A mind crisis in life

We are to experience good times and bad times in life. When you look back on your life facing death in front of you, you will realize that life is a continuum with both uphill and downhill roads. The ups and downs of life experiences generate the whole range of human emotions such as joy, sorrow, pleasure, and anger. Emotions and feelings of happiness are generated in the process of the pursuit of self-actualization. Without the pursuit of self-actualization, there cannot exist emotions or feelings of happiness. When you face adversity while you are working hard for self-actualization and for happiness, you will necessarily feel that you are in a crisis situation. Some people who have never experienced a life crisis may panic and run about in confusion missing the safe spot and falling into an even more dangerous place. 

When you are prepared against crisis situations, you will stand strong in face of a crisis situation. You will stay firm and try to figure out the root cause and the nature of the problem. When you know the nature of the problem, you will know where to go and what to do to adequately cope with the situation. When you do not know the nature of the problem, you will only cling to the surface phenomena and even aggravate the condition. We are all to experience the crisis situation in life and we can never know when it will occur. It would be ideal to prepare for a mind crisis to overcome it wisely. Having sunny days for the whole month in a row does not guarantee that it will be sunny tomorrow. You never know whether you will have pouring rain or hail and it is wise to prepare a large umbrella just in case.

Most people want to live a peaceful and comfortable life, but it is impossible for you to pursue self-actualization and happiness in human relationships without any turbulence. You will experience both crises and opportunities depending on circumstances. It is easy to lose opportunities and it is hard to avoid crises. We experience many different situations and emotions in life. Three major emotions we feel with respect to the operation of psychology are emotions of comfort, pleasure, and frustration. Most people prefer the emotion of comfort, in which you have neither pleasure nor frustration and you are satisfied with what you have in life. Another type of emotion people like is pleasure, in which you enjoy what you are doing and what you have. When you experience the emotion of frustration, which no one wants, you will make efforts to solve the problem and when you solve the problem, you come back to comfort feeling happy. 

Humans are designed to live in the cycle of comfort, frustration, and pleasure. Human happiness is generated from experiencing the whole range of emotions in the cycle. You will naturally experience psychological frustration when you face a mind crisis in the midst of living in comfort. Then, you need to overcome the crisis and transfer to comfort or pleasure to maintain healthy psychology. When you stay in negative emotions for some prolonged time, you will develop psychological and other practical problems.      

You are considered to be in a crisis situation if you feel that life is painful and difficult. It is recognized only by yourself and people have different thought standards on what is a crisis since everyone has unique life experiences. A situation that is perceived as being a matter of little importance for one person may be perceived as being the biggest crisis ever causing frustration and despair for another person. 

Women feel that they are in a mind crisis when they lose meanings of life by losing feelings of love or the counterparty's passion toward them. Emotions of crisis are generated from within oneself rather than being given by other people and others cannot feel the identical emotions that you feel. Men feel that they are in a mind crisis when they cannot pursue values of life for future happiness. They experience emotions of crisis when they cannot find values to pursue or the pursuit of values is blocked by some external factors. Any crisis in life is either the crisis of meanings of life or that of values of life. 

Women are considered to have achieved meanings of life when they find a person toward whom they can have feelings of love and happiness. Men are considered to be happily working for future success when they are pursuing self-actualization. When women lose present happiness and when men lose future happiness, they feel they are in a crisis situation. Also, men experience emotions of crisis in their mind when they have achieved their life goal and cannot find another goal they can pursue. 

A mind crisis can occur when you are living in comfort. You may have thought that your life would just go as usual for the rest of your life, but one day, a typhoon hits and you are blown away helplessly. It is more dangerous to fall from the top to the bottom than from the middle to the bottom since the size of the fall is twice larger. Thus, people who consider themselves to be the best in many ways are more susceptible to experiencing more severe psychological difficulties than other people when they face a crisis situation. They may give up on overcoming the difficulties if they have never experienced or imagined such situations.         

You must gather your will power to overcome the crisis and also try to find the root cause of the problem to solve the current problem and prevent the recurrence. Then, you must make continuous efforts to restore and normalize the situation. Many great people have turned the failure into the source of nourishment for a greater success. The first hand experiences of trial and error are the most valuable resources in the pursuit of self-actualization and happiness. 

When you experience a mind crisis, you may panic and get confused but you yourself must find the way out for yourself, and then, you will be able to live a healthier and happier life than before you experienced the crisis. When you are overwhelmed by negative emotions, you cannot judge with reason and are likely to make mistakes falling down even further. You must try hard to get out of negative emotions and find the right way to restore healthy psychology and life by accurately understanding the nature of the phenomena. Comfortable life and pleasurable life can be achieved and maintained when you can adequately heal stress and treat wounds. When you cannot heal stress and treat wounds for a prolonged period of time, you will develop psychological disorders and eventually experience a crisis situation. When you try hard and overcome the crisis, you will achieve the feelings of happiness again. 

In order to build the ability to prevent crises, you can form habits of restoring positive moods and feelings in the cycle of comfort, pleasure, and frustration in daily life. When you are prepared for crises before you face them in reality, you will know what to do when a crisis comes. If you have achieved what you aimed for in life, now is the exact time to prepare for a mind crisis and set a new goal to pursue for further self-actualization and happiness. The same applies to people who are living in comfort at present. Children also must be trained to prepare for crises they cannot but experience in the course of life. They should be allowed to make mistakes and overcome difficulties on their own. They will learn and form habits on how to restore healthy psychology and advance with a new goal when they achieve one. 

It is crucial for a person in a mind crisis to build up will power and make efforts to restore healthy psychology and life. The crisis situation does not offer you any other choice than recovery or renunciation. Once you experience and overcome a mind crisis, you will not fear facing a crisis again since you know you can overcome and you also know how to. There is nothing more valuable than your own experiences in life. 


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