[Review] As you consult a doctor for physical pain, consult KIP for psychological pain.


Husband infidelity occurred while we were living overseas. It was ironical that my husband showed me videos of KIP and argued his infidelity had nothing to do with love. I refused to watch them since he seemed to use them to justify his behaviors, but eventually, I began to watch them indiscriminately as my pain became simply unbearable. 

I felt a little better after watching the videos, but the pain of death soon overwhelmed me all over since, as indicated, the videos didn't treat my condition. I was really hesitant to take KIP treatment since it was too expensive, but I started the program because I had to do something to save my life. I even flew to participate in seminars at Seoul office for a couple of months. I wanted to become happy again. 

Luckily, I had not been exposed to counseling or had not gone through trials and errors before I took the program. I even want to thank my husband for introducing KIP treatment to me. 

I am a kind of person who is skeptical about counseling, and I am rather a person with strong religious faith. I didn't like to become dependent on other people including experts. This program fit me well because I didn't have to talk about my stories and reveal myself to anyone. I could trust it better since it was a self-treatment program. 

I used to send long e-mails since I had so many questions, but as time passed and I kept doing therapeutic tasks, questions simply didn't occur to me and I could answer the questions for myself when they did. 

It has been 6 months since I started the treatment program. It wasn't as easy as I had thought. There were many moments when I just wanted to give up everything. Those moments were also part of treatment process. I learned how important all the components of the program are for keeping up with willpower and efforts : Mind Training + Therapeutic Tasks + Self-check on Progress + Reference Materials. 

Not only wounds of infidelity but also wounds from all my past negative experiences have re-emerged in my memory and they all begin to be realigned. Now, I know what problems my husband and I had. It was painful to realize and sense everything I had buried inside myself and just pretended to be OK. I feel lucky that I have a chance to restore happiness now. 

I have not achieved a complete cure but I do not regret spending my time and money on KIP treatment.  I couldn't have known about this program unless I had not gone through such rage and pain. I would have tried to live in comfort instead of happiness. 

Lastly, I hope that people who try to overcome the situation relying on religion will not hesitate to take KIP treatment. Regardless of your religion, you can consult KIP for psychological pain as you consult a doctor for physical pain. 

Thank you. 


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