[Mother Therapy] Why parents' psychological problems must not be neglected.


Children have the right to be protected by parents physically and psychologically and grow with healthy body and mind. When parents develop psychological problems, children cannot be protected and reared for healthy growth and they lose the right of children. Not only are they neglected, but also do they develop psychological problems passed down from their parents. 

When parents do not solve their own psychological problems and neglect them, their children lose the opportunity to grow with healthy body and mind, and they end up experiencing difficulties as adults. Many people believe that children are responsible for their own problems, but parents are the ones who are responsible for making children grow with psychological problems. If parents have psychological problems, they must hurry to solve them and treat their condition to be able to protect children and provide safe and nurturing environments for children. Otherwise, both parents and children end up living unhappy lives. 


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[Infidelity Therapy] Never believe speech and actions of people in infidelity


You must never believe speech and actions of people in infidelity since they are in the condition of psychological disorders. Your spouse in infidelity may ask for forgiveness and promise he or she will never commit infidelity again. They mean what they say at the moment of their saying it. However, they say and act only in the way that pleases them as soon as they are in a different situation. They say whatever they say and do whatever they do in order to avoid stress and wounds at the moment.

It doesn't mean that people in infidelity are mean and shameless. They cannot but say and act differently in different situations since they have developed both perception disorder and expression disorder. They destroy precious human relationships by absurd and irrational speech and actions without realizing what they are doing being affected by their consciousness disorder. Their spouses develop post traumatic stress and suffer from the pain of death. 

Recognizing pain and difficulties due to post traumatic stress indicates that they have not developed psychological disorders yet. However, as they feel comfortable temporarily every time they express their wounds and wounds grow in the process, their post traumatic stress gets aggravated and they begin to destroy human relationships. This mechanism explains why you must stop expressing wounds and take up treatment in the right way when you suffer from post traumatic stress. 

It is absolutely natural that people who have developed post traumatic stress recognize excruciating pain. It is abnormal that they should not feel pain when their happiness and whole life are on the verge of collapse at one blow. Post traumatic stress deteriorates when they pay attention to speech and actions of the spouse in infidelity and try to believe or understand them. People in infidelity have developed relationship addiction, which is an advanced condition of psychological disorder. Paying attention to them and trying to understand them lead you to also develop a psychological disorder. 

The more you express wounds based on post traumatic stress to the spouse in infidelity, the more absurd and irrational speech and actions your spouse will also make to get out of the stressful situation. Then, you will become to pay attention to, try to understand, and even believe them entering the vicious cycle and aggravating psychological conditions of both parties. As time passes without treating post traumatic stress in the right way, post traumatic stress keeps deteriorating no matter what you do to get out of it. 

Expressing wounds and feeling more and more comfortable indicates that your mind has already been destroyed and you are destroying precious relationships. When your condition deteriorates even further, you may feel pleasure instead of pain. Then, you may end up living a worse life than people in infidelity destroying yourself and people around you. 

When spouse infidelity occurs, you must treat post traumatic stress and get out of pain in a true sense instead of pressing your spouse into begging for forgiveness and promising faithfulness. After all, speech and actions of people in infidelity are not to be trusted. You know deep inside yourself that they are not to be trusted, but you are just trying to become comfortable by seeing and hearing what you want to see and hear. Please, remember that all your attempts to get out of pain without treating post traumatic stress in the right way only leads to a tragic ending for everyone involved.


[Review] Going all the way for my happiness

I was in such pain and I had attacks of panic and convulsion. The symptoms got worse and worse and pain made me want to die. Still, I desperately wanted to recover at the same time. I actually doubted about the effect of KIP Treatment Program but I began the program feeling as if I were clutching at straws.

I felt my condition was improving little by little as I proceeded with the treatment. I thought, 'Yes, this is it.' I had paid too much for not knowing. I understood and realized one by one through Mind Training, and solved problems one by one. I recognized I was recovering physically and mentally. It was the best choice I have ever made in my life, and I have no regret whatsoever. I will make effort until complete cure and I will go all the way for my happiness. 


