[Mother Therapy] The role of social media in parenting


Social media can provide sources of information in many different matters, one of which is parenting. Many parents refer to information provided in social media to adopt right parenting methods. In the past, parents had to seek most advice on parenting from other people, books, or lectures, but these days, social media offer easier and quicker ways of getting ideas and advice. You can simply search social media for any topic you are interested in to get diverse and detailed information.

     One thing to keep in mind in this process is that information you get from social media is only a piece of information, which may or may not suit you and your child. Actually, it is highly unlikely for such information to offer effective and suitable parenting method for you. To make matters worse, it may lead you to think that your child has some problems when you don’t get the result you wanted by adopting some parenting methods you found in social media. This happens especially when parents don’t have their own healthy standards in parenting.

     You will have healthy standards of parenting when you accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychological development of children. Then, you can build your own parenting methods referring to all the information available in social media. Adopting the available information and advice as it is without adjusting it to the situation you and your child are in can be compared to trying to put on clothes you can’t fit into. Every parent and every child are unique and every situation is different. Adopting information and advice in social media without considering individual differences will only cause or aggravate problems.

You must be the composer and the conductor who has a clear standard on rearing your child. Of course, you can refer to information available in social media, but you must customize them to suit you and your child. You must never focus on addressing the visible individual problems in parenting. You must always have a broad perspective with the right standards and build your own parenting strategies.


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