[Husband Infidelity] The psychology of a husband who does not pay child support expense


Q. What is the psychology of a husband how does not pay child support expense after divorce?

A. Both parents have the responsibility for rearing children so when one parent lives with children and raises them, the other has the responsibility for child support expense. There can be two reasons for your ex-husband's not paying child support expense. One is that he really does not have money to pay for child support for diverse reasons. The other is that he forgets about his family and children getting immersed into other things, usually getting immersed into seeking his own pleasure. He vaguely assumes that the mother will take care of the children well and this symptom is more severe especially when he perceives the ex-wife as a source of his stress.

The ex-husband who does not pay for child support is likely to be in a conflictual relationship with the ex-wife. He would try to get rid of stress by not remembering the ex-wife and children and getting immersed into his own things since thinking about the ex-wife and children triggers intense stress in him. This is a symptom of relationship addiction, which is a pathological psychological condition that makes him have the distorted idea that his family is stopping him from doing what he needs.

Men with normal psychology tries to take good care of family even after they get a divorce. The two cases of not having money and not giving money when they have money must be clearly differentiated in analyzing the psychology of a divorced man. It is also affected by the level of stress that is induced by the ex-wife. 


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