[Review_Infidelity Therapy] From life crisis to happiness


It has been a year since I started the treatment program. I did my best to do therapeutic tasks everyday. There were moments when I wanted to give up on my life, but now, I promise myself that I will become happy for my own good.

I feel dizzy just at the thought of the time when I almost give up on my life. I will keep going with doing my best until I have happiness ability. These days, I feel comfortable and I am getting loose. I am writing this review to go back to where I started and gather up my will power.

I felt I was being swept away in a huge current of water before I started treatment. Now, I feel that I am watching people being swept away from outside the current. I used to blame myself and other people before. I thought people in relationship addiction must have the utmost pleasure, but now I pity them for living the utmost delusion and stress. 

Now, I am confident that I can become happy again and will not sway much in the journey of life. 

Thank you.

[Comment from KIP]

Many people choose to quickly avoid the crisis and give up on happiness instead of trying to transform crisis into happiness after recovering. They say they will never fall for problems but they push themselves into misfortune. 

You have made a wise decision and gave yourself the most precious gift. Only those who chose to restore healthy psychology and happiness through their own effort will understand what you are experiencing now. 

Please, remember where you started and focus on treating your condition keeping your will power. Continue with self-checking for progress. You will find yourself living happily in the near future. 

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