The wife in infidelity and the husband in psychological pain

The wife in infidelity has developed relationship addiction and constantly seeks attention and consolation from the adulterer and sometimes even mistakes it for love. It is as if she ate rotten food and found it really delicious. As time passes, the wife seeks more and more intense level of attention and consolation from the adulterer and cannot stand without it. 

The victimized husband suffers from post traumatic stress upon the discovery of wife infidelity. Post traumatic stress is such a severe psychological condition that it is really difficult to treat it on his own. The husband may end up collapsing and ruining his own life and the life of loved ones by taking inappropriate measures to tackle the situation.

Relationship addiction can develop acutely in spite of oneself. It is important that the wife realizes that the treatment of relationship addiction is urgent and must also help the husband treat his post traumatic stress. Protecting children is also important in this situation where both their parents have developed psychological disorders.

When the husband tries to stop the wife from getting herself immersed into the distorted relationship with the adulterer, the wife's psychological condition may only get aggravated. No coping strategies except for adequate treatment will help restore her normal psychology. When the husband adopts diverse coping strategies and practical measures to solve the issue of wife infidelity, he may feel comfortable temporarily, but it will lead him to seek more and more activities of diversion and eventually make him destroy his life and inflict damage upon others as people in severe psychological disorders do.



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