[Infidelity Therapy] Things the spouse in infidelity must know.


There are things people when have committed infidelity should know. If you had committed infidelity, you have already destroyed your marriage relationship and you will definitely have to pay for the destruction of marriage relationship in the future. If you don't pay for the destruction of marriage relationship, your spouse and family will have to pay for it. 

Your infidelity may have given you pleasure that comes from your partner's attention or response, but it is the cause of excruciating pain for your spouse and children. you may be destroying your life and your family even at this moment or you have already destroyed them. Even infidelity that happened a long time ago has been continuously destroying them until today. That is, the cessation of infidelity does not normalize the condition of yourself and your family.

You may think that your infidelity 10 years ago is just a past thing and it is no big deal. However, your spouse and children may be still living in the crisis you have created 10 years ago and their psychology may have been deteriorating all those years. You may not have committed infidelity again for the last 10 years have devoted your life to your family, but psychological condition of every family member is deteriorating.

Your spouse and children are paying for your wrong doing by developing psychological problems even today. They cannot recover even when your own life is completely destroyed. It is crucial for the spouse in infidelity to accurately understand the adverse impact of their behaviors. If you had stooped committing infidelity and were determined never to commit infidelity again in your life, you can live as you have decided. You may be able to endure although relationship addiction is a condition that can be hardly controlled by the conscious will. Regardless of your life and your condition, you must restore normal psychology of your spouse and children. 

When your spouse treats his or her condition of post traumatic stress, your children can also recover. The least thing you can do is to guide your spouse in pain to treat his or her condition and restore happiness ability. It is your responsibility as a person who pushed them into the quagmire of endless pain and suffering. They may end up being taken advantage of by people with selfish purposes and eventually become destructors. You must put priority on treating your spouse's condition even if you don't treat yourself. 

It is your own choice to destroy your own life, but you don't have the right to have your spouse and children pay for your psychological disorder. 



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