The wife is the only woman that the husband never tries to see reactions from.

Q : I've learned about men's reaction addiction as I watch your lectures on videos. My husband tries to make jokes to other women when I am with him and tries to make them laugh and talk with them. Is it correct that he's trying to see their reactions?

A : Yes, of course. There is no reason for him to make other women laugh if he is not trying to see their reactions.

The reason why he keeps nagging on you is to see your reactions. Men do not care about meanings but care about reactions. The problem is that men get addicted to these reactions, which is called men's relationship addiction. They can't bear without seeing women's reactions.


At this point, whoever that is, he is not interested in whether the person he's trying to see reactions from is a good person or not. What is interesting is that he never gets addicted to his wife's reactions. Yes, it is ironical, but a man does not get addicted to the reactions of a woman that he really loves. This person is his wife; thus, she is the only one who can give him a chance to be treated.

Besides the wife, a man addicted to reactions keeps trying to see reactions from other women; if they show reactions in any way, he gets addicted to relationships right away. That is to say, there is no specific reason that causes a man to get addicted to relationships. So, don't try to find causes. 

One more thing to mention is that noticing your husband seeking reactions after watching videos means that wounds have already been formed within you. I strongly suggest you get treatment because you already have enough reason to get treated.

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