[Infidelity Therapy] Infidelity is equivalent to a crime.


     1. The victimized spouse of infidelity suffers from excruciating pain and develops post traumatic stress. Infidelity does not inflict physical damage on the victimized spouse but it inflicts great psychological damage so it is equivalent to a crime.         

     2. Infidelity destroys both one's own and the counterparty's family. It is equivalent to a crime that harms the counterparty's spouse and children. 

     3. When you commit infidelity yourself after suffering from spouse infidelity, it is equivalent to a crime of revenge. 

     4. Infidelity exposes children to various dangers by destroying the family. They may not be able to grow properly under loving care and they are more likely to have diverse problems when they become adults. They may also get involved in infidelity as adults becoming perpetrators in the society. 

     5. Many people glorify infidelity as love, but infidelity has nothing to do with love. Infidelity is caused by relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder, and is repeated for the whole lifetime unless adequately treated. People in infidelity have consciousness disorder that makes them mistake infidelity for love, so they glorify infidelity. It is as if criminals glorify their crimes and entice others to follow them blindly.        

     It is a pity that there are so many people who do not realize that infidelity is equivalent to a crime and mistake it for pleasure, love, and happiness. 

     There are some people who realize that they have done wrong by committing infidelity and try hard to live a righteous life again. We still have hope since at least some people repent and pay for their wrongdoing and make efforts for true love and happiness. 

     The victimized spouses suffer from post traumatic stress and their condition progresses. They must bear in mind that they need to put priority on treating post traumatic stress before anything to protect themselves and their children and restore happiness. 

     When they do not adequately treat their condition, it deteriorates to the point where they commit even more serious crimes than their spouses in infidelity. They start from being victims of infidelity to becoming perpetrators who destroy their own life, their children, and other families. 


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