What is mind?


Mind consists of the conscious and the unconscious. The conscious is memory and thought and the unconscious is the energy that operates the conscious and the psychology by generating emotions. Mind is the recognition of thought based on memories and experiences from the past.

The operation of human mind is identical for everyone but no two people share the identical emotions that are sensed in their mind since each person's experiences and memories are unique. Individuals' experiences and memories form their psychology and their life, and their mind allows recognition.

Many people assume that their mind, psychology, and life are greatly affected by other people. They may blame and depend on other people and suffer from psychological pain without realizing that their emotions come from within themselves only based on their own memories and experiences.

You have psychological pain when you perceive your memories and experiences as being negative, and you feel happiness when your memories and experiences are perceived as being positive. The identical fact or situation can be perceived as negative or positive depending on your emotions imposed on it.

Happiness and unhappiness are determined by nothing but your mind. The energy in your unconscious constantly operates to generate emotions and thoughts upon every experience. Happiness and unhappiness are not determined by memories and experiences themselves but by the operation of the energy in the unconscious in a negative or a positive way. It is not the facts of the past but the present operation of the unconscious that determines happiness and unhappiness that you feel today.

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