The perpetrator cannot sense the victim's pain


There are many cases where people are hurt by abusive behaviors and physical violence in human relationships. However, the perpetrator cannot sense how much pain is inflicted upon the victim. When someone hits the other person with his or her hand, the person who hit cannot sense the pain. He or she can sense only the pain in his or her hand.


When you are hit by another person, you can sense the pain. You may assume that the perpetrator can also sense how painful it is. However, the perpetrator may say that he or she just did it inadvertently or unintentionally, which the victim may not even believe.


It must be kept in mind that any behavior has the possibility to hurt other people in a great deal. When you have the idea that only your happiness is important regardless of others, you will easily hurt other people thinking that you just behaved to suit your standard of thought and happiness.


People who have self-conviction are in great danger of inflicting damage on other people without realizing how much pain their behaviors can cause in the victims. They cannot see what is wrong with themselves since they are convinced that their thoughts and behaviors are right with reference to their own thought standards.


You may throw a stone inadvertently and a frog may be killed by the stone. Is the frog's death caused by your throwing the stone or by the frog's being there at the moment?

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