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[Review] A new opportunity


I was too weak to deal with stress and wounds. I couldn't understand my partner's words and behaviors and we fought a lot. I was convinced that he was to blame for everything. I also blamed myself sometimes and felt hurt having no clue on what to do. Then, I became dependent and repeated the whole process over and over again. It was so hard to go on just like that and I desperately wanted to change. 

I started Mind Training and repeated feeling comfortable and then feeling hurt. I just assumed that I was getting better and got used to staying in comfort. As usual, stress would come back without warning. Then, I had to get myself immersed into something to stabilize myself and come back to daily life.

It seemed that my treatment somehow stopped progressing and I began to look for something else, which always made me feel pain again. I thought, 'How come I can't go on with the treatment?' I had a consultation when I was feeling disappointed about my progress. Mr. Kim gave me feedback and reminded me of what I had to do.

I kept reminding myself of what he said. I could see myself trying to make into practice what I had to do and changing little by little. I think I understand now what he meant when he said that we have 3 chances in our life. I am looking forward to seeing myself happy after finishing Mind Training.

All the days I have lived…. I am grateful for all the days of pain, suffering, anger as well as love, joy, and happiness since I could not have had the opportunity for treatment without them. 

I can deal with stress much better now and stabilize myself soon. I also have confidence for pursuing values of life and make my ideas into practice. I look forward to seeing myself completely cured. I will do my best to show my children that their mother can become a healthy and happy person. 


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[Infidelity Therapy] Men who miss the ex-wife after getting married to the adulteress


Men miss their ex-wife after getting married to the adulteress when they have difficulty in the current marriage life. They also feel they miss their ex-wife when the current wife who used to be their adulteress does not give them as much as responses as they want, they are caught cheating on the current wife, or when they think that their ex-wife was better than the current wife many ways. 

It is not uncommon for men to commit infidelity with their ex-wife after getting married to the adulteress. Then, the current wife and the ex-wife develop an advanced form of psychological disorder and hysteria. Some men get a divorce again and remarry the ex-wife. Then, the husband, the ex-wife, and the adulteress cannot but live a destructive life with an advanced psychological disorder and collapse sooner or later. The saddest situation is where children suffer a lot and they also end up living an unhappy or a destructive life. 

All these phenomena result from the deterioration of psychological conditions of people involved. Things only get worse when the husband does not treat his relationship addiction. Men with relationship addiction may try to destroy marriage relationship whenever the wife does not give them responses they want. 

When men or women who develop relationship addiction or post traumatic stress during the first marriage and get a divorce without treating their condition, they necessarily end up jeopardizing their life after the divorce whether they get remarried or not. They may pursue only momentary pleasure day by day whether they get a divorce or remarry.

You must treat relationship addiction and post traumatic stress whether you are thinking about getting a divorce, in the process of getting a divorce, or have already got a divorce. Also, a right and effective treatment method must involve the self-treatment method that is based on the accurate operational mechanism and can properly change habits of psychological operation. You and your children can live a happy life only when you treat your psychological condition in the right way.

On the other hand, when you get a divorce without treating relationship addiction and post traumatic stress, problems of habits of psychological operation deteriorate and become to pursue only pleasure including sexual pleasure or to be taken advantage of by people who have selfish purposes. Then, you become to destroy not only your own life but also lives of people around you including your own children's lives. 

Feeling comfortable now does not indicate that your condition has been treated and stabilized. Feeling comfortable when you have developed relationship addiction and post traumatic stress indicates that your condition has deteriorated. Also, feeling the sense of confidence along with relationship addiction and post traumatic stress indicates that your condition has deteriorated a lot. 



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[Mother Therapy] Children with self-respect for parents with self-respect


     You as parents may try to build the sense of self-respect in your children. However, it is hard for children develop the sense of self-respect when parents don't have self-respect. To be able to have the sense of self-respect, you must be able to put your own emotions at the center. It doesn't mean that you will do anything as you want. It is more like admitting yourself as well as others. Then, you can interact with people comfortably respecting each other's point of view. That is, you have the composure to be able to listen to other people. 

     When parents have the sense of self-respect, they can interact with children comfortably listening to their children's point of view and sharing thoughts and feelings. Also, parents with the sense of self-respect will not force their own ideas and ways of doing things. They can interact with mutual understanding, which in turn develops the sense of self-respect in children. 

