[Consultant's Review] Problems of the pursuit of values of a wife who suffers from husband infidelity


I held a 7- hour consultation session for a woman who was suffering from both  husband's infidelity and her own problem in the pursuit of values of life. 

When people suffer from life crisis due to problems of mind such as psychological disorders and post traumatic stress, they are guided to take KIP Treatment rather than Consultation on Life Crisis to treat their condition, stabilize their body and mind, and build wound treatment ability, prevention ability, and happiness ability. Taking only Consultation on Life Crisis when KIP Treatment is required may aggravate the psychological condition.

However, she had not only psychological problems but also serious problems in the pursuit of values of life. She needed Consultation on Life Crisis before taking KIP Treatment to help her find out the root cause of such a crisis and solve the problem on her own. 

The woman's pursuit of values was analyzed regardless of her post traumatic stress in order to find out the root cause. She learned about elements of danger in the pursuit of values and was guided to ways to solve diverse problems related with the pursuit of values. She had falsely assumed that the husband infidelity caused problems in her pursuit of values, but now realized that her financial loss was caused by independent elements of danger from husband infidelity. She could have lost even more financially had she not accurately understood about her life crisis. 
She was lucky that she took Consultation on Life Crisis before she loses more. Now, she can take KIP Treatment and restore happiness and also can protect her values of life. She started taking KIP Treatment after taking Consultation on Life Crisis. She said that Consultation on Life Crisis was quite expensive but she could save a lot more by protecting her values of life through taking the consultation. 

Many people suffer from spouse infidelity and consequences of their own infidelity, which is often accompanied by crisis situations with practical matters. They are put in the risk of losing their achievement of the whole lifetime regarding career, business, finance, and reputation. Consultation on Life Crisis may play a crucial role to protect values of life. 

Through this consultation case, I could also see the importance and urgency of Consultation on Life Crisis in such cases. It took several hours to finish the whole session, but it was worth the time and expense since it literally saved her lifetime achievement. 

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