[Infidelity Therapy] The true nature of post traumatic stress


Post traumatic stress can develop when victimized spouses are convinced or suspicious of spouse infidelity causing excruciating psychological pain. The pain of post traumatic stress can be likened to the pain of death, and no one could even imagine the level of pain unless they experience it directly. Untreated post traumatic stress can destroy their life by transforming all their life memories into psychological wounds. They may begin to feel comfortable when they have destroyed all aspects of their life, and then, they may take pleasure in destroying other people's lives including their own children's lives. 

 When they have destroyed their life this way, they may blame their spouse in infidelity or themselves. They may also develop dependency or obsession. The fundamental cause of the destruction of their life is the development and aggravation of post traumatic stress, but most people justify their behaviors by blaming the spouse in fidelity for everything. 

They may also develop the conviction that their destructive behaviors will make others happy instead of damaging them. They must start taking the treatment while they are still recognizing the pain of post traumatic stress and before they begin to feel comfortable and take pleasure in destroying many people's lives so that they can restore healthy psychology and happiness. 

Feeling comfortable and confident after suffering from pain for some time indicates that their condition has advanced and deteriorated and they have lost the chance to start the treatment. It is because they think that they have no reason to treat themselves since they feel fine in the conscious. Then, they automatically enter the path of destruction in life.

You must treat post traumatic stress by all means. Post traumatic stress distorts your habits of psychological operations, and it can be treated by making efforts based on the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. KIP Treatment Program guides you to proceed with the self-treatment method. 

Then, how exactly does post traumatic stress lead you to destroy your mind? One way is taking practical measures such as collecting evidence, taking counseling and coaching, filing lawsuits, getting a divorce, or committing revenge affair. The other way is developing dependency and obsession on people and activities such as children, friends, work and business, religion and study, hobbies and exercises, shopping and traveling, or diet and sex. It is strongly recommended that you take up activities only after you treat your condition first. Once you destroy your own mind, you may begin to damage other people. One easy way is to encourage or advise them to destroy their lives as you have destroyed yours and ask them to join you for pursuing pleasure of different kinds including sexual pleasure. 

When you are suffering from the pain of post traumatic stress, it is also important not to be deceived by people who advise you and guide you in the wrong direction by encouraging you to take practical measures and fall for dependency and obsession. When you aggravate your condition without realizing it, you will end up having to endure the consequences of destroying not only your life but also lives of your loved ones. You must first treat your condition and restore your happiness and protect your family and children. After that, you may decide to give your spouse in infidelity to treat his or her relationship addiction. 



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