How to overcome unfortunate family history

     Many people attribute the cause of their present medical problems to family history. When this concept is applied to the analysis of psychology, the cause of the present psychological problems is attributed to the original family or the growth process. If you think that you are suffering from psychological problems related with family history, you should first understand the relationship between family history and your present psychological problems accurately. 

     All human relationships are formed based on you yourself as the only standard. You must exist in the first place in order to have relationships with your parents, children, siblings, and relatives. It is only you yourself who can recognize happiness and unhappiness in all relationships. Attributing the cause of your happiness or unhappiness to family history is the same as attributing the cause of your problems to other people in the sense that you look for the cause of your psychological condition in external factors. This concept also results in the idea that you cannot but be unhappy or have psychological problems when you grow up in an unhappy family. On the other hand, when you attribute your happiness and unhappiness to yourself, it results in the idea that you are the active agent who can make both yourself and your family happy. 

     Many people attribute their unhappiness to family history but not many people think that they can make the whole family happy by making themselves happy people first. Also, it is most common for people to think that others must change in order for them to become happy rather than thinking that they themselves must change for their own happiness. When you have psychological problems, you must treat your psychological wounds and restore healthy psychology instead of trying to look for the cause in family history or change other family members. When you change yourself to become a happy person, you can change your family history to a happy one.



     When you treat your psychological wounds and restore healthy psychology, you can stop the unfortunate family history in your generation and pass down happy family history to the next generation. You cannot change the facts of unhappy past, but you can break away from the present stress and wounds and restore healthy psychology. You are the one who can decide whether you will keep the unhappy family history or start building a happy family history. To build a happy family history, you must make efforts to change yourself into a happy person without avoiding the issue and blaming family history or other people.

     Problems that seem to run in the family are actually individual issues. When the individual issues are not adequately resolved and family members form new families of their own, it is no wonder that the problems look as if they had been passed down to the next generation. Moreover, when individual issues are not adequately addressed and continue, they usually get aggravated as time goes by, which results in the next generation suffering from even more severe psychological problems. Then, people may give up on happiness and even sever their family relationship.

     First of all, you yourself must restore healthy psychology and become a happy person. Your question must be 'How can I become a happy person in a true sense?' instead of 'What can I do about my family members being this way or that way?' Your happiness can be achieved within your mind only by your own will power and efforts regardless of you family history or other people. 

     Everyone wants to live happily in relationships with other people but attributing your psychological problems to family history is simply out of focus and leads you nowhere. Being happy together starts from you becoming a happy person at present and not from others changing in any way. You can start to build a happy family history from today and lead your loved ones in the journey. 

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