Emotions of Xes


When xes information is perceived through sensory organs, one remembers the emotions by comparing the past memory on the xes information through the thoughts and creates emotions of xes through the xes information by combining the remembered emotions and information. The created information and emotions like this are controlled by the mind to see if they meet the psychological standards that pursue the happiness of the mind. When the mind is expressed outwardly through habits according to the standards of happiness, it appears in forms of speeches and actions (xes actions, sexual actions) and makes the conscious realign the information and expression on xes by expressing in the form of conscious thoughts. Xesmind, the mind, operates in this process. In other words, xes psychology operates about the emotions of xes generated by the conscious and makes expressions through habits. The thoughts, speeches, and actions appeared at this point are all aroused by habits. 

Thus, xes psychology cannot be recognized by the conscious and habits but controls them. Sexual actions are displayed by conscious thoughts and speeches & actions of habits; xes psychology, the mind, operates. In other words, xes psychology operates in the mind by xes information and emotions on it when the counterparty is perceived as the different gender. 

If xes psychology does not operate in human relationships, men and women will not be distinguished when they are recognized; because of this, emotions of xes won't be aroused, but there will be differences in man's and woman's perception when xes psychology starts operating. Between man and man or woman and woman, as in the same gender relationships, there are negative emotions being aroused like mutual exclusion, competition, and jealousy. However, in the opposite gender relationships between man and woman, a man has passion whereas a woman has positive feelings or affection, which naturally attract each other. The human mind has the psychological standards of the pursuit of happiness; when xes psychology operates, the same gender is perceived as an obstacle in one's pursuit of happiness whereas the opposite gender is perceived as necessary for his or her happiness. 

Homosexuality needs to be classified as either a psychological problem or psychological disorder caused by problems of habits and the conscious instead of being considered as different xes psychology. It is the phenomenon of being attracted to the same gender and excluding the opposite gender. This is not the occurrence of problems in xes psychology but a kind of psychological problem and psychological disorder that are caused by distorted conscious and habits due to problems in either the conscious or habits. At this point, one will end up living as a homosexual due to expression disorder if there are problems in the conscious, but homosexuality is a temporary and limited phenomenon if there are problems in the habits since it is a temporary matter of emotions by the occurrence of abnormal psychology. 

Moreover, in cases of transgenders, it must be interpreted in the same way. In cases of MTF (Male Transfer Female) that is the man turned into a woman or FTM(Female Transfer Male) that the woman turned into man, there is no change in xes psychology which operates in the same way for everybody; however, they can be separated into two cases; the acquired case (caused by problems in the conscious and habits) and the congenital case (caused by the problem of the body and the mind being different). In the acquired case due to the problems in the conscious and habits, it can be seen that it is caused by psychological problems and psychological disorders. 

Homosexuality and transgender have been viewed briefly based on xes psychology, the mind. We are fully aware of possible disputes and criticisms from them. However, when we learn the details of xes psychology, we can apply it appropriately to homosexuality and transgender as a proper theory and even eradicate social biases so that people who are involved can maintain their life as legitimate members of society with pride and confidence. Therefore, please do not condemn or argue with the contents briefly mentioned in this book.

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