[The psychology of dating Q&A] What is the difference between a long distance relationship and dating with different people without going steady?

In both cases, the relationship is easy to be broken since they are easily exposed to opportunities for meeting new partners. The long distance relationship can be maintained in a healthy way for quite a long time if they do not meet new partners. Since they meet only once in a while and they have less chances to develop conflicts, the woman can do without wounds and the man can do without stress in the relationship. 

Dating different people without going steady is generally preferred by men than by women. Men tend to focus on fun and pleasure of the moment and depend on moods rather than feelings, so they may take every opportunity to meet women in general. Men may easily break up with their partner when dating is not fun any more. 

From the perspective of most women, such behaviors of men may be perceived as immoral or untrustworthy, but it is actually the result of males' operation of mind and psychology. Some women may also decide to prioritize fun and pleasure based on moods rather than feelings by focusing on dating with different partners without going steady. 

It must be noted that seeking only fun and pleasure following moods in dating relationships will lead to ruining both men's and women's life. 


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