Is it possible for a womanizer to be recovered?


Q : I knew my husband was a womanizer when we were dating before we got married, but our relationship was kept because he always came to me even if we had fights. Well...after we got married, I gave him stress by nagging at him before his infidelity; he had an extramarital affair with another woman. Can a womanizer like him also be recovered? 

A : Your husband's infidelity occurred not because he, a womanizer, had a fight with his wife. The cause of a spouse's infidelity is his psychological disorder, not conjugal problems or fights. 


A couple argues, fights, and makes up the relationship as they live together. They can't always have fun and enjoy every day. You and your husband have done living together well.  So, instead of thinking about how to recover your relationship, do not mind about your husband. Focus on your own recovery.  

Moreover, your husband is a womanizer because he has a psychological disorder. Among men, those who seem to be good-natured and do well to others definitely have psychological disorders. 

Thus, you must treat and recover yourself first. If you see your husband after you get treated, you will be able to see his true nature. You can give him a chance for treatment after you are treated. He won't have a chance to get treated if you are not treated.

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