The Concept of Xes Psychology


Sex, sexual actions, is speeches, actions, and thoughts by the conscious and habits whereas xes psychology is the operation of the mind. So, xes psychology is the psychological standards that pursue the happiness of the mind whereas sex is the action and means by the conscious and habits. 

Since human beings are composed of men and women, the man-woman relationship is inevitable for humans. So, in the man-woman relationship, sexual actions play a major role. Since it means 'a man and a woman have a physical relationship', it is being used interchangeably with the word, ‘sexual intercourse’ and sometimes expressed with various terms. The sexual actions are the roots of fun & pleasure, wounds & stress, romantic relation & happiness along with the desire for survival and reproduction. Therefore, thoughts, desire, speeches & actions on sex have lasted in human relationships as an inseparable relation. It is so sophisticated that if one understands sexual behavior, he or she can understand the principles of human relationships as well. 

The reason for sex being focused on sexual actions and speeches in human relationships is that the excitement, pleasure & fun of sexual actions are linked to an individual's happiness directly. When pursuing sexual actions for an individual's happiness, the speeches and actions of sexual actions that are seen, heard, and felt are recognized as the core. However, not the sexual speeches and actions but the operations of the conscious, habits, and the mind are important. Sexual actions will become degraded into a means of having fun and pleasure if one focuses on activities without knowing this psychological operation, which will result in crucial misunderstandings in human relationships and cause psychological problems and disorders. 

Therefore, focusing on sexual actions will induce side effects in one's psychology; thus, sex education and sexual actions must be aligned with one's psychological standards for the pursuit of happiness. Sex education and sexual actions, even if they are very informative, excluding the principles of mind and psychology will cause psychological problems and psychological disorders and make the human society ill. That is to say, that if one pursues his or her individual happiness centered on sexual actions by the conscious and habits without knowing the xes psychology, that person won't actually get the happiness but will end up facing unhappy consequences of seeking only physical excitements and stimuli of peripheral nerves, not much different from animals. This will cause deterioration of individuals, families, and communities; due to this, extreme damages from infidelities, divorces, sexual crimes, suicides, pleasure culture will be expanded resulting in psychological problems and disorders of individuals, dissolution of families, destruction of social components and problematic human relationships. Ultimately, all of these are caused by living a life centered on focusing on sexual actions without knowing the xes psychology. 

Sex can be divided into xes psychology, which is the mind, and xes actions; these two operate separately and simultaneously. 'Sex' is generally used as a term to refer to sexual actions, and there has been no separate term for the psychology on sex. Thus, I use xes psychology based on xesmind. 

When you look into the relationship between sex and xes psychology in human psychology, sexual actions are operations of the conscious and habits whereas xes psychology is the operation of the mind. The memory and thoughts of sex are controlled by the conscious; sexual actions are controlled by speeches and actions by habits; negative and positive emotions of sex are controlled by the xes psychology, which is the xesmind. 

Man's xes psychology and woman's xes psychology operate differently according to the difference of their xesmind since it works within the xesmind. Man's xesmind pursues future happiness since his mind has the standards of pursuing future happiness whereas the woman's xesmind pursues present happiness since her mind has the standard of pursuing present happiness. Thus, man's sexual actions and woman's sexual actions by the conscious and habits work differently due to the different operations of their xes psychology. 

Relations not affected by xes psychology are between parents-children, family, or husband-wife; xes psychology operates in other man-woman relationships in most cases. The relationship between a man and a woman is not affected by xes psychology when the man is perceived as her husband and the woman is perceived as his wife. This relationship is separated from the function of xes psychology; xes psychology does not operate at all.

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