her condition after a considerable time passes. 

The wife may feel jealous of the adulteress and lose confidence on herself since the adulteress seems to get all the attention and love from the husband. However, the adulteress is only responding sexually to the husband in the condition of attention addiction. The adulteress cannot generate happiness on her own and mistakes taking others' happiness for her own happiness. 

The wife is the only person who can build happiness for herself and children after treating post traumatic stress, and can give the husband an opportunity to treat relationship addiction. When the wife does not treat post traumatic stress and aggravates her condition, she also becomes an adulteress who destroys her life and the life of others since post traumatic stress is the basis of relationship addiction. What path of life would you choose?


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[Infidelity Therapy] The husband's responses when the wife sues the adulteress

There are some cases where the victimized wife sues the adulteress without treating her post traumatic stress. Many types of critical situations may occur in marriage relationships when the wife sues the adulteress. Not many people understand that filing a lawsuit against the adulteress without proper preparation is likely to aggravate the wife's psychological condition and the husband's relationship addiction.

Responses of the husband who has committed infidelity when the wife sues the adulteress can be categorized into 7 different types. 

1. The husband begs the wife for forgiveness and helps the wife with the lawsuit.

   1) He is not satisfied with the adulteress' sexual response or feels burdened by the relationship. He takes it as a chance to reassure the wife and break up with the adulteress. 

   2) He has been suffering from conflicts with the adulteress. He takes it as a chance to reassure the wife and avoid the adulteress. 

   ※ As a result, the husband takes it as a chance to break up with the adulteress and find a new adulteress.

2. The husband gives the adulteress more gifts and attention.

  1) A financially affluent husband may reinforce the adulteress's sexual response by giving her more of what she wants not to break up with the adulteress even when she is sued by the wife. 

   2) He may stop supporting the wife and children financially to stop her from bothering the adulteress. 

   3) He may support the adulteress for the expense of lawsuit and alimony and help the adulteress to win the lawsuit by informing her of the wife's weaknesses. 

   ※ As a result, the wife's lawsuit only leads the husband to pay more attention to the adulteress. 

3. The husband demands a divorce, leaves home, and cuts off all communication with the wife. 

    1) He is extremely stressed from the wife's lawsuit against the adulteress and leaves family who interfere with his pleasure seeking. 

  2) The adulteress encourages the husband to leave the family and the husband is convinced that he cannot break up with the adulteress. 

   3) He may want to continue infidelity with the current adulteress or find a new adulteress. 

   ※ As a result, the lawsuit makes the husband and the adulteress even closer to each other and the husband is convinced that the wife is the one who made him have an affair. 

4. The husband reassures both the wife and the adulteress.

    1) He reassures the wife and children and treats them well. He also reassures the adulteress and treats her well. He keeps both marriage and infidelity. 

   2) He is active in the sexual relationship both with the wife and with the adulteress seeking sexual response from both women. 

   ※ As a result, the wife becomes an adulteress and justifies the husband's infidelity. Now, he has two adulteresses. 

5. The husband demands the wife to withdraw the lawsuit against the adulteress. 

   1) He tries to reassure the wife and treats the wife well. He is actually trying to get rid of stress coming from the adulteress due to the lawsuit.

   2) He thinks that the adulteress should not be stressed from the lawsuit since he wants infidelity to continue or be resumed. 

   3) He may try to get rid of proof of infidelity the wife has and stop her from continuing with the lawsuit. 

   ※ As a result, he continues or repeats infidelity and does his best to protect the adulteress. 

6. The husband adopts violent behaviors and blames the wife for his infidelity. 

   1) He is stressed from the adulteress not responding sexually since she is being sued   by the wife. He blames the wife for all the problems. 

    2) He tries to block all of the wife's actions against his infidelity at source.

    3) He may encourage the wife to have sex with another man and attack the wife for the behavior. 

   ※ As a result, the husband justifies his infidelity blaming the wife for everything. 

7. The husband suffers from the pain of breaking up with the adulteress. 

   1) He finds out that the adulteress is getting attention from another man and responses sexually. 

   2) He is attacked by the husband of the adulteress after being caught.

   3) He has broken up with the adulteress since he wants to keep marriage, but he suffers from pain and depression due to the loss of the adulteress's sexual response.    

     ※ As a result, the wife tries to be compensated for her pain and loss, and the husband misses the adulteress.      

Please, treat post traumatic stress before you file a lawsuit against the adulteress. The lawsuit must wait until the wife treats post traumatic stress and gives the husband an opportunity to treat relationship addiction to be proceeded as the wife wants.



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[Life Crisis] Interaction between economic class and psychological class


Economic class can be divided roughly into 3 categories : upper class, middle class, and lower class. Psychological class can also be divided roughly into 3 categories : psychology of leaders, psychology of self-actualization, and psychology of survival. One's life is determined as a happy life, an unhappy life, the worst life, and a ruined life by the psychological class adopted for each economic class. Understanding the relationship between economic class and psychological class will lead you to pursue happiness in a more adequate way for yourself and your family. 

People with psychology of leaders pursue happiness through helping people with psychology of self-actualization and psychology of survival to pursue happiness. People with psychology of self-actualization pursue happiness of self-actualization with meanings and values. People with psychology of survival pursue the satisfaction of basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. The relationship between economic class and psychological class are as follows. 

     1. Life of economically upper class with psychology of leaders

They use their wealth to help people with psychology of self-actualization and survival to pursue happiness and are respected by others.

     2. Life of economically upper class with psychology of self-actualization

They have strong desire for wealth and use their wealth for their own satisfaction and pleasure through consumption and self-display. 

     3. Life of economically upper class with psychology of survival

They have strong desire for basic necessities and pursue their own satisfaction and pleasure through consumption and self-display. 

     4. Life of economically middle class with psychology of leaders

They use their wealth to help people through donation and voluntary work and are respected by others. 

     5. Life of economically middle class with psychology of self-actualization

They have strong desire for wealth and try hard to become upper class. They use their wealth for their own satisfaction and pleasure through consumption and self-display. 

     6. Life of economically middle class with psychology of survival

They have strong desire for basic necessities and use their wealth for their own satisfaction and pleasure through consumption and self-display. 

     7. Life of economically lower class with psychology of leaders

They try hard to stabilize their condition for survival and do their best to share what they have through donation and voluntary work. They are respected by others. 

     8. Life of economically lower class with psychology of self-actualization

They try hard to stabilize their condition for survival and have strong desire for wealth. They try hard to become middle class or upper class. 

     9. Life of economically lower class with psychology of survival

They try hard for survival but have no desire for wealth. They are satisfied with the stabilized condition for survival.

     You can make reference to the above categorization to analyze your current situation and decide what to do to achieve your happiness and your family's happiness. 


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