[SATW] Womdn's sexuality operates in extremity.


Women's xesmind operates for treatment and happiness in mimind but distorted sexuality operates for wounds and unhappiness in relationships. Having sex for your own body and mind operates for treatment and happiness but having sex for love and pleasure with the partner operates for wounds and unhappiness.

Most knowledge and information on sexuality available for women focus on love and pleasure with the partner. It leads women to operate their sexuality to achieve love and pleasure in the relationship with the partner. 

Many women try to have sexually appealing appearance through diet, exercise, make-up, and fashion. They also try to have the ability to be loved by the partner, learn sex techniques, and how to enhance sexual pleasure. Most conventional sex therapies guide women to destroy their body and mind on their own by pursuing sexual pleasure. 

All these efforts induce wounds and unhappiness in women since they serve the purpose of love and pleasure with the partner. Making efforts to achieve sexual pleasure equates to making efforts to destroy their own body and mind. Such women end up living a life of unhappiness and destruction, pursuing love and pleasure with their partner and inducing wounds in mimind.

On the other hand, having sex for women's own body and mind does not take consideration of love, pleasure, or the partner. It only aims for achieving their own physical health and happiness in mimind. This method and the Theory of Xesmind have not been known to many people so far. 

Sex Ability Training for Women guides women to build a powerful sex ability, wound treatment ability, and the best unique charm on their own. Women can learn how to live happily with healthy body and mind. Adopting true sex ability does not involve a partner or having sex with the partner in relationships. Women don't have to become dependent on anyone and they can build true sex ability all by themselves.


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