Mind Training


Mind training is ‘training program’ and is developed for psychological treatment. Mind training is the process of learning the mind and psychology of human being first by training and taking counseling and treatment at the same time.

To look into efficacies of mind training, first is that you will be able to operate psychology. Psychological operation if exchanging speeches, actions, and facial expressions. When one and its counterparty exchange speeches, actions, and facial expressions, we call this psychological operation. You will be able to understand and use your and your counterparty’s psychology when there’s psychological operations between you two. You can use and lead psychological operations to the way you want to lead regardless of your counterparty’s psychology.

Second is that you can control and adjust emotions that occur within you and your counterparty after having psychological operation.

Third is that you will be able to analyze your and your counterparty’s psychology. Ability to analyze psychology is simply understanding the mind, which people are mostly interested in. You can understand the mind of you and of your counterparty accurately.

Fourth, you can adjust human relationships as you wish. When there is mutual relationship between you and your counterparty or between counterparties, you will be able to adjust the mind to the way you want.

The ability I’m talking about here is habits being perceived as if you’ve done it in that way originally when you do things. Habits are not formed if you make efforts intentionally. The true ability is habits that you can make into action unknowingly.

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