[SATW] Why do sexy women become popular and famous?


Many popular and famous women who appear on mass media and social media are sexually attractive. People pay attention to their pretty face and sexy body as well as how to become like them through diet, exercise, make-up, and fashion. Women become more famous and popular as they make their sex appeal public more and more.

Men get vicarious satisfaction and develop the desire to meet them when they see such sexy women on mass media or social media. Women develop the desire to become like sexy women they see on the media. Women who appeal sexually reinforce their sex appeal and make efforts to provide more sexual attractiveness to the public. 

For example, when a woman who appeals sexually and who is popular and famous uploads a picture of herself on the social media, many people respond with great interest. On the other hand, when an ordinary woman who doesn't appeal sexually uploads an ordinary picture of herself, no one respond or show interest. Sadly enough, many women try to publicize their sexual attractiveness through the media. 

What would happen to the body and the mind of women who try to appeal sexually? Of course, the public are not interested in women's body and mind. Men consider them only as objects of pleasure and women consider them only as objects of vicarious satisfaction. The body and the mind of women who are sexually attractive and publicize their sex appeal in the media are necessarily destroyed. Their distorted activation of sexuality causes problems in their body and mind. They accumulate wounds in mimind and end up living a life of unhappiness and destruction. The more popular and famous they become through publicizing their sex appeal, the more their body and mind deteriorate.

Women who try to be sexually attractive are destroying their body and mind in order to induce response and attention from other people. Women's sex appeal leads to a live of unhappiness and destruction by inducing severe wounds in mind. Women need to develop true sex ability for themselves, which leads them to have powerful sex ability and the best charm. They don't have to try to become popular and famous through sex appeal and still they look charming and attractive to everyone. They can live a happy life with healthy body and mind under any circumstance. Sex Ability Training for Women will guide women to do without activating distorted activation of sexuality and build true sex ability on their own.


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