     Parents who don't have the sense of self-respect may not listen to their children and force their ideas, which is a form of repression of children. Children who are repressed by their parents cannot develop the sense of self-respect or the sense of confidence. Parents who repress children have not the sense of self-respect but a lot of confidence. Children who cannot develop the sense of self-respect do not harm other people at least, but parents who have only confidence without self-respect inflict damage on other people. They will only try to make children and all other people comply with their own way of thinking and doing. 

     The sense of self-respect is based on feelings in mimnd, and the sense of confidence is based on moods in mimind. When parents apply moods instead of feelings activating only the sense of confidence, parenting becomes inconsistent depending on the moment's moods causing children develop confusion and psychological instability. It is crucial for parents to accurately understand the difference between self-respect and confidence and analyze their own psychological condition. 


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[Review] One more step to complete cure


     I wandered about a lot because I didn't understand the mechanism of human mind and psychology. I mostly blamed other people. I often became lethargic growing my wounds and not being able to treat them. I think I had quite a serious condition of depression even though I didn't check with the psychiatric department. 

     I was afraid of wounds and I didn't know what to do. I had fear of wounds being retrieved inside me and I just became lethargic. I still have difficulties when I feel pain and wounds, but I know that wounds are coal that is burned to generate the flame of happiness and that I can endure. 

     I have recently realized something. It is that I can treat myself when I accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. This is what I have been listening over and over again for almost 3 years, but somehow the truth of the proposition touches the bottom of my heart now. I think that I can gather up my will and courage. I thank Mr. Kim for guiding me in the right direction.


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[Infidelity Therapy] Should we just get a divorce? We don't even have children.


     A couple may admit that they don't love each other any more and decide on a divorce easily since they don't have children. However, whether they have children or not is a less important matter. It is absolutely reasonable to decide on a divorce when a couple do not share a mutual goal in life by staying together and choose to pursue individual happiness separately. However, there are important points to consider when you get a divorce even if you don't have children.  

     Both parties are likely to live an unhappy life when they get a divorce due to infidelity issues or other conflicts without analyzing the fundamental cause or mechanism of their conflicts. They must ask themselves why they have lost love and what they can do to restore happy marriage. Especially, when a divorce is caused by spouse infidelity, the victimized spouse has to live with post traumatic stress and the spouse in infidelity has to live with relationship addiction. Their psychological condition may lead them to destroy themselves and people around them. 

     They can live a happy life after getting a divorce only when they treat their psychological condition of post traumatic stress and relationship addiction. Otherwise, it is almost certain that they will lose the ability to solve problems of life and keep destroying their life. It is irresponsible to just get a divorce and go separate ways without making efforts to restore marriage relationship. Eventually, getting a divorce will cause both parties to live an unhappy life. 

     It is not to say that a married couple cannot or should not get a divorce. Marriage relationship is a relationship where both the husband and the wife have the right and responsibility toward each other. When they cannot generate and maintain love and happiness for each other, they have the right to get a divorce and pursue individual happiness. However, they must make efforts to take responsibility and restore marriage relationship to be able to live happily even after they get a divorce. 

     You must proceed for a divorce in the same way whether you have children or not. It is important to make efforts in the right way regardless of the nature of the problems and conflicts. Building the ability to live happily by restoring healthy psychology is more important than whether to get a divorce or not. 



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[Mother Therapy] Children's psychology is determined by the primary caregiver's condition.


There are many families in which both the mother and the father take care of children. Still, there is usually the primary care giver, and the influence of the mother and the father are different. Women tend to affect children's psychology by activating feelings, but men tend to affect children's psychology by activating moods. 

When the primary care giver is the mother, children are affected by the mother's psychological condition the most. When the mother has feelings of happiness, children can grow with healthy and stable psychology. When the mother has psychological problems, children's psychology also becomes unstable. 

When the mother has unstable psychology, the mother gets irritable easily and expresses negative emotions toward children randomly. Then, children naturally feel insecure and unstable. Children may also be neglected or attacked by the mother and the mother's wounds in mimind are shared and transferred to children, developing psychological problems in children. The mother's feelings are continuously activated to affect children either in a positive or a negative way. 

