[Mother Therapy] The Problems of Early Sex Education and Precocious Puberty


     These days, children are offered sex education even before they reach school age. Sex education is usually provided as knowledge education and children form their own standards based on sex education. Boys are likely to perceive it as something fun and pleasurable and generate positive moods, and girls are likely to perceive sexual information and generate wounds in mind and negative feelings. Children are likely to develop psychological problems more easily when they are exposed to sex education or any other sexual information. 

     Experience and knowledge form one's own thought standards. When children are exposed to sex education early on, boys generate positive moods and girls generate wounds in mind upon perceiving sexual information. When positive moods and wounds in mind become excessive, psychological problems occur and they cannot grow with healthy body and mind. They may also develop precocious puberty. 

     Knowledge education may have good results when applied for good use but may inflict damage upon people when applied in distorted ways. Early sex education can cause problems by inducing curiosity about sex and the sense of sexual pleasure in boys and girls. Education institutions have good intentions of educating children for prevention of sexual problems, but knowledge education forms thought standards and raises the chance of aggravating psychological problems and developing precocious puberty. 

Precocious puberty applies when children under 10 years old develop secondary sex characters. Girls tend to develop precocious puberty more than boys in general. However, severe cases of precocious puberty are more common in boys. Precocious puberty greatly contributes to aggravating psychological problems since human mind is necessarily connected to sexuality. 

     When precocious puberty develops in children, parents must do their best to manage children's psychological problems adequately. Parents must pay great attention to children and the mother must apply Mother Therapy in daily interactions with children. Mother Therapy provides treatment methods of child psychology and parenting strategies for mother's and children's happiness. 



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