[Mother Therapy] Helping children and teenagers build habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness.


     How would you help children and teenagers solve psychological problems? Parents do their best to solve their children's psychological problems by adopting diverse methods. They usually believe that psychology experts can solve the problem. However, in many cases, psychological problems are fixated or aggravated, the treatment continues for years without much improvement, or a symptom disappears but a new symptom appears. In the mean time, the whole family suffer from children's psychological problems and the psychological condition of children deteriorates as time passes. 

     Most conventional treatment methods of psychological problems address specific symptoms and individual problems. They do not address the underlying mechanism of human mind and psychology thereby leading to the aggravation of the condition. Addressing specific symptoms and individual problems hinders children from building habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness. 

     Children and teenagers go through 3 developmental phases of psychology : the phase of survival (from birth to age 5), the phase of adaptation to relationships (from age 3 through 13), the phase of formation of self (from age 11 through 19) before they become adults. They naturally experience many psychological problems in the developmental process of psychology. When only individual symptoms and problems are separately addressed every time they occur, children's overall psychological condition necessarily deteriorates. 

     When children and teenagers build habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness on their own, they can protect their psychology without unnecessary counseling and education. They can adopt two different methods of building habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness depending on their circumstances.

     1. When the mother has feelings of love and pays attention to children. 

     The mother can apply Mother Therapy to solve children's psychological problems. Mothers can easily help children build habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness through daily interactions when they have feelings of love and pay attention to children. They can do without unnecessary professional interventions. Mother must not have their own selfish purposes when adopting parenting strategies of Mother Therapy to avoid the aggravation of the children's condition.  

     2. When the mother is absent, the mother does not know about Mother Therapy, or children's psychological problems have developed due to mother's psychological problems. 

     When children and teenagers have a protector or a primary care giver and they have the belief that they are safely protected and cared, children can take Youth Mind Training to solve psychological problems to build habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness. The protector or the care giver must not have selfish purposes in helping children and teenagers such as success in their own career, reputation, or financial gain, which will aggravate children's psychological condition. 

     Conventional approaches that address individual symptoms and problems cannot provide fundamental solutions to psychological problems of children and teenagers as well as to the problems of adults. They usually aggravate psychological conditions. When children and teenagers build habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness, they don't need professional intervention for symptomatic therapies every time they experience psychological difficulties. All human beings experience diverse psychological problems in the course of life and what we need is to build our own habits of treatment, prevention, and happiness. 


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