[Mother Therapy Q&A] Children who believe social media more than parents


Q. My children seem to believe what they have seen or learned in social media more than their parents. Is it OK to leave them as they are? 

A. Many children believe what they have learned through social media more than what they have learned from teachers or parents. Children do not accept what they learn from parents and teachers since they try to impose knowledge and information onto children rather just present them. Especially, adults try to impose their thought standards onto children causing stress and wounds in them. Parents and teachers may prefer imposing knowledge and information onto children, but children just do not like them since it is no fun. 

On the other hand, knowledge and information presented in social media are easy and fun to children to absorb. The methods of presentation leads to the difference in preference even when the contents are identical. However, the problem of learning through social media is that they may lead to the distortion of knowledge and information. Inaccurate knowledge and information may build memories with confusion for children. Children may accept and store in memory distorted ideas since they are easy and fun causing distortion in both knowledge and ability. 

Parents and teachers must immediately correct children's distortion of knowledge and information. Also, people who provide contents on social media for children must produce right and appropriate contents to prevent children from developing psychological problems and problems in forming healthy self-identity.


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