[SATW] Women who pursue sexual attractiveness easily get hurt by men.


     Many women try hard to enhance their sexual attractiveness. They wear make-up, go on a diet, or take plastic surgery to look sexually attractive. They try hard to enhance their appearance since they know that men give more attention to sexually attractive women than to other women. 

     However, women who focus on enhancing their sexual attractiveness tend to connect with men mainly focusing on sexuality. Then, they may develop wounds in mimind win spite of themselves and even develop wound dissociation. Men give them attention considering them as sexual objects and such women's body, mind, and sexuality end up being destroyed. Women who have sexual attractiveness may feel satisfied and happy when they get attention from men, but their wounds keep growing.          

     On the other hand, women with true charm are not perceived as sexual objects by men. Men generate pure passion toward such women and try to protect their body, mind, and sexuality. Men try to build the relationship of love and happiness with women with true charm and do their best in every aspect of life so that both men and women become happy.

     Also, women with true charm have a balanced a appearance and healthy body, mind, and sexuality. The man who is in love with such a woman perceives the woman as the most sexually attractive woman and the couple can live a happy life with sexual happiness as well as with love and passion. This mechanism applies to every couple regardless of age. 

     Do you want to become sexually attractive women or women with true charm? Women must try to build true and unique charm instead of sexual attractiveness. Sex Ability Training for Women guides women to build true sex ability on their own and become the most charming women. They can build wound treatment ability and happiness ability and enjoy sexual happiness without depending on anyone else. 


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