Infidelity is a manifestation of serious psychological disorders


Psychological suffering and other practical problems in human relationships may occur due to the operation of wounds and stress in the condition of psychological problems or psychological disorders. Psychological problems can be recovered by counseling and knowledge education, but psychological disorders need to be properly treated with professional help to prevent aggravation and restore healthy psychology. Psychological problems can also be aggravated to psychological disorders when neglected.


When psychological problems are not properly addressed, they may develop into a psychological disorder that affects one component of psychology. Then, as the condition deteriorates, the condition may develop into a psychological disorder that affects two components of psychology. In rare and extreme cases, they many develop into a psychological disorder that affects all three components of psychology. In general, it may take years for psychological problems to develop into a psychological disorder in one component of psychology, and decades to develop into a psychological disorder in all three components of psychology.


However, people who get involved in infidelity may develop a psychological disorder in two components of psychology in a single day, and the victimized spouse may be instantly put under the condition where they may develop a psychological disorder in all three components of psychology upon the discovery of spouse infidelity.


The practical circumstance of infidelity itself is less important than the psychological conditions that people involved in the issue of infidelity may have to experience. Psychological disorders caused by getting involved in and being victimized by infidelity may be aggravated as time goes by and diverse practical solutions are attempted, leading to even more serious and critical life circumstances including crimes and the destruction of family. Psychological disorders related with issues of infidelity result in not only individual problems but also social problems to which all of us are exposed on a daily basis. Infidelity is not just individuals' problems of marriage, love, or sex, and its adverse effects go much deeper and wider in individuals and the society.


Issues of infidelity must be viewed as serious and dangerous psychological problems that may destroy human relationships and incur unfortunate and tragic incidents. The treatment of relationship addiction of the spouse in infidelity and the treatment of post traumatic stress of the victimized spouse must be prioritized over any other attempt for practical solutions when infidelity occurs in a couple relationship.

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