Analysis of the inner child and childhood experiences is unnecessary for treatment of psychological disorders


Many people try to talk about their childhood experiences and family history when they are treated for psychological disorders. When I tell them such information is unnecessary for the treatment of psychological disorders, they look confused and sometimes even protest against my guidance.

When they adhere to their ideas about the treatment of psychological disorders that adopts conventional counseling methods, it takes much longer time to achieve the treatment effects compared to people who do not have fixated ideas. People with much knowledge on conventional theories and practices of psychological treatment are also slow in adapting themselves to the new treatment paradigm and showing progress.

The treatment method that is based on the Theory of Mimind and Xesmind does not require the analysis of past experiences. It diagnoses the present psychological condition and addresses the root cause to normalize the operation of all three components of psychology. Retrieving past experiences does not benefit the treatment of the present condition and often times aggravates the situation.

When you accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology and adopt the adequate treatment method that adjust the operation of unconscious, you can stabilize your psychological operations without any long-term side effect and build happiness ability.

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