Problems of publicizing individuals' experiences of sexuality and infidelity issues.

Many people openly share and discuss their own experiences regarding sexual issues and infidelity issues with other people. It attracts many other people's attention since they find other people's private experiences very interesting. However, sharing experiences of sexuality and infidelity with people in general is harmful for everyone involved in the activity. 

The issues of sexuality and infidelity are highly important and highly private areas of life in everyone, which must be kept to the person who experiences them directly. Any activity regarding the issues have great impacts on people's psychology. Any activity that publicizes one's sexuality and infidelity issues has great negative impacts on everyone involved. People who are exposed to other people's experiences indirectly, usually through mass media, become to go through the process of emotional assimilation and develop psychological problems as if they were exposed to traumatic incidents for themselves. 

Publicizing your experiences of sexuality and infidelity leads people to get involved in thinking and talking about the matter. People compare, contrast, and juxtapose the incident with their own situation and become assimilated to the psychology of the person who directly experienced the incidents thereby developing or aggravating their own psychological problems. They begin to mix their experiences and other people's experiences in their thought regarding sexuality and infidelity issues, and get vicarious satisfaction, which guides their life into a wrong direction. 

You may also develop the psychology of compensation out of the sense of defeat by being exposed to other people's experiences of sexuality and infidelity issues and identifying yourself with them. You may look for more sensational and more dramatic incidents to enjoy the excitement of looking into other people's private life. Then, you may develop the consciousness disorder as you argue and self-justify.

Experiences of sexuality and infidelity issues must stay private and are not to be shared with other people let alone being publicized for everyone to see. It is a pity that mass media and social media are leading people to publicize their private life easily and freely view others' private life. Learning about sexuality and infidelity without relating them to a specific person can become valuable information and knowledge, but when they are connected to a specific person, they have negative impacts on psychology of everyone exposed to them. 

Some people even take advantage of people's enthusiasm for looking into other people's private life by openly promoting the publicity of private matters and making it into a profitable business. People who promote the publicity of private matters are perpetrators and people who are exposed to and enjoy looking into others' experiences of sexuality and infidelity issues are victims. 


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