On the other hand, when the father is the primary care giver, he activates moods instead of feelings. When the father is in a good mood, everything is just fine. However, when he is in a negative mood, everything can go wrong. That is, the fathers' child rearing is likely to be based on the father's ever changing moods and to lack consistency. 

Then, children may form the psychology based on moods being affected by the father. Boys may become overly sensitive to their moods and girls may not be able to form feelings. Both boys and girls may become overly reactive to even small stress and easily get into conflicts in relationships with other people. 

Children's psychology is determined by the primary care giver's psychological condition. The mother's parenting is usually based on feelings and the father's parenting on moods. 

Mothers and fathers can learn about the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology and adopt the right parenting strategies through Mother Therapy and Father Therapy. They can learn how to complement their own limitations and help children grow with healthy and stable psychology. They can achieve mother's happiness, father's happiness, as well as children's happiness. 


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[Infidelity Therapy] The spouse in infidelity who demands a divorce

The most foolish person is the one who demands getting a divorce after he or she is caught cheating on the spouse. The next foolish person is the one who gives up on the possibility of restoring marriage and gets a divorce when the spouse in infidelity demands getting a divorce. There are so many couples who get a divorce in this way. Committing infidelity is to discard and give up on happiness. Getting a divorce upon the discovery of infidelity is also to discard the opportunity to live happily all together.

People who have relationship addiction, intermittent explosive disorder, or hysteria justify themselves believing that they can live happily only when they get a divorce whenever they have conflicts with the spouse. They destroy all human relationships throughout their life. They destroy not only marriage relationship but also relationships with their own children and other close people. Then, they only form and maintain abnormal relationships.           

They pursue pleasure with people who have problems in habits of psychology as they do. They feel happier as the counterparty is destroyed and enjoy having fun together in distorted ways. People with normal psychology think that they are the worst kind of people, but they themselves are convinced that they are the best kind of people. 

When they are caught cheating on their spouse and get stressed, they immediately want to get a divorce since they cannot stand the situation. They want a divorce more and more when their psychological condition deteriorates. As relationship addiction deteriorates, their relationships, business, reputation, and wealth are destroyed. They go straight to destroying everything they have without even realizing what they are doing. 

The victimized spouses of spouse infidelity suffer from post traumatic stress. They suffer since they want to restore marriage and protect family. The only person who has the ability to protect family and children and lead the spouse in infidelity to recovery is the wife or the husband who is suffering from post traumatic stress. 

People who have milder conditions of relationship addiction tend to avoid or block stress instead of demanding getting a divorce. They may leave home when they cannot stand stress. When relationship addiction advances and they cannot stand stress, they may begin to demand getting a divorce and destroy themselves and other people. 

Spouses in post traumatic stress and their children are necessarily taken advantage of by other selfish people. People in infidelity throw away their spouses and children to be preyed on by other people to be able to live a pleasurable life. They also throw away their opportunity to recover. Thus, they become the most foolish people. 

People who do not treat their post traumatic stress are also foolish people. When they get a divorce without treating post traumatic stress, they become to be taken advantage of by selfish people. They may mistake being taken advantage of by other people for being happy. They may end up living a worse life than people in infidelity. 

If your spouse in infidelity demands getting a divorce, you don't even have to get angry about it. Your spouse in infidelity is announcing that he or she wants to destroy their own life. The spouse who is suffering from post traumatic stress is the only person who can save the spouse in infidelity and family by taking KIP Treatment Program. When you restore happiness by treating post traumatic stress, you will realize that how nonsensical your spouse's demand for a divorce is. Please, remember that happiness of yourself and your children is in your own hands not in the hands of the spouse in infidelity. 



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[Review] Walking on the road to happiness

I was utterly shocked at the accidental finding and I suffered from excruciating pain. I was looking for solutions and Mr. Kim's saying hit me hard. He said that post traumatic stress deteriorated unless properly treated.  I would destroy myself and my family in my own hands.  I had to treat myself and restore happiness to protect children. Then, I could give my wife an opportunity to treat herself.  

