[Mother Therapy] Two important things to know in parenting


Every parent wants to be good at parenting and be on good terms with children. Two most important things for good parenting is to accurately understand the developmental phases of child psychology and to adopt right parenting strategies in daily interactions with children. As you stick to wrong parenting methods due to the ignorance of your child's developmental phases of psychology, both you and your child must suffer from relational conflicts and psychological problems. You may even give up parenting thinking that you cannot deal with the situation. 

You may not have heard of the idea that understanding the child's developmental phases of psychology for good parenting and a harmonious relationship with children. Most parents think that adopting whatever parenting strategies they know will help children develop healthy body and mind since they give love to children anyway. However, your own ideas on parenting may or may not be right for your children, which indicates that your parenting based on your ideas may not guarantee your child's healthy psychological growth. 

It is likely that you don't accurately understand the developmental phases of child psychology if you feel that you can't communicate and interact with your child as smoothly as before. You may feel distant from your child and think that your child has changed somehow. Then, you and your child may develop relational conflicts and suffer from psychological problems. It is imperative that parents should learn about children's developmental phases of psychology and adopt right parenting strategies. 

Children go through 3 developmental phases of psychology until they become adults. They are the phase of survival, the phase of adaptation to relationships, the phase of formation of identity. They enter the phase of self-actualization when they become adults. Children under the age 5 form psychological habits focusing on survival, children from the age of 5 to 12 on adaptation to relationships, and children over the age of 12 on formation of identity. Then, they begin to pursue self-actualization as adults based on habits of relationship, habits of emotions, and habits of thoughts they have formed so far. 

When parents don't understand children's developmental phases of psychology and right parenting strategies, they can't understand children's behaviors and their attempt to guide children in the right way is highly likely to backfire, which in turn may cause the parent to develop their own psychological problems.

 Parents can build their own unique parenting strategies when they accurately understand the fundamental mechanism of parenting. They can adopt the right parenting strategies that match their life styles and thought standards during daily interactions with children. Then, children and parents can naturally express their thoughts and feelings to each other and understand each other better. Children can grow in healthy ways in a safe environment parents have established. They learn how to control themselves and pursue what they aim for in healthy ways on their own under the protection of parents. It is actually quite easy to adopt right parenting strategies once you understand the two major components of parenting. 

 Some parents may be attracted to popular parenting strategies or parenting methods of famous people. However, every child and every parent are different and unique. You must develop your own unique parenting strategies for your own child who is also unique and special. Copying others' parenting strategies to raise your child may only cause problems since you can't apply your thought standards. 

Both parents and children naturally become happy when parents understand children's developmental phases of psychology and right parenting strategies. Parenting is supposed to make you not feel depressed or frustrated but feel happy. Any parent can learn about the two important points of parenting and make themselves and children happy.


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