Psychology of children in the phase of survival_under age 5


  Let’s talk about psychology and happiness of your sons and daughters in the stage of survival under age 5. In this period, psychology develops with survival-centered. Since children need every single information for their survival ever since the moment they are born, they link everything they see, hear, and touch to their survival. Like this, their perception, memory, and expressions are all focused on their survival because psychology that’s only needed for their survival operates. With information perceived, they remember what they need to remember and make habits that they need to make a habit. They make positive expressions when their survival is stable but negative expression when it’s not.

Since the moment they are born, only psychology that's needed for their survival operates; as time passes, they move into the stage of adapting to relationships after they learn enough information needed for their survival. Usually, they gradually move into adaptation to relationship around age 3. The stage of adapting to relationship is between the age of 5 and 13; Both survival and adaptation to relationship coexist in children whose ages are between 3 and 7. Adaptation to relationship starts to appear at age 3; survival gradually disappears as they pass the age of 5.

  Like this, in the period of survival, the psychology that only cares about being healthy operates. Ultimately, your sons and daughters have operations of psychology only needed for their survival. They feel happy when their survival is stable but unhappy when it’s not. Of course, they don’t think of being happiness and unhappiness. Phenomena like this are very similar to animals. If early education, prerequisite learning, knowledge education, etc. continue being done in this period, what children learn from these will operate as the basis in adaptation to relationship, formation of self-identity, self-actualization, etc. There might be advantages, but disadvantages will also occur causing problems; it could be problem-solving ability as well. This part needs to be considered thoroughly.

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