Body and Mind


Everyone knows that a human being is formed with the body and the mind (psychology, soul & spirit).

Physical body consists of the brain, five sensory organs, skin, inner organs, blood & hormone, other cells, etc. and can be known and proved easily because all of these are visible. The body is visible; it is essential for human beings to survive.

However, the mind is not visible so that it is guessed to be somewhere in the brain and has been studied by many to prove it. This study field is called ‘brain science.’ The mind is not visible, but it certainly exists.

It is 'where emotions, thoughts, memories, etc. are either saved or occurred’; emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure and operations of these emotions, which is psychology, are called the mind. It is very abstract since it is invisible.

Therefore, the human being is formed with the body and the mind (psychology and soul & spirit) integrated together, and it is inseparable. Since the mind and psychology are abstract, they cannot be defined certainly but can only be guessed vaguely because mind and psychology are invisible and not proved.

Psychology expresses how the mind operates and conditions of the conscious, etc. making the mind and psychology very similar. Mind is ‘where emotions are saved or remembered’ whereas psychology is ‘operations of emotions.’ Ultimately, what people know in general is psychology. The mind they express is the operations of psychology.

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