[Infidelity Therapy] The relationship with the husband in infidelity vs. the life of the victimized wife and children

The fact that the husband is in infidelity indicates that he has developed relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder. It destroys all important relationships including marriage relationship and family relationship. The wife develops post traumatic stress and faces the crisis of developing the most severe psychological disorder. Then, what would happen to children? The husband has already destroyed his life and the suffering wife faces the crisis of destroying her life and children's life. In this situation, which is more important, the life of the husband in infidelity or the life of the victimized wife and children?

Unfortunately, the wife may try to restore the husband's life through taking practical measures such as counseling, coaching, lawsuits, and divorce, but end up destroying her life and children's life. In the process of making efforts to restore the husband's life, the wife develops a severe psychological disorder and her mind dies as she feels comfort, pleasure, and happiness in the conscious and makes self-justification. 

The suffering wife has not developed the worst kind of psychological disorder, yet. She must treat post traumatic stress and build happy life with children. Then, she can provide an opportunity and environment for the husband to treat relationship addiction. By not treating post traumatic stress, the wife is admitting that it is natural that the life of everyone in the family should be destroyed, and it is her duty and responsibility. It is likened to admitting that their life is worthless enough. It is the same as admitting that she does not want to spend time, effort, and expense to treat post traumatic stress and build happiness, and admitting that she is willing to continue to spend time, effort, and expense to promote misfortune in all family members. 

As their life is destroyed, all family members are taken advantage of by selfish people physically, mentally, sexually, and financially. They may even end up becoming selfish people who destroy other innocent people's lives. It is simply absurd to think that you don't need to treat post traumatic stress when you and your children are doomed to live an unhappy and destructive life.



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