[Sex & Xes] Does he love me, or just want to have sex with me?


Hi, guys. I am Kyungmi Kim at Korea Institute of Psycho-education. Women may not be able to discern easily whether men's sweet expressions come from the desire to have sex or from love. Women usually consider both of them as men's attention given to women anyway. Men themselves cannot discern whether they feel love or just have the desire to have sex with women. People just assume that love leads to the desire to have sex and the desire to have sex can lead to love sometimes. 

However, men's love is completely different from the desire to have sex and they must be clearly differentiated. When men love women, they try to protect women in every aspect including women's body, mind, and sexuality. Thus, when men love women, they lose the desire to have sex with their women, and they never express the desire to have sex with women they love even if they have it because their first priority is to protect their women. 

The purpose of having the desire to have sex is to have their own sexual pleasure, and it is not related with the concept of protecting their partner at all. Therefore, men do not consider their women as sexual objects. Of course, men can have sexual desire in a general sense. Sexual desire in a general sense is related with the pure and pleasant sensation the body recognizes regarding sexuality without the desire to have sex. 

When a man becomes to love a woman after he starts the relationship out of the desire to have sex, he loses the desire to have sex with the woman. He may seem to have lost interest in the woman. Men's losing the desire to have sex doesn't always guarantee that he loves the woman, though. He may have lost the desire to have sex because he truly loves the woman, or he may be expressing his desire to have sex to another woman. 

Men do their best to protect their women's body, mind, and sexuality, so they may do their best to make their women happy without activating their desire to have sex. Men vaguely understand that their desire to have sex destroys their women. When a man loves a woman, he naturally loses the desire to have sex with his woman, but not having the desire to have sex with her doesn't guarantee that he loves the woman. 

Men's desire to have sex activates negative xes energy in xesmind without exception, and damages men's body and mind. However, the actual operation of xesmind is not recognized and the result of the operation of xesmind is recognized only as pleasure in mimind, which makes men consider the desire to have sex and sexual pleasure as something positive. 

As negative xes energy is continuously activated, men may develop psychological problems and psychological disorders as well as sexual dysfunctions. In other words, they lose true sex ability they are born with. Men do not understand this mechanism, so they try to complement their sexual dysfunctions and reinforce the desire to have sex and sexual pleasure by having different sex partners, learning sex techniques, or even taking surgeries. It must be clearly understood that these men have neither sex ability nor the ability to love. Luckily enough though, these men can build the most powerful sex ability by taking Sex Therapy for Men at Korea Institute of Psycho-education, can build the ability to protect women they love, and live in sexual utopia without the desire to have sex for the rest of their life.


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