I concluded that I needed treatment after watching hundreds of videos. I remember crying so much when I was writing my first review after 16 weeks of treatment.  I had less and less pain and my body felt healthier.  I was crying the tear of gratitude for guiding me in the right direction.  It was also the tear for my choosing the right treatment and making efforts. 

I felt some qualitative change through a consultation in the 56th week of treatment.  My treatment is divided into one before the consultation and one after the consultation. Before the consultation, I restored my body and mind.  However, I felt the fuzziness like knowing one moment and not knowing the next. I still have thirst left.  

I could see clearly after 1 hour of consultation. I could see what I wanted in my life. Now, I have a stronger will and I am working hard for recovery. I would recommend the consultation to all men who are taking the treatment.   

I am in the 64th week of treatment now. I am writing the second review.  The memory of suffering is only vague now. I feel that everything is fine.  I can start the day with vitality. I work with passion and go to bed feeling happy.  This sense of power, those who have it will know what it is like. 

I have not achieved complete cure yet. I know I still have problems left to be treated. So I am making efforts. I could not even imagine myself I see today when I first started the program.  I am on the road to happiness now. I am sure that I will reach the land of happiness in the end. 


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[Infidelity Therapy] Your own life is more important than your spouse.


When spouse infidelity is discovered, the victimized spouses would do everything within their capability to make the spouse in infidelity come back to them. They pay all their attention to their spouse in infidelity and firmly believe that everything will be OK when their spouse just comes back to them. 

Differently from what many people think, post traumatic stress of the victimized spouse does not disappear just because the spouse in infidelity comes back. Paying attention to the spouse in infidelity is like a severely injured victim just chases the perpetrator without treating his or her wounds. 

Your own life is more important than the spouse in infidelity. You met the spouse, got married, had children, and lived happily. All the happy days cannot be denied just because the couple experienced spouse infidelity. 

Meeting the spouse, getting married, having children, getting a divorce, and getting remarried are all parts of your life. Your getting married to the present spouse and living together for years and years does not mean that your whole life must be dependent on your spouse. When your life has problems and you become unhealthy, your children's life will also have problems. All your relationships with other people will become unhealthy. 

It is the most important to restore your life and become happy again. Then, you can lead your children to happiness and give your spouse an opportunity to treat him or herself. That is, you yourself must become happy first to make others around you happy.

Especially, it is parent's duty to make children happy. Thinking that you will become happy when your children do as you want is likened to demanding children to make you happy. Then, of course, children become unhappy. Parents have the duty and responsibility but not the right in the relationship with children. Parents become happy when children are happy. 

You must do everything to treat post traumatic stress and restore your life and happiness even though it is hard and painful. Your life and your children's life are at stake. All the decisions you make without treating post traumatic stress cannot but destroy your life and children's life. You cannot afford to pay attention to the spouse in infidelity now.          

You may not understand exactly what is going on now, but absurd situations will continuously occur and you will be the cause of the absurdity in most cases. The result will be the destruction of your life and your children's life. There are so many people who regret their own decisions that are irrecoverable. 

 As you start to treat post traumatic stress, pain and rage subsides fast and you will realize how dangerous situation you and your children were in. You will also realize how effective KIP Treatment Program is. Please, don't hesitate to start the treatment for your own life and your children's life.



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[Mother Therapy] How to communicate well with children.


     Many parents are concerned that they cannot communicate well with children as they grow. First, you may want to review how you are communicating with children. 

“It's time to go to school. Hurry up!” “Let's eat dinner.” 

     You may communicate with children for daily matters. Except for that, your communication style is likely to be unilateral, asking questions about school and grades. 

     Many parents do not know well about what their children like or how they get along with friends these days. They would just say, “My child likes playing computer games.” But, they usually don't know exactly what games they like. 

     When parents simply ask questions about this and that disregarding children's thoughts and feelings, children may feel burdened and uncomfortable about the conversation itself. Especially, when parents talk about an issue with negative emotions, communication between parents and children becomes really hard. This mechanism applies to all relationships. No one likes being talked by someone who communicates unilaterally with negative emotions. 

