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Have you had your children take the aptitude test to help them choose their career path? Many parents want to help their teenage children to find their aptitude, potentials, and choose their career path by having them taking the aptitude test. However, there can be many different ways to interpret the result of the aptitude test and both parents and children may feel they are still confused about what to do with the result of the test.

Teenagers are in the process of forming their identity and their own thought standards. It is only natural that they don’t know what they like and what they are good at. They don’t know what type of self-actualization they will pursue as adults, and they need to keep experiencing many things and keep making trials and errors to find their aptitude.


It takes time and diverse experiences to find aptitude. They may need several years to find it and eventually decide on what they want to do as adults. They are in the process of preparing for the phase of self-actualization. Some adults wander about still not knowing what they like and what they are good at and go over the process of looking for their aptitude all over again.
As teenagers are encouraged to keep trying different things and making trials and errors under the protection of the society and the family, they will be naturally guided to something they like and are good at. Taking the aptitude test may help you understand your child’s current state, but you cannot find your aptitude and choose the career path based on one test.

      Teenagers need to take charge of finding their aptitude and choosing their career path. They can follow parents’ and teachers’ guidance but any decision should be based on their own will. Making reference to adults’ opinions will help them think more broadly since adults have much more experiences in life. 

      Teenagers are in the preparation stage for the phase of self-actualization they will enter in the future as adults. They should keep looking for what they like and what they are good at. Parents should also know what their children like and what they are good at. Parents can guide their children by providing resources and knowledge instead of finding aptitude and choosing the career path for them. To be able to do that, parents must accurately understand children’s psychological development and adopt right parenting strategies.  


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