About KIP(Korea Institute of Psycho-education)


Korea Institute of Psycho-education has been producing reference materials on the operational mechanism of mind and psychology and psychology treatment methods, and sharing them with as many people as possible. Its reference materials are made public to help anyone who is interested accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology and find the right path for treating psychological disorders and pursue happiness in a true sense. We have been able to produce reference materials in English and Japanese as well as in Korean to help more people access the adequate analysis of human mind and psychology. 


Korea Institute of Psycho-education has developed the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind and was able to adequately explain the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. It has discovered the fundamental mechanism of most psychological disorders including depression, panic disorder, addiction, hysteria, intermittent explosive disorder, relationship addiction, and post traumatic stress and adopted the theories to successfully treat psychological disorders. It has also completed the non-contact self-training psychology treatment program to obtain the best treatment result without face-to-face psychology counseling, which is considered to be ineffective and even detrimental. 


You may find theories and treatment methods of KIP quite new and unfamiliar, but it has been developed to be applied to all human beings regardless of nationalities and cultures since all human beings share the identical operational mechanism of mind and psychology. It also provides free consultations by e-mails to help ease your approach to KIP and save your time and effort before starting adequate treatment. KIP is here to guide you to stop your pain and suffering and achieve happiness with your loved ones in a true sense. 




1. Blog

   - Korea Institute of Psycho-education : https://kipmind.blogspot.com/


2. YouTube

   1) Korea Institute of Psycho-education

       - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWfFy-u84nHeZkiUiEEt5_g

   2) Psychology of Infidelity

       - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ZX5hR0h-rKUkJYLTJZhZg


3. Home Page

   1) Korea Institute of Psycho-education : http://www.uip.ac/

   2) Psychology Treatment Center (Type 2) : http://www.psychotherapyedu.com/

   3) Psychology Treatment Center (Type 1) : http://www.goodbyetrauma.net/

   4) Couple Therapy : http://www.couplexestherapy.com/

   5) Infidelity Therapy : http://www.infidelitytherapy.net/

   6) Xes Therapy : http://www.xestherapy.com/

   7) Xes Training : http://www.xestraining.com/

   8) Mother Therapy : https://www.mothertherapy.net/

   9) Youth Mind Training : http://www.youthmindtraining.com/

  10) Psychological diet : http://www.kipdiet.com/

  11) Upper class Psychology Consultation : http://www.upperclasstherapy.com/

  12) Beomyoung KIM : http://www.beomyoungkim.com/




1. 블로그[Blog]

   - 한국심리교육원 : https://blog.naver.com/mindforum


2. 유튜브[YouTube]

   1) 한국심리교육원

       - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsH24sxk9CMIwtsjqodI55A

       - <실시중> 평일 오후 1시 : 유튜브 Live 실시간방송 '이혼.재혼상담' 

       - <실시중> 토요일 오후 1시 : 유튜브 Live 실시간방송 '심리포럼'

   2) 외도심리

       - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGHdzCqM4yMws1NskSIV_hQ

       - <실시중> 평일 오전 11시 : 유튜브 Live 실시간방송 '외도상담'

   3) 외도상담

       - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM2Oyp70mVomarp_6W96wrw

       - Live외도상담의 개별 상담영상

   4) 이혼상담&재혼상담

       - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH_Bi1lus5VXA8IuYOg955A

       - Live이혼.재혼상담의 개별 상담영상

   5) 성연구소



3. 홈페이지[Home Page]

   1) 한국심리교육원 : http://www.kip.ac/

   2) 2형 심리치료 : http://www.psychotherapyedu.co.kr/

   3) 1형 심리치료 : http://www.goodbyetrauma.co.kr/

   4) 부부테라피 : http://www.couplexestherapy.co.kr/

   5) 외도테라피 : http://www.infidelitytherapy.co.kr/

   6) 제스테라피 : http://www.xestherapy.co.kr/

   7) 성수련센터 : http://www.xestraining.co.kr/

   8) 마더테라피 : https://www.mothertherapy.co.kr/

   9) 청소년마음교육 : http://www.youthmindtraining.co.kr/

  10) 심리다이어트 : http://www.kipdiet.co.kr/

  11) VIP심리컨설팅 : http://www.upperclasstherapy.co.kr/

  12) 개발자 김범영 : http://www.beomyoungkim.co.kr/ 


4. 다음카페[Korea SNS]

   1) 한국심리교육원 : https://cafe.daum.net/mindforum

   2) 심리치료센터 : https://cafe.daum.net/therapytour

   3) KIP영상센터 : https://cafe.daum.net/kipforum

   4) 외도테라피 : https://cafe.daum.net/hamindforum

   5) 부부테라피 : https://cafe.daum.net/sextraining

   6) 제스테라피 : https://cafe.daum.net/xestherapy

   7) 마더테라피 : https://cafe.daum.net/momnmother

   8) KIP전문가 : https://cafe.daum.net/kiphealing

   9) KIP성수련 : https://cafe.daum.net/xestraning

  10) KIP성연구소 : https://cafe.daum.net/smindforum

  11) 청소년마음교육 : https://cafe.daum.net/youthmindtraining




1. ブログ[Blog]

   1) 日本心理教育院 : https://ameblo.jp/jip6004/

   2) マザーセラピー : https://ameblo.jp/yumihwang/


2. ユーチューブ[YouTube]

   1) 日本心理教育院

       - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM303NkHtsQl-Bh6ijhf7Pg

   2) 性.不倫研究所

       - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCumntbSjULLGW9Rd3EjGs5Q


3. ホームページ[Home Page]

   1) 日本心理敎育院 : http://www.jip.ac/

   2) 心理障害2型治療センター : http://www.psychotherapyedu.jp/

   3) 心理障害1型治療センター : http://www.goodbyetrauma.jp/

   4) 夫婦セラピー : http://www.couplexestherapy.jp/

   5) 不倫・浮気セラピー : http://www.infidelitytherapy.jp/

   6) ジェスセラピー : http://www.xestherapy.jp/

   7) 女性性修練センター : http://www.xestraining.jp/

   8) マザーセラピー : https://www.mothertherapy.jp/

   9) 青少年こころ教育 : http://www.youthmindtraining.jp/

  10) 心理ダイエット : http://www.kipdiet.jp/

  11) VIP心理コンサルティング : http://www.upperclasstherapy.jp/

  12) キムボムヨン : http://www.beomyoungkim.jp/


It is hoped that you will be able to accurately understand the fundamental mechanism of human mind and psychology through reference materials provided by KIP and treat your psychological disorders without adverse effects through KIP psychology treatment programs. 

Thank you very much.


Korea Institute of Psycho-education

Address : 3rd Floor, Posta Bldg, 14-13 78-gil, Teheran-ro, Kangnam-ku, Seoul, South Korea 

(English) Tel. +82-70-8864-6004, E-mail. uip@uip.ac


주소 : 서울시 강남구 테헤란로78길 14-13, 포스타빌딩 3층

(한국어) Tel. +82-70-8822-6004, E-mail. kip@kip.ac



住所 : 東京都台東区上野3-14-2 403号室

(日本語) Tel. +81-3-4590-6152 , E-mail. jip@jip.ac

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