The Symmetrical Principle of Human Psychology


Human psychology is never one-way. Everything is base don the principle of Yin and yang and the principle of the magnet. Realizing this principle is almost the same as knowing the principle of the human mind and psychology. 

A human being is composed of the conscious, the unconscious, and the mind. The mind operates in the back of the conscious and habit. On the visible side of the mind, there is the conscious; when one side is shown, the other side operates subconsciously. So, rather than the conscious and habits that are visible, the invisible mind must be understood clearly in order to know how the conscious and habits operate, affiliating with the mind. For this, the principles of how the mind and psychology operate must be understood accurately. 

The problem is habits because habits are two-sided since they are the path of not only the conscious but also the mind. Thus, rather than having only one habit created, habits that are both visible and invisible exist simultaneously. 

Habits appear in different personalities depending on emotions due to the double sidedness of positive and negative emotions. However, no matter what is expressed is, it is caused by the same habit. That is to say, that personality is that the double-sided habits (habits that appear by positive emotions and that appear by negative emotions) are expressed. This is the principle of the magnet and the symmetrical principle of psychology. 

If this is applied, the mind tries to treat the wound as much as the depth of negative emotions of the wound she remembers by the conscious; the instinct of happiness also exists. If you can see this, treating wounds, rage, disorders of emotion, disorders of expression, disorders of perception, etc. can be done faster and easier. In other words, since the mind trying to resolve the conscious or visible problems exists, this mind can be used so it could become a habit. It is the same principle of using one's own mind to treat psychological disorders which are the problems of the conscious and habits. This is the same as the principles of Mind Training. Mind Training is effective enough for psychological treatment. 

Weaknesses and strengths appear oppositely depending on the emotions that the subject of the point of view has towards the same object. At this time, the fact is the same if the emotions are removed. Moreover, negative emotions and positive emotions appear oppositely depending on various applications such as circumstances, environment, points of view, memory, psychological operations. Everything is the same if emotions are excluded this time as well. 

The reason why the perpetrator mentality and the victim mentality are the same is because of this principle. Once you have the victim mentality, you will have the perpetrator mentality as much as the victim mentality you have. This means that a victim can become a perpetrator and that a perpetrator was a victim in the past. Like this, if you understand the existence of twofold psychology, you can easily be able to analyze and control the psychology; forming the habits of happiness won't be that difficult.

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