Developing dependency on the moods of pleasure


Many people get excited about getting immersed into positive moods and enjoying activities of diversion for pleasure. Eating good foods, enjoying hobbies and traveling, and exposing themselves to all kinds of positive sensory stimulation are included in activities for pleasure. Social networking services accelerate and intensify the spread of the trend of putting pleasure at the center of life.


As more and more people get immersed into seeking pleasure instead of lightly taking such activities to relieve daily stress and become dependent on moods instead of maintaining balanced emotions, accidents and crime cases increase and we face more and more social problems.


People in the modern society cannot help getting more and more stress as the civilization advances to its extreme level. There are also abundant opportunities to relieve stress and be exposed to activities for diversion. Positive moods generated by taking activities for diversion is sensed only when the stimulation exists and then, disappears making you keep seeking for the positive sensation repeatedly and at more and more intense levels. Eventually, you may become dependent on the positive moods with sensory stimulation.


The dependency on positive moods may progress into habits. You may have to seek positive moods continuously and cannot bear even the lowest level of stress and explode leading to unfortunate incidents and even crimes.


When you overly and repeatedly get immersed into positive moods accompanied by continuous stress, you develop dependency on positive moods and then, a psychological disorder. Now, you do not pursue love and happiness in a true sense but seek only pleasure.


It takes time and effort to develop true emotions of love and happiness, but pleasure is quick to occur and disappear. Psychological disorders destroy individuals' life and human relationships. As more and more people lose emotions of love and happiness and develop psychological disorders, we may have to face the future of the society full of derivative consequences.

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