Understanding the nature of spouse infidelity in order to restore your own happiness


Those who have not experienced the pain caused by spouse infidelity could not even imagine its severity of suffering.

When spouse infidelity occurs, many victimized spouses cannot even fathom why and how they ended up in such a disatrous situation. They are in excruciating pain, but they themselves do not understand why they feel such pain.

Many victimized spouses may attempt to correct the situation and break free from suffering within their knowledge and ability, but unfortunately, few of them understand that the straying spouse is in relationship addiction and the victimized spouse is in post trumatic stress, thereby making their efforts useless or deleterious.

1. What would be the underlying cause of spouse infidelity?
- Why would people have an extramarital relationship?
- Why would they repeat infidelity?
- Why would the try to hide the fact of infidelity?

2. What would be the underlying cause of the victimized spouse's deathlike pain?
- Is it really just because of spouse infidelity?
- Is is really just from the sense of betrayal?
- Is it because something is critically wrong with their life?

It is when you figure out the answers to the 2 queations provided above that you can truly begin to direct yourself into the right path of life again.

It is understandable that you have no energy or desire to think deeply about the root cause of all the things you are facing now. However, you and your life are too precious to be ruined by incidents like spouse infidelity. Any actions taken without accurately understanding the true nature of the phenomena may lead to another and even worse problem.

It is hoped that you will wisely overcome the hardship and happily strde for the future again.

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