[On Human Mind] A person and a person in relationships_If you are suffering from stress and conflicts


There is a clear difference between a person and a person in relationships. It must be quite new to most people to differentiate a person and a person in relationships. A person exists all by oneself, and a person in relationship exists interacting with other people. 

A criminal who commits a brutal crime is said to have 'given up on being a human being' since such a person is considered to have destroyed human relationships. When we exist as a person all by ourselves, we are rarely stressed or wounded psychologically. To be able to come up with solutions to overcoming stress and wounds in a healthy way, we need to clearly understand that stress and wounds are generated only in relationships. When you suffer from stress and wounds due to relational conflicts, you must go back to exist as a person all by yourself to heal stress and treat wounds. Trying to deal with stress and wounds staying in relationships only aggravate psychological conditions and practical situations.

It is recommended that you have a pause or a time-out in conflictual situations. Please, do not try to solve the issue staying in relationships, but go back to exist as a person to take a time-out to heal stress and treat wounds separately. Then, it becomes easier to communicate with each other. When you build a habit of going back to exist as a person in stressful situations and healing stress and treating wounds by yourself, you can prevent growing stress and wounds to a great extent. Of course, it may not be easy at first, but it will give you the power to protect your mind in conflictual relationships. 


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