The husband in infidelity and the wife in psychological pain

The husband in infidelity gets immersed into the distorted sense of fun and pleasure caused by relationship addiction. It is as if you ate rotten food and found it so delicious. The wife suffers from post traumatic stress upon the discovery of husband infidelity. When she does not treat her post traumatic stress and develops relationship addiction on top of that, she may also fall for infidelity. Then, it is their children who have to experience the greatest suffering and pain.

Relationship addiction can develop acutely regardless of one's conscious intention. When husband infidelity occurs, the husband must be able to recognize that he has developed a pathological condition that requires psychology treatment, and must provide his wife with an opportunity to treat her post traumatic stress. 

The wife must understand that the more she takes countermeasures against her husband's irrational behaviors, the more he gets immersed into the distorted fun and pleasure of relationship addiction. It is not trying to solve the husband's problems but treating her post traumatic stress that the wife must focus on most urgently. 

When post traumatic stress is ignored without treatment, the wife is also highly likely to develop relationship addiction and other psychological disorders. Anything but psychology treatment and restoration of healthy psychology must be stopped and postponed to be addressed only after stabilizing psychology first. 

Taking diverse measures to address husband infidelity issues and trying to solve the wife's psychological suffering through suppression or diversion may provide temporary comfort and the illusion that you have recovered or resolved the issue, but it must be clearly understood that only adequate psychology treatment can restore healthy psychology without adverse side effects and prevent recurrence of psychological disorders. 


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