The concept of mind and psychology based on the Theory of Mimind


    The terms 'mind' and 'psychology' are often used to refer to diverse concepts. The concepts of mind and psychology need to be clearly differentiated to clarify the concept of psychology treatment. In the Theory of Mimind, 'mind' is where emotions are generated inside us and psychology is the manifestation of the mind operation in connection with the body. Mind consists of the conscious and the unconscious, and psychology consists of perception, memory, and expression. 

     When we sense and recognize the result of the operation of mind and psychology, the habits in the unconscious determine the way we sense and recognize. All individuals have unique habits of perception, memory, and expression based on one's life experiences. Conventional fields of psychology treatment do not usually differentiate mind from psychology, and they do not address the operation of 'mind', which is the operation of the conscious and the unconscious. Addressing only specific psychological manifestations for psychology treatment leads to only partial and superficial results. 

     It must be noted that it is unconscious habits that generate and make us recognize moods and feelings. Unconscious habits determine what and how we perceive, store in memory, and express, and they also generate our own unique emotions. When unconscious habits operate in distorted ways, positivity is recognized as negativity, and negativity is recognized as positivity. So, dealing with the surface level psychological operations does not bring about normalization of mind operation. 

     When a pathological condition can be normalized by only adjusting psychology of perception, memory, and expression, it is referred to as a psychological problem rather than a psychological disorder. It is considered as a problem that has occurred temporarily and for which self-recovery is applicable. The problem has occurred in psychology since unconscious habits have not been formed yet, and psychological adjustment can be used to help form unconscious habits. However, when the unconscious habits operate in distorted ways in the process of delivering the result of the psychological operation to the conscious, psychological adjustment cannot normalize the condition.  


    In the process of perception, new information that flows in is not yet included in unconscious habits, so processing any new information generates stress. On the other hand, the inflow of familiar information, which is included in unconscious habits, makes us feel comfort and pleasure without generating much stress. When your psychology operates in a healthy way, any new information that does not accord with unconscious habits is supposed to generate stress. However, when you have perception disorder, which is a type of psychological disorders, new information makes you feel comfortable and pleased. Also, familiar information that accords with your unconscious habits generates stress. 

     You are considered to have developed perception disorder when habits of perception operate in the opposite direction. When you develop a psychological disorder, you become to dislike what you used to like and what you are familiar with. When unconscious habits begin to operate in distorted ways, adjusting psychology of perception, memory, and expression only aggravates the condition. The progression of psychological disorders cannot be reversed by adjusting psychology. It only reinforces the distorted operation of unconscious habits. Psychological disorders can and must be treated by recovering unconscious habits in mind operation instead of psychological operation at the surface level. 

     When two people with normal psychology interact, they can solve problems and maintain a healthy relationship through mutual understanding based on rational judgment. However, when one party has a psychological disorder and the other has normal psychology, conflicts and confrontations are inevitable since they perceive, remember, and express in the opposite ways. If the person with normal psychology intends to understand the person with a psychological disorder and tries to accord with the counterparty's standards, he or she cannot but develop a psychological disorder as well. When two people with psychological disorders interact, they reinforce their psychological disorders. You can protect yourself from developing psychological disorders only when you can distinguish people with normal psychology from those with psychological disorders. 

     When stress and wounds are not recovered and stay inside you, your mind decides to operate in distorted ways to achieve comfort. It takes years to recover once a psychological disorder develops. When an individual's psychological disorder affects the whole family and then, all family members develop psychological disorders, it takes much longer time to restore a healthy family. It usually takes more than one generation. We can imagine how long it would take to restore the whole society when it is full of people with psychological disorders.  

    Falling into psychological disorders is relatively quick and easy, but the recovery takes longer time and more effort. It is imperative to accurately understand and differentiate the concepts of mind and psychology to prevent and treat psychological disorders. Psychological problems can be solved by adjusting psychology, but it can aggravate the condition when one already has developed a psychological disorder. Psychological disorders can and must be treated by correcting the operation of unconscious habits. 

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