Is it mind or psychology that makes you feel hurt?


Mind and psychology are two different concepts. Mind, which consists of the conscious and the unconscious operates to make psychology manifest to be recognized. We feel hurt and recognize negative emotions when mind operates to keep balance in psychology and make psychology proceed in certain directions. 

When mind and psychology are not clearly distinguished and their operational mechanisms are not accurately understood, it is almost impossible to treat psychological disorders and restore healthy psychology. It is psychological components rather than mind that develop problems in cases of psychological disorders and it requires the adjustment of habits in mind instead of the adjustment of psychology.      

In case of relationship addiction, it is considered that two components of psychology have developed disorders. The disorder of memory of emotions and expression disorder have developed in case of women and perception disorder and expression disorder have developed in case of men. In case of post traumatic stress, all three components of psychology are on the verge of developing disorders upon experiencing a traumatic incident causing excruciating pain. 

Immediate treatment is required for both relationship addiction and post traumatic stress since all your life is at stake. Neglecting the condition or getting immersed into diversions will only lead to the destruction of your whole life. 


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