     Children's psychology as well as their body keeps growing. Communication style must change according to the child's phases of psychological development. Children in the phase of formation of self-identity must be talked to differently from children in the phase of adaptation to relationships. Otherwise, children may think that their parents are difficult to talk with and they may begin to avoid interacting with parents. 

     If you want to improve communication with your children, you must check for whether your communication style is reciprocal, whether you talk with negative or positive emotions, and whether you consider the phase of the child's psychological development. 

     You can easily recover your communication with your children when you make efforts in the right way by adopting Mother Therapy. You will be talking with your children about everything and then, you can easily prevent and address diverse problems children may go through in the growth process. 


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[Review] Composure and happiness


I feel composed since I let go of the obsession for treatment. I was surprised that I felt calm and happy listening to my favorite music for the first time after I suffered from post traumatic stress. I was in the 17th week of treatment.

Then, in the 22nd week of treatment, I experienced that I had an open mind while I was talking with my daughter. Words of pray just came out of my mouth, and I could even read books comfortably. I felt that I was finally resting after flying for miles and miles. 

I could smile in a stressful situation. My daughter praised me for keeping calm in such a situation. It felt like another me was looking over all three of us from above. It was like my unconscious directed by speech and behaviors in certain ways. I could listen to my daughter talking about her problems with a smile. 

My condition improved at a fast rate after I had a consultation session. I barely understood the contents of the forum before, but these days I feel that I may be able to ask questions in the forum. I don't think negatively about other people. I just see what I see and I feel comfortable in most situations. 

I may be making arbitrary interpretation, but it is for sure that I can interpret many things using the operational mechanism of mind and psychology. I still have moments of doubts and anxiety that attack me like a stroke when wounds are retrieved by some triggers. However, I can get out of them in a few minutes. I can always resume therapeutic tasks to regain calmness and happiness. 

I am proud of myself. 


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[Infidelity Therapy] What you will lose to get temporary comfort.


[Infidelity Therapy] The victimized spouse who destroys everyone's life in an attempt to gain comfort. 

     Infidelity does not occur due to couple issues, sexual issues, or any other practical problem. It occurs due to relationship addiction, which is an advanced condition of psychological disorder and causes immersion into the other's response or attention.           

     People in infidelity behaves in the way they destroy relationships with people who give stress regarding their infidelity. They may cat irrationally, become violent, or avoid stressful situations at all costs. People in infidelity will display all kinds of behaviors. They may leave home without contact, beg for forgiveness, use violent language, blame other family members, and so on. 

      The victimized spouses of spouse infidelity suffer from difficult situations repeatedly and they also start to destroy themselves and other people. They did not commit infidelity but their post traumatic stress makes them act irrationally, become violent, and avoid stressful situations at all costs.

     Where would what you do and think now lead you eventually?

     Can you solve all the problems of your spouse in infidelity?

     Can you stop being destructive and restore happiness?

     They want to get out of the unfortunate situation and become happy. However, their condition of post traumatic stress makes all their efforts result in destruction. Any practical measure they take except the measure to treat their condition in the right way will destroy themselves and their children. It is because people in post traumatic stress misunderstand that they will become comfortable and happy when they solve the visible problems and usually make wrong decisions.

     Then, efforts made based on post traumatic stress become efforts to destroy themselves and their family just to feel comfortable temporarily. They end up living for pleasure avoiding stress and wounds. Their children are neglected and grow with unhealthy psychology. So many people ask what to do when this and that happen in the situation where spouse infidelity is discovered. This is equivalent to asking what to do to destroy themselves and their family. 

     Spouse infidelity cannot be solved by taking any practical measures. All problems that occur due to spouse infidelity can be solved only when the spouse in infidelity decides and make efforts to treat the relationship addiction. The same applies to post traumatic stress. Post traumatic stress can be cured only when the victimized spouse decides and make efforts to treat the condition in the right way regardless of the circumstance. Actually, when you don't treat post traumatic stress in the right way but the situation gets better, the condition deteriorates even further and eventually cause more severe destruction. 

     Both the spouse in infidelity and the victimized spouse must treat their psychological condition before they do anything. First, they must protect themselves and their children by starting KIP Treatment Program. Then, they can give the spouse in infidelity an opportunity to treat relationship addiction. You must make efforts not for destruction but for happiness in a true sense. 

     Typical destructive measures include collecting evidence, filing lawsuits, getting a divorce, taking psychology counseling, and revenge affair. Some people choose to get immersed into children, work, religion, study, or hobbies. Others try to restore sexuality by going on a diet, taking plastic surgery, or taking sex training. Any activity that causes obsession and dependency aggravates post traumatic stress. 

     You must also be careful about so-called experts who encourage all these destructive measures. They never take responsibility for dire consequences resulted from their destructive advice. Being deceived and taking their advice only expedites the rate of destruction. 

     Do not try to solve practical problems. 

     Do not try to change your spouse at least for now. 

Please, do not just avoid the pain but take the right treatment method to treat your psychology and restore happiness in a true sense. 



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[Mother Therapy] What to do when parents think their children have problems.


     Many parents cannot understand their children and find parenting difficult. Then, parents must first think about why they think that way. They may have their own fixed ideas about what sons should be like, what daughters should be like, what 12 year-old children should be like, and what 17 year-old teenagers should be like. They may try to make their children fit in their own standards. 

     Parents may judge that children have problems when they view children applying their own standards and ideas even when children are growing with healthy psychology according to their phases of psychological development.

     When parents have fixed ideas about children and their growth process and judge children only based on their standards, it makes both parents and children go through difficulties. Parents will be able to acknowledge and accept children's behaviors as they are and encourage and help children to go through trials and errors in healthy ways when they accurately understand children's psychological development and learn the right parenting methods. 


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[Infidelity Therapy] Infidelity is not just craziness but caused by relationship addiction.


    Many people think that people in infidelity are just crazy since their speech and behaviors are abnormal. People in infidelity have developed relationship addiction, which is an advanced condition of psychological disorder. 

     When one of the three psychological components, which are perception, memory, and expression, develops a disorder, it is referred to as a psychological disorder, two of them, an advanced condition of psychological disorder, all three, a psychosis. The victimized spouse of spouse infidelity, develops post traumatic stress upon the discovery of spouse infidelity. They are considered to be on the verge of developing a psychological disorder with problems in all three components of psychology temporarily. 

     The spouse in infidelity has developed psychological disorders in two components of psychology. The victimized spouse can develop psychological disorders in all three components of psychology when they neglect post traumatic stress. Psychological disorder and post traumatic stress are not psychological problems but problems of habits of psychology. They cannot but deteriorate unless they are treated properly. 

     When men develop psychological disorders such as relationship addiction, they are considered to have perception disorder and expression disorder. When women develop advanced condition of psychological disorder, they have the disorder of memory of emotions, and expression disorder. People with an advanced condition of psychological disorder still have one component of psychology working in a normal way. However, they become pleasure seekers and destroy all human relationships. People with normal psychology find that their behaviors are abnormal.

     They have an opportunity to recover and treat psychological disorders and since they still have one component of psychology working normally. They can activate the psychological component working normally to restore healthy psychology. When all three components of psychology develop disorders as in psychosis, hysteria, or intermittent explosive disorder, they cannot live with the mind of human beings and may not be able to recover. 

     It is recommended that you should not aggravate the condition of people in infidelity, which will make them develop even more severe psychological condition. The victimized spouse in recommended to treat their own condition instead of displaying rage or taking any practical measures, which will only aggravate the condition of the spouse in infidelity. 

     People who suffer from post traumatic stress may develop a psychosis when they pursue pleasure and build confidence without treating their condition properly. Then, of course, they cannot but destroy all human relationships. They suffer from intense stress and great wounds and literally lose their mind when they interact with normal people since their habits of psychology are completely different of those of normal people. They may have to stay in an institution for their whole life time or destroy their life in their own hands. It is no wonder that they want abnormal relationships with people. 

     Problems of habits of psychology necessarily deteriorate, so they must be treated properly before it is too late. You can take the treatment program of KIP when you develop problems of habits of psychology to be able to restore health and happiness. 



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