Free Consultation on Child's Psychological Problems


Please, send us an e-mail providing the following information for free consultation on your child's psychological problems. You will receive a written report on the result of consultation in a few days. We will guide you to correctly address your child's psychological problems with adequate concepts and strategies based on accurate understanding of human mind and psychology.

* Send your e-mail to : uip@uip.ac

[Application form for free consultation on child's psychological problems]

* Title of your e--mail : Application for free consultation on child's psyhological problems(Your name or a pseudonym)

1. Personal Information :

   1) Name (Pseudonym) :

   2) E-mail address:

   3) Country / Area of Residence:

   4) Gender :

   5) Age :

   6) Family members whom you live with:

   7) Other personal information to be shared :

2. Information on your child

   1) Child's gender :

   2) Child's age :

   3) Grade level at school :

   4) Primary caregiver :

   5) Other siblings :

   6) Child's personality:

   7) Other information on your child to be shared :

3. Points of inquiry :

4. Points of request :

5. Questions :


1. Please, include facts about yourself in a simple way for '1. Personal information'.

2. Please, include facts about your child in a simple way for '2. Information on your child'.

3. Include what you are concerned about, how it happened and progressed, how things are going now for '3. Points of inquiry'.

4. Include any requests for '4. Points of request'.

5. Include general questions you may have for '5. Questions'.

* You may be provided with a more detailed report when you provide more detailed facts.

* Send your e-mail to : uip@uip.ac

[About free consultation on child's psychological problems]

You may have sought help through diverse sources to solve your child's psychological problems so far. You may have found that your child's psychology does not improve much after years of taking differen measures. In some cases, your child may have progressed into a more serious condition or developed a different type of psychological problem. You and your child may have thought about giving up on the effort out of exhaustion and repeated experiences of hope and despair.

Upon taking the free consultation on child's psychological problems provided by Korea Institute of Psycho-education, you will be guided for a more effective and fundamental treatment method. You will learn that there exists an innovative method with which the mother can solve both child's psychological problems and parenting problems without any direct intervention with conventional methods.

[Points to be included in the report of consultation]

- Analysis of root causes of child's psychological problems

- Causes of present pain and suffering

- Points to be noted when you attempt to resolve the issue

- Expected results when the issue is not resolved

- Expected results when the issue is resolved

- Directions and methods of resolving the issue

- Answers to questions you have provided regarding child psychology and parenting


[Recepients of free consultation on child's psycholoical problems]

Parents who have a child with

- Relational conflicts, general psychological problems

- Tic disorder, Tourette disorder

- ADHD, learning disorder

- Developmental delay, developmental disorder

- Game addiction, internet addiction, SNS addiction, mobile phone addiction

- Anxiety disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, eating disorder

- Social withdrawal, autism spectrum disorder, Asperger's syndrome

- Parenting problems

The free consultation on child's psychological problems of KIP applies the mechanism of child's developmental phases and Mother Therapy based on the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind. It analyzes and diagnoses current psychoogical condition of your child based on the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology, and provides adequate treatment methods to stabilize child's psychological condition.

Mother Therapy is a psychology treatment method that mothers themselves can adopt to stabilize child's psychology during daily interactions. Mother Therapy was developed in 2015 and has been successfully applied to many cases of child's psychological problems. Through Mother Therapy, mothers are trainied to build abilities to stabilize child's psychology on their own throughout the child's growth period.

You can solve child's psychological problems when you have a strong enough will power even if you are in the worst condition. The report on the result of the free consultation will provide you with detailed and systematic analysis of your child's psychological condition. You may be led to a new path to your child's psychological stability and true happiness, which you have long sought but not found yet, through free psychology consultation at KIP.

Thank you very much.

E-mail. uip@uip.ac
Korea Institute of Psycho-education : http://www.uip.ac/

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