Free Consultation on Teenagers' Psychological Problems


Please, send us an e-mail providing the following information for free consultation on your psychological problems. You will receive a written report on the result of consultation in a few days. We will guide you to correctly address your psychological problems with adequate concepts and strategies based on accurate understanding of human mind and psychology.

* Send your e-mail to : uip@uip.ac

[Application form for free consultation on teenagers' psychological problems]

* Title of your e--mail : Application for free consultation on teenagers' psychological problems (Your name or a pseudonym)

1. Personal Information:

   1) Name (Pseudonym) :

   2) E-mail address:

   3) Country / Area of Residence:

   4) Gender :

   5) Age :

   6) Family members whom you live with:

   7) Other personal information to be shared regarding psychological problems:

2. Points of inquiry :

3. Points of request :

4. Questions :


1. Please, include facts about yourself in a simple way for '1. Personal information'.

2. Include what you are concerned about, how it happened and progressed, how things are going now for '2. Points of inquiry'.

3. Include any requests for '3. Points of request'.

4. Include general questions you may have for '4. Questions'.

* You may be provided with a more detailed report when you provide more detailed facts.

* Send your e-mail to : uip@uip.ac

[About free consultation on teenagers' psychological problems]

The free consultation on teenagers' psychologicl problems provided by Korea Institute of Psycho-education analyzes and diagnoses teenagers' psychological conditions based on the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind. It applies the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology and teenagers' developmental phases and addresses root causes of diverse psychological problems. The report of the result of the consultation will guide you to find the right way to stabilize your psychology and pursue happiness in a true sense.

The free consultation on teenagers' psychological problems of KIP aims for correcting distorted information and knowledge on human mind and psychology and preventing teenagers from developing and aggravating psychological problems. Teenagers themselves can start to analyze their own psychological problems and be relieved from concerns and difficulties through detailed guidelines provided by free psychology consultation at KIP.

[Points to be included in the report of consultation]

- Analysis of root causes of teenagers' psychological problems

- Causes of present pain and suffering

- Points to be noted when you attempt to resolve the issue

- Expected results when the issue is not resolved

- Expected results when the issue is resolved

- Directions and methods of resolving the issue

- Answers to questions you have provided

[Recepients of free consultation on teenagers' psycholoical problems]

Teenagers who suffer from

1. Psychological stress and wounds

2. Relational conflicts with people around them (family, friends, romantic relationship, etc)

3. Depression, insomnia, eating disorder, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, learning disorder

4. Game addiction, SNS addiction, mobild phone addiction, gambling addiction

5. Suicidal ideation, school violence, bullying, personality issues

6. Issues regarding sexuality

7. Other general psychological problems

Through free consultation on teenagers' psychological problems of KIP, you can accurately understand human mind and psychology, stabilize you psychology, and build habits of understanding and consideration. You will learn how to heal stress and treat wounds and how to accurately address diverse psychological problems and relational conflicts. In addition, you will naturally develop desire for learning and make academic achievement.

You yourself can solve your psychological problems when you have a strong enough will power even if you are in the worst condition. The report on the result of the free consultation will provide you with detailed and systematic analysis of your psychological condition. You may be led to a new path to psychological stability and true happiness, which you have long sought but not found yet, through free psychology consultation at KIP.

Thank you very much.

E-mail. uip@uip.ac
Youth Mind Training : http://www.youthmindtraining.com/
Korea Institute of Psycho-education : http://www.uip.ac/

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