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Please, send us an e-mail providing the following information for free consultation on your psychological problems. You will receive a written report on the result of consultation in a few days. We will guide you to correctly address psychological problems with adequate concepts and strategies based on accurate understanding of human mind and psychology.

* Send your e-mail to : uip@uip.ac

[Application form for free consultation on psychological problems]

* Title of your e--mail : Application for free consultation on psychological problems(Your name or a pseudonym)

1. Personal Information:

   1) Name (Pseudonym) :

   2) E-mail address:

   3) Country / Area of Residence:

   4) Gender :

   5) Age :

   6) Family members whom you live with:

   7) Other personal information to be shared regarding psychological problems:

2. Points of inquiry :

3. Points of request :

4. Questions :


1. Please, include facts about yourself in a simple way for '1. Personal information'.

2. Include what you are concerned about, what issues you have, how things are going

now for '2. Points of inquiry'.

3. Include any requests for '3. Points of request'.

4. Include general questions you may have for '4. Questions'.

* You may be provided with a more detailed report when you provide more detailed facts.

* Send your e-mail to : uip@uip.ac

[About free consultation on psychological problems]

Korea Institute of Psycho-education provides free consultation on psychological problems based on the Theory of Minind and the Theory of Xesmind. It analyzes foundational causes of psychological problems and provides you with an important guideline for properly addressing psychological problems.

Psychological problems and psychological disorders are differentiated, and different solutions are suggested for individual cases. It also informs you of treatment and prevention methods of psychological problems and disorders.

We aim for fundamental mechanism of psychological problems being known to as many people as possible and for guiding people in pain and suffering to restore healthy psychology and true happiness instead of getting lost in the midst of misguiding information and knowledge and ruining their life.

[Points to be included in the report of consultation]

- Analysis of fundamental causes of psychological problems

- Causes of present pain and suffering

- Points to be noted when you attempt to solve psychological problems

- Expected results when psychologica problems are not solved

- Expected results when psychologica problems are solved

- Directions and methods of solving psychologial problems

- Answers to questions you have provided

[Recepients of free consultation on psycholoical problems]

People with issues of :

1. Continuing psychological problems

   - You have kept psychology counseling and treatment, but have not recovered.

2. The disorder of memory of emotion

   - Depression, bipolar disorder, other emotional problems.

3. Perception disorder(Neurosis)

   - Panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, etc.

4. Expression disorder (addiction)

   - Gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, narcotics addiction, drug addiction

   - Game addiction, exercise addiction, work addiction, shopping addiction, cosmetic surgery addiction, etc.

5. Other psychological problems and disorders

   - Consciousness disorder, personality disorder

   - Stockholm syndrome, burnout syndrome, somatization, etc.

Free consultation on psychological problems of KIP accurately analyzes your psychological condition and introduces methods of treatment and prevention of psycholgical problems. You may be provided with a guide map of how to proceed with pursuing true happiness with healthy psychology through the free consultation of KIP.

Conventional fields of psychology and psychiatry do not differentiate psychological problems and psychological disorders and tend to guide people with psychological difficulties to break away from the current condition and pursue pleasure instead of true happiness. Then, people end up experiencing recurrence of diverse psychological problems and aggravating pathological conditions.

Korea Institute of Psyco-education has developed the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind, and applies the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology to analyze human perception, memory, and expression, which are manitested as a result of the operation of the conscious and the unconscious. It tries to accurately analyze and diagnose the current psychological condition, solve psychological problems, and treat psychological disorders, addressing root causes and rebalancing the underlying psychological sturcture. It categorizes psychological disorders into 3 types and prescribes appropriate treatment and prevention methods for individual cases.

Please, contact us for free consultation if you

1. want to treat and prevent your psychological problems

2. are suffering from psychological pain and difficulties

3. find that you are inflicting psychological damage on people around you

4. want to find out what psychological condition you have

You yourself can solve your psychological problems when you have a strong enough will power even if you are in the worst condition. The report on the result of the free consultation will provide you with detailed and systematic analysis of your psychological condition. You may be led to a new path to psychological stability and true happiness, which you have long sought but not found yet, through free psychology consultation at KIP.

Thank you very much.

E-mail. uip@uip.ac
Korea Institute of Psycho-education : http://www.uip.